Genetic engineering techniques

Genome altering is a capable strategy that has as of now been a distinct advantage in helping researchers to comprehend the parts of qualities in wellbeing and illnesses. It co-picks the regular resistant protections of microscopic organisms to make what is frequently depicted as "sub-atomic scissors". These can remove, additionally supplant, strands of DNA with awesome exactness. It is conceivable to change single letters of the DNA code. 
Quality altering is quickly advancing from being an examination/screening apparatus to one that guarantees essential applications downstream in medication advancement, cell treatment and bioprocessing.

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  • Comparison between Gene Therapy & genome Engineering
  • Point Edits and Large Deletions
  • Methods of Genome Editing and Engineering
  • Genome Engineering Applications
  • Introduction to Genome Editing and Engineering
  • Regulatory and Therapeutic Development Issues
  • Ethics & Intellectual property rights (IPR) in Genome Editing
  • Specificity of Editing, Assays and Artifacts

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