Growth and Opportunities

The most prominent areas to make investment that have vulnerable growth is the Coastal and Marine Industries division. Areas like Resource Exploitation-Fisheries, Oil & gas and Mining, Infrastructure-transportation, ports, harbours, shoreline protection works,Tourism and Recreation,Conservation Reserves and protection of biodiversity are the fields to challenge the world/Nations economy in future endeavours.Planning with smart growth principles can help communities make efficient investments in buildingsand other infrastructure, protect and restore critical environmental areas, and protect public health.

Coastal and waterfront communities have a distinctive sense of place created by their history, as well as by their characteristic sights, sounds, and smells. Smart growth approaches—guided  by a set of principles that help communities grow in ways that expand economic opportunity, protect public health and the environment, and enhance places that people care about—can help these communities accommodate development while protecting their traditional sense of place.

  • Resource Exploitation-Fisheries,Oil & gas and Mining
  • Infrastructure-transportation,ports,harbours
  • Tourism and Recreation
  • Continental Shelf Mining Exploration
  • Conservation Reserves and protection of biodiversity
  • Sea food and Aquatic Products
  • Renewable Energy
  • Aquaculture and Algaculture
  • Shrimp farming
  • Deep seabed mining
  • Bioprospecting
  • shoreline protection works and defence

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