Coastal Recreation

Coastal tourism and recreation involves travelling to the coastal environment primarily for leisure purposes. It is influenced by the proximity to the coast and the attraction and availability of coastal resources. Coastal recreation encompasses activities in the coastal environment that are undertaken by visitor and resident recreational user groups. Both activities are closely interlinked and are associated with and/or dependent on the coastal locality.

Recreation in terms of developing Tourism & Infrastructure and aquaculture which improves the Nation’s Economy by planning and beach design is of prime importance. Petroleum Industry is majorly engaged with coastal zones. Coral reef resources are also another focused sector in outcome of natural resources. While engaging in the development of these areas, the risk reduction and land use planning have to be considered in terms of natural life forms and investigation of coastal environmental impact simultaneously predicting Environmental variations.Tourism and Recreation is now one of the global engines of economic development and a fundamental component of many nations Gross National Product (GNP). Although the industry is not dissimilar to any other in that it is susceptible to the vagaries of the global economy, it has experienced continued growth over the last decade. Every year, more people are in motion than ever before in history.

 With good planning and management, tourism can be a positive force, bringing benefits to destinations and communities. However, if poorly planned and managed, tourism can be a catalyst for environmental degradation and deterioration in the quality of life of coastal communities. It is clearly in the interest of the tourism sector to maintain and sustain the basis for its prosperity, the destinations for tourism.


  • Tourism & Infrastructure
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Aquaculture and Fishery
  • Coral Reef Resources
  • Risk reduction and land-use planning
  • Planning and Beach design
  • Consideration of natural life forms
  • Prediction of environmental variation
  • Impact of Coastal Environmental investigations
  • Maritime Industry and Transportation

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