Molecular Pathology

Molecular pathology is an emerging discipline within pathology which is concentrated in the study and conclusion of ailment through the examination of molecules within organs, tissues or bodily fluids. Molecular pathology imparts a few parts of practice with drug development, disease management strategies and is sometimes considered a crossover discipline. It is multi-disciplinary in nature and concentrates primarily on the sub-minute parts of diseases. A key consideration is that more accurate diagnosis is possible when the diagnosis is based on both the morphologic changes in tissues and on molecular testing of diseases like cancer. In this sub topics Molecular pathology is very useful in drug development and cancer.
Molecular Pathology is an exploratory control that incorporates the advancement of molecular and hereditary ways to deal with the determination and arrangement of human ailments, the outline and acceptance of prescient biomarkers for treatment reaction and sickness movement, the defenselessness of people of distinctive hereditary constitution to create issue. Molecular pathology is gathered in the study and finish of infirmity through the examination of particles inside of organs, tissues or natural liquids. Molecular pathology is usually utilized as a part of determination of growth and irresistible infections. It confers a couple parts of practice with medication improvement, ailment administration procedures and is now and again considered a hybrid order. It is multi-disciplinary in nature and focuses principally on the sub-moment parts of ailments. A key thought is that more exact conclusion is conceivable when the determination depends on both the morphologic changes in tissues and on molecular testing of ailments like malignancy. In this sub themes Molecular pathology is exceptionally helpful in medication advancement and malignancy.
  • Molecular Genetic Pathology
  • Drug development
  • Molecular disease mechanisms
  • Integrated disease management strategies
  • Molecular diagnostics and Therapeutics
  • Molecular pathology of cancer
  • Molecular pathology of premalignant lesions
  • Inflammatory and Infectious diseases
  • Molecular biomarkers
  • Molecular Disease Treatments
  • Cutaneous B - cell and T- cell Lymphomas
  • Hematopathology of Lymphoma

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