2nd World Congress on Cell Science & Stem Cell Research 2012, San Antonio, USA
2nd World Congress on
Cell Science & Stem Cell Research

Cell Science & Stem Cell Research

November 12-14, 2012 Hilton San Antonio Airport, USA
Cell Science-2012

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    Participants List from Academia
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    University of Texas at Arlington, USA

    Stanford University School of Medicine, USA

    Mahidol University, Thailand

    Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran

    Hamdard University, India

    Yeshiva University, USA

    University of Macau, China

    Monash University, Australia

    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

    Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    University of Denver, Colorado

    University of Toronto, Canada

    Zagazig University, Egypt

    Banaras Hindu University, India

    Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

    University di Messina CNISM, Italy

    University of Tasmania, Australia

    Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

    Sogang University, Korea

    University of Edinburgh, UK

    Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, USA

    Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Eve University, Turkey

    University of Delhi, India

    Isfahan University of Technology(IUT), Iran

    Taif University, Saudi Arabia

    University Medical Center, Netherlands

    University of Copenhagen, Denmark

    University Paris 13, France

    Participants List from Business
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    Cadila Pharmaceuticals, India

    Chemical Works of Gedeon Richter, Hungary

    3S-Pharmacological Consultation & Research GmbH, Germany

    Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, Australia

    Psoriasis and Cutaneous Inflammation Research Laboratory, USA

    Alcon Laboratories Inc., USA

    National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan

    Grup de Recerca de Reumatologia (IRHVH), Spain

    Bayer Health Care, Richmond, USA

    Crown Bioscience Inc., China

    Hammersmith Hospital, London

    Van Drie Research LLC, USA

    Dr.Reddy's labs, India

    Merck Research Laboratories, USA

    National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), India

    AstraZeneca R&D Boston, USA

    Abbott Laboratories, USA

    Hutchison MediPharma Limited, China

    Sage Bionetworks, USA

    Central Drug Research Institute, India

    Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, India

    National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science & Technology (NIIST) , India

    Novartis Campus, Austria

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    Scientific Program
    2nd World Congress on Cell Science & Stem Cell Research, will be organized around the theme "Recent Innovations and Technologies in Stem Cell Research".

    Cell Science-2012 is comprised of 11 tracks and 56 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Cell Science & Stem Cell Research.

    Submit your abstract to any of the following tracks.

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    Executive Editors
    speaker Ming Pei
    West Virginia University, USA

    speaker Hiroshi Kobayashi
    Chiba University, Japan

    speaker David T. Harris
    University of Arizona, USA

    speaker Lee Buckler
    Cell Therapy Group,, USA

    speaker Diana Anderson
    University of Bradford, UK

    speaker Jing-Gung Chung
    China Medical University, Republic of China

    speaker Qiaoxiang Dong
    University of Texas Health Science Center, USA

    speaker Shahriar Yaghoubi
    UCLA School of Medicine, USA

    speaker Fei Li
    New York University, USA

    speaker Amir Hamdi
    University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA

    speaker Irina Burd
    Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA

    speaker Theodore P. Rasmussen
    University of Connecticut, USA

    speaker Jed Johnson
    Nanofiber Solutions, USA

    speaker Maryam Niapour
    Adisave, Canada

    speaker Hendarto H,
    University of Airlangga Surabaya, Indonesia

    speaker Shimon Slavin
    International Center for Cell Therapy & Cancer Immunotherapy (CTCI), Israel

    speaker Joseph Larkin
    University of Florida, USA

    speaker Lily Huang
    University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA

    speaker Gene P. Siegal
    University of Alabama, USA

    speaker Oleksandr Kukharchuk
    A.A. Shalimov AMS, Ukraine

    speaker Richard G. Pestell
    Kimmel Cancer Center, USA

    speaker Ratna K Vadlamudi
    University of Texas, USA

    speaker Marxa L. Figueiredo
    University of Texas, USA

    speaker Haval Shirwan
    University of Louisville, USA

    speaker Morayma Reyes
    University of Washington, USA

    speaker Theodore P. Rasmussen
    University of Connecticut, USA

    speaker Shahriar Yaghoubi
    UCLA School of Medicine, USA

    speaker Jed Johnson
    Nanofiber Solutions, USA

    speaker Xinghua Pan
    Yale University, USA

    speaker Jatawa S K
    Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalatya, India

    speaker Madhulika Dixit
    Indian Institute of Technology, India

    Track 1 : Stem Cell Therapy
    Track 1-1 Cell-based immunotherapy with mesenchymal stem cells
    Track 1-2 Cell replacement therapy for diabetes
    Track 1-3 Stem cell therapy of neurological disorders
    Track 1-4 Repairing our heart and muscles
    Track 1-5 Development of stem cell therapy for the treatment of retinal degeneration
    Track 2 : Cancer Cell Therapy
    Track 2-1 Designing novel cancer therapy
    Track 2-2 Lung cancer: progress in diagnosis, staging and therapy
    Track 2-3 Human malignancies and potential therapy for cancer
    Track 2-4 Cell therapy: clinical trials
    Track 2-5 Inflammatory diseases and cancer
    Track 2-6 Cancer stem cells
    Track 3 : Stem-Cell Transplantation
    Track 3-1 Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
    Track 3-2 Transplantation immunology: solid organ and bone marrow
    Track 3-3 Overcoming the barriers to umbilical cord blood transplantation
    Track 3-4 Chemotherapy with autologous stem cell transplantation
    Track 4 : Tissue Engineering
    Track 4-1 Cartilage tissue engineering
    Track 4-2 Angiogenesis & vascular tissue engineering
    Track 4-3 Tissue engineering & regenerative medicine
    Track 4-4 Recent advances in tissue engineering
    Track 4-5 Biomedical engineering
    Track 5 : Cell Science & Development
    Track 5-1 Cell signaling pathways & apoptosis
    Track 5-2 Molecular cell growth & proliferation
    Track 5-3 Cytokines
    Track 5-4 T- Cell and B-Cell biology
    Track 5-5 Cell dynamics and migration
    Track 6 : Advances in Gene & Stem Cell Therapy
    Track 6-1 Human gene therapy (Human Genome Project), genetic screening & DNA testing
    Track 6-2 Cell therapy approaches for lung diseases
    Track 6-3 Moving forward with cystic fibrosis gene therapy
    Track 6-4 Gene therapy: somatic & germline
    Track 6-5 Gene therapy for immunodeficiency
    Track 6-6 Cell therapy for diabetes
    Track 6-7 Gene therapy for heart failure
    Track 7 : Organ Specific Stem Cells
    Track 7-1 Breast cancer stem cells
    Track 7-2 Neural stem cells
    Track 7-3 Mouse & human embryonic stem cells
    Track 7-4 Bone marrow stem cells
    Track 7-5 Hair follicle stem cells
    Track 8 : Stem Cell Medicine: Social and Political Challenges
    Track 8-1 Personalized medicine and stem cells health
    Track 8-2 The future of regenerative medicine
    Track 8-3 The pharmacy of the future: cells, not pills
    Track 8-4 Stem cell research and ethical issues
    Track 8-5 Current laws and policies surrounding stem cell research
    Track 8-6 Challenges and obstacles in stem cell research
    Track 9 : Pluripotency and Differentiation
    Track 9-1 Chromatin changes during reprogramming to pluripotency
    Track 9-2 Systematic analysis of genome regulatory and their regulation
    Track 9-3 Polycomb repression co-associates with non-productive RNA polymerase II in ES cells
    Track 9-4 Novel sources for pluripotent stem cells
    Track 10 : Regulation of Stem Cells
    Track 10-1 Regulation of hydroxymethylcytosine marked genes in embryonic stem cells
    Track 10-2 Regulation of skeletal muscle stem cells during development and regeneration
    Track 10-3 Self renewal and regulation of WNT signals for cell fate determination
    Track 10-4 Extrinsic regulators of epidermal stem cell fate dormancy
    Track 10-5 Molecular pathways and mechanisms of stem cell regulation
    Track 10-6 Regulation of stem cell quiescence and proliferation
    Track 11 : Epigenetic Reprogramming
    Track 11-1 Epigenetic reprogramming in mammalian development
    Track 11-2 Epigenetic reprogramming of somatic cells towards pluripotency
    Track 11-3 The histone demethylase LSD1/KDM1 maintains stem cell fates by reprogramming epigenetic memory
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