Coastal Processes

Coastal areas include continental shelf, slope and estuaries and their processes. Study on wave and their hydrodynamic modelling helps in sedimentation and navigational process of comprehensive sediment management. It involves Coastal oceanography and lagoons in Investigating seashore deposits, shoreline changes. Conservation in marine eco systems, coastal morphology helps in protecting the marine habitats and future survival.

The world’s coastlines, dividing land from sea, are geological environments unique in their composition and the physical processes affecting them. Many of these coastlines have beaches composed of loose sediments such as gravel, sand, or mud that are constantly acted upon by waves, currents, and winds, reshaping them continuously. However, despite the different wave climates that exist around the world and the variations in coastline composition, the nature and behavior of beaches are often very similar.

  • Sea water Intrusion
  • Coastal processes and navigation
  • Processes and sedimentation in estuaries
  • Shoreline erosion protection
  • Conservation in Marine Eco systems
  • Coastal Oceanography and Lagoons
  • Comprehensive sediment management
  • Reversible and irreversible sand beach variation
  • Coastal morphology and Sedimentation Transport
  • Dune Erosion
  • Muddy Coasts
  • Estuaries
  • Land Ocean Interactions
  • Biogeochemical cycles in Mangroves

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