Ananlysis, Assesment and Diagnosis

An important area of expertise for many clinical psychologists is assessment, and there are indications that as many as 91% of psychologists utilize this core clinical practice. There is little unanimity on the extent to which psychiatric disorders is universal or the extent to which they differ on their core definitions. This controversy continues due to the lack of biological markers, estimated measurement and the lack of a gold standard for validating most psychiatric conditions. Diagnosis and prognosis is the identification of diseases by the examination of symptoms and signs, the function, the expected duration, and a description of the initiation and development of the disease, such as intermittent crisis, progressive decline, or sudden, unpredictable crisis. Methods involved in psychiatry include both old traditional and advanced methods for assessment. Under present topic from simple physical examination to advanced neuro imaging techniques can be highlighted.

In order to determine and diagnose the  psychotic disorder, the health-care professional has to first consider if a medical illness may be the cause of the behavioral changes. The physician's role is to ensure that the psychosis sufferer doesn't have any medical problems, including active drug use, since these conditions can mimic the symptoms of a psychotic disorder.

  • Electroencephalography and magneto encephalography
  • Computed tomography
  • Positron emission tomography
  • MRI and Functional MRI studies
  • Brain mapping studies
  • Brain stimulation

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