Genetic counseling

Genetic counselling is an administration that gives data and exhortation about hereditary conditions. These are conditions brought about by changes (known as transformations) in specific qualities and are generally gone down through a crew.

Hereditary directing is led by medicinal services experts who have been uncommonly prepared in the art of human hereditary qualities (a hereditary advisor or a clinical geneticist). These pros act as individuals from a social insurance group, giving data and backing to families who have individuals with conception deformities or hereditary issue and to families who might be at danger of an assortment of acquired conditions.

Hereditary guiding isn't a type of mental directing or psychotherapy and shouldn't be mistaken for advising treatment used to treat psychological wellness conditions, for example, uneasiness and sorrow.

  • What is Genetic Counseling?
  • Role of Genetic Counselors
  • Evaluation of Family history
  • Genetic tests
  • Application and related disorders

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