Coastal Structures

Coastal structures are an important component in any coastal protection scheme. They directly control wave and storm surge action or to stabilize a beach which provides protection to the coast, majorly comprises Structural and Soft Engineering Techniques. Worldwide investigations like Designing Artificial Reefs will stabilise the Biodiversity. Sloping dykes in the forms of designing gentle slopes type coastal dykes to minimise environmental damage when constructing and maintaining buildings and other public amenities in coastal areas.

 To combat the ensuing erosion, large coastal structures have been placed along the shoreline near the river mouths to limit further shoreline retreat.Nevertheless, erosion is continuing in water depths below the base of the structures, and storm waves are attacking the coast with increasing intensity.The continued erosion (or accretion) over months and years that is important for the long-term shoreline recession (or accretion) of uplands and the performance of coastal structures.

  • Structural And Soft Engineering Technique
  • Designing Artificial Reefs
  • World-wide investigations of artificial reefs and sloping dykes
  • Designing Gentle Slope-type Coastal Dikes
  • Offshore Wind Energy
  • Estuary Restoration
  • Bioengineered shoreline protection
  • Renewable Energy:Wave:Tidal,Tidal Stream,salinity gradient,small Hydro power
  • Break water designs

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