Chromosomal Abnormalities

Chromosomes are the structures that hold qualities. Qualities are the individual guidelines that advise our bodies how to create and work; they represent physical and therapeutic attributes, for example, hair shading, blood classification and weakness to disease.Many chromosomes have two sections, called "arms," isolated by a squeezed district known as the centromere. The shorter arm is known as the "p" arm. The more drawn out arm is known as the "q" arm.A picture, or chromosome guide, of every one of the 46 chromosomes is known as a karyotype. The karyotype can distinguish anomalies in the structure or the quantity of chromosomes.

Most chromosome irregularities happen as a mischance in the egg or sperm. In these cases, the variation from the norm is available in each cell of the body. A few irregularities, be that as it may, happen after origination; then a few cells have the variation from the norm and some do not.Chromosome anomalies can be acquired from a guardian, (for example, a translocation) or be "once more" (new to the person). This is the reason, when a kid is found to have an irregularity, chromosome studies are regularly performed on the often.

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