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Chemistry Conferences-Applied chemistry, is often the bridge between chemistry and chemical engineering (large scale-process industries). Not only is it a study on the basic chemistry principles (organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry), it is also the study of analytical instruments and apparatus used in industrial work. More often than not, it is also the study of plant-based work, e.g. how does a heat exchanger work? How do we utilize the HPLC to the fullest. Applied and Analytical Chemistry laboratory focuses on two main areas: material - (IMO) and environmental research (CMK).Chemical & Environmental engineering will be equipped to work effectively across technical, research and strategic roles to respond to present and future challenges associated with sustainably meeting the needs of the national and global population. Applied material chemistry focus on the development of suitable analytical research strategies for advanced material system with the framework of their performance, structure, processing and specific applications. New adhesive could work underwater, in wet conditions for medicine and industry. Different new techniques in organic functional molecular chemistry and synthetic enzyme chemistry also leads to the new strategies in applied chemistry related to industrial chemistry.

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