Molecular Biomarkers

A biomarker can be anything that can be accurately measured as an indicator of normal biological functioning, pathogenic paths or a drug response to a therapeutic drug intervention. Molecular biomarkers are the biomarkers usually in molecular form. Molecular biomarkers take part in various purposes, including disease diagnosis and prognosis, prediction and calculation of treatment response, and safety evaluation. The molecular biomarkers are exclusively being developed and validated to be used in drug development, and used to support approval of drug products.

Molecular biomarkers are mainly classified into Protein biomarkers, Nucleic acid based biomarkers, Lipid biomarkers and Small molecule biomarkers. Almost every pharmaceutical company has been developing molecular biomarker programs. There has been a rapid increase in the number of molecular biomarkers used in drug delivery over the last decade.

  • Protein biomarkers
  • Nucleic acid based biomarkers
  • Lipid biomarkers
  • Small molecule biomarkers

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