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OMICS Group International serves as a major platform for the transfer of scientific knowledge at Bioprocess-2014. OMICS group International is coalesce of various open access publishers and journals worldwide and is known for systematic organization of a variety of conferences ranging from biosciences to engineering. OMICS group International has successfully implemented its task of managing conferences, international workshops and symposiums all over the world for more than half a decade and has mastered its efficiency with every event. The main objective is to take the “Science and Technology” to every one’s door step and to create an awareness of the global technologies among people all over the world. The OMICS group is supported by over 300 open access journals and has achieved a mission of organizing about 100 conferences in a year. It comprises of about 25,000 editorial members serving as scientific advisors. In simple terms the OMICS international group serves as a vital platform that promotes the relocation scientific knowledge through various modes of revelations that includes conferences, workshops, symposiums, round table debates and scientific exhibitions. And OMICS Group International plays an important role by filling up the gap through conducting Scientific Conferences.


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Food technology is an allied branch of food science that deals with the production processes of a variety of foods and beverages. Researchers and scientists have been exploring this branch for almost decades since these subjects were introduced to the mankind and its history goes back to early 18th century. In simple terms examining the aspects of variety foods by making use of the novel techniques can be referred to as food technology. In today’s world several firms are in to food manufacturing and they have played a significant role in changing the face of food processing & technology and have contributed towards the development of this field. These developments have in turn positively influenced the food supply and have coped up with the growing requirements of the world. Since the last 100 years, several major advances have been achieved in the allied areas of food science and technology. These major advances in the field of food technology can range from the production of milk powder to advance methods of storage like freeze drying.

The advancements in the field of science and technology have resulted in the discovery of the latest existing techniques and the transfer of information at a global level creates awareness among the people worldwide. As a matter of fact research within the field of food technology has been conducted for many years and has resulted in pioneering various novel techniques and standard protocols.

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