Neurorehabilitation engineering

Neurorehabilitation engineering deals with basic neuromuscular mechanisms mediating movements and their changes underlying both acute adjustments and chronic adaptations.

 procedures are being developed to restore, replace and modulate lost or impaired motor functions and this approach is interdisciplinary and is based on -

expertise in computer modelling (bioelectricity, biomechanics, neural networks),

neural signal processing (machine learning),

electrode and sensor design (high-density intramuscular and surface EMG electrodes),

hardware design (multi-channel general-purpose amplifiers),

neurophysiology of human movement (spinal circuitries, motor units and motor neurons, motor control modularity)

and neuro technologies (FES, BCI, robotics, active prostheses).

  • Neural Prostheses in Rehabilitation
  • Brain Computer Interface in Rehabilitation
  • Neuromotor Control
  • Neuro technologies
  • Business Process Management (BPM) modelling tools.
  • Rehabilitation monitoring technologies.
  • Eye-tracking systems.
  • Medical imaging.
  • Telemedicine: tele-neurorehabilitation technologies and systems.
  • Rehabilitation Robotics

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