Medical Microbiology

    Related Conference of Medical Microbiology

    August 15-17, 2016

    3rd Global Microbiologists Annual Meeting

    Portland, Oregon, USA
    (5 Plenary Forums - 1 Event)
    September 12-14, 2016

    International Conference on Mycology & Mushrooms

    San Antonio, Texas, USA
    September 12 - 14, 2016

    5th Global Congress on Environmental Microbiology

    September 19-21, 2016

    4th World Congress and Expo on Applied Microbiology

    Las Vegas, USA
    September 22-24, 2016

    2nd World Congress on Beneficial Microbes: Food, Pharma, Aqua & Beverages Industry

    Phoenix, USA
    (5 Plenary Forums-1 Event)
    October 13-14, 2016

    7th International Congress on Clinical Virology

    Manchester, UK
    October 17-19, 2016

    International Conference on Medical Parasitology

    Houston, USA
    October 17-19, 2016

    Global Veterinary Microbiology Summit & Expo

    Chicago Illinois, USA
    (8 Plenary Forum-1 Event)
    October 20-22, 2016

    6th Clinical Microbiology Conference

    Rome, Italy
    November 28-30, 2016

    9th Global Medical Microbiology Summit & Expo

    San Francisco, California, USA
    November 28-30, 2016(10 Plenary Forums-1 Event)

    8th World Congress on Virology

    San Antonio, USA
    November 28-29, 2016

    7th World Congress on Microbiology

    Valencia, Spain
    February 27-28, 2017

    World Congress on Mycotoxins and Toxigenic Fungi

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    March 13-15, 2017

    9th International Virology Congress and Expo

    London, UK
    April 17-18, 2017

    Global Summit on Tuberculosis and Mycobacteria

    Las Vegas, USA
    May 29-31, 2017

    International Conference On Microbial Engineering

    Beijing, China
    May 30-June 1, 2017

    Annual Conference on Antimicrobials and Drug Resistance

    Las Vegas, USA
    June 19-20, 2017

    Global Pharmaceutical Microbiology Conference

    London, UK
    July 17-18, 2017

    International Congress on Microbial Interaction

    Munich, Germany
    September 25-26, 2017

    International Conference on Fungal Diseases & Control

    Chicago, USA
    August 03-04, 2017

    8th Annual Congress on Clinical Microbiology

    Chicago, USA
    Sept 21-22, 2017

    International Conference on Microbial Ecology

    Toronto, Canada
    October 16-18, 2017

    Annual Meeting on Viral Outbreaks and Epidemiology

    Baltimore, USA

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