Neuro rehabilitation and Motor control

The human motor system has the capacity to learn through practice and experience. Motor learning is a loosely defined term that encompasses motor adaptation, skill acquisition, and decision-making. Motor learning can be broken into kinematic and dynamic components. Animal models and functional imaging in humans show that the mature brain can undergo plastic changes during both learning and recovery. Quantitative motor control approaches allow differentiation between compensation and true recovery, although both improve with practice. Several promising new rehabilitation approaches are based on theories of motor learning

This session covers Modular motor therapies, Advances in neurorehabilitation fundamentals, Genetic determinants of brain reorganisation and learning, Neurologic music therapy in non-motor problems


Motor control and learning are seen as key fields of study for health professionals in the field of neuro-rehabilitation. It is better thought of as a fuzzy category that includes skill acquisition, motor adaptation, such as prism adaptation, and decision making, that is, the ability to select the correct movement in the proper context. A motor skill is the ability to plan and execute a movement goal

  • Modular motor therapies
  • Advances in neurorehabilitation fundamentals
  • Genetic determinants of brain reorganisation and learning
  • Neurologic music therapy in non-motor problems

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