Strategic Planning

Planning and management for coastal zones involves with defences, socio-environmental issues, along neighbouring coastal nations. There should be controlled and strict strategy in sustainable use of resources, mangrove forest management, Identification of Ecologically Critical Areas, Energy recovery divisions for better future habitat in coastal cities. Cost Effective Management To Reduce Hazardous Substances, pollution have to be under controlled monitoring in improving Coastal Water Quality.

We are all dependent on the oceans, coasts and seas to provide food, energy, climate regulation, transport and even recreation – the sustenance of life. There should be a Marine and Coastal Strategy  to improve coastal water quality through addressing land based pollution, strengthen ecosystem management of marine areas within and beyond national jurisdictions, equip countries with tools for reconciling the different demands on marine and coastal resources, in particular small islands and other vulnerable places.

Coastal Strategy has to focus on the fragility of marine and coastal ecosystems, at the same time acknowledging the continued stress ecosystems face in providing services for humanity. An urgent action is needed to maintain and rehabilitate marine and coastal resources, and that this action must be grounded in science and support policy development and implementation.

  • Socio-Environmental Issues
  • Coastal Defences
  • Energy Recovery
  • Sustainable Use Of Resources
  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Identification Of Ecologically Critical Areas
  • Mangrove Forest Management
  • Coastal Pollution and Control program
  • Cost Effective Management To Reduce Hazardous Substances
  • Coastal Water Quality Management

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