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Journal of Computer Science & Systems Biology Volume 9, Issue 6 Modeling Location Preferences in Service Composition Using DistributedKnowledgebase Pandey RS and Pathak R Impact of Excessive Mobile Phone Usage on Human Suhag AK, Larik RSA, Mangi GZ, Khan M, Abbasi SK and Madiha H Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics Volume 9, Issue 11 Comparative and Evolutionary Studies of Vertebrate Arylsulfatase BArylsulfatase I and Arylsulfatase J Genes and Proteins Evidence for anARSBlike Subfamily Roger S Holmes In silico Designing of Protein Rich in Large Neutral Amino Acids UsingBovine s1 Casein for Treatment of Phenylketonuria Prakruthi Appaiah and Prasanna Vasu Structural Role of Hydrophobic Core in ProteinsSelected Examples Banach M, Kalinowska B, Konieczny L and Roterman I SequencetoStructure Relation in ProteinsAmyloidogenic Proteins with Chameleon Sequences Banach M, Kalinowska B, Konieczny L and Roterman I Design and Selection of IFI16PAAD Mutants with Improved dsDNA Destabilization Properties Desmond Lau, Kush Dalal, Benjamin Hon and Frederic Pio Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy Volume 8, Issue 10 Dynamics of CancerImmune System with External Treatment and Optimal Control Fathalla A Rihan, Nouran F Rihan Mediastinal Masses Retrospective Single Center Based Study Aram Baram, Zirak Anwar Tayeb Nitric Oxide Friend or Foe in Cancer Chemotherapy and Drug ResistanceA Perspective Birandra K Sinha Endocrinology & Metabolic Syndrome Volume 5 Issue 5 Effect of Insulin Resistance in Chronic Kidney Disease Frankel AH, KazempourArdebili S Metabolic Syndrome Increases the Risk of Plasma Vitamin A C E and DDeficiency Godala M, MaterekKumierkiewicz I, Moczulski D, Rutkowski M, Szatko F, Gaszyska E, Tokarski S, Kowalski J HyponatremiaFinding the Cause Farhan A, Tanveer T, Mumtaz U, Raza MA, Shoaib M Clinical and Biological Characteristics of Patients Aged 65 and Older withNewly Developed Type 1 Diabetes Ach MT, Njah MK, El Abed YH, Beizig AM, Chadli MC, nbspAch K Resistance to Kinase Inhibitors in Poorly Differentiated and Anaplastic ThyroidCancer Preclinical In vitro Evidences Gian F, Tumino D, Frasca F Advanced Granulosa Cell Tumor and Pregnancy A Case Report How to Treatand How to Preserve Fertility Aymen FM, Majed G, Hanene C, Joumana L, Amin B Pheochromocytoma Presents as Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy Alsaffar YR, Ho K The Effect of Hypothyroidism on Insulin Sensitivity and Their Influence on theSerum Lipid Profile and Renal Function AbdelGayoum AA Journal of AIDS & Clinical Research Volume 7, Issue 11 Old and New Concepts and Strategies in HIV Vaccinology A Report froma Workshop held in Rome on 17 June 2016 Barbara Ensoli, Aurelio Cafaro, Massimo Amicosante, JeanMarie Andrieu, Jean D Boyer, Felipe Garcia, Glenda Gray, Mike R King, Adan Rios, Eric Sandstrom and Marc HV Van Regenmortel Trends in the Seroprevalence of Human Immunodeficiency VirusInfection in Pregnant Women Attending a Tertiary Care Center in NaviMumbai Western India Pai Chitra, Kadam Nitin, Singh Amit, Kar Harapriya, Urhekar Ananth and Mohanty Nimain Vulval Involvement in Acquired Immunodeficiency SyndromeAssociatedDisseminated Histoplasmosis Ramdial PK, Sing Y, Ramburan A, Nargan K, Singh B, Bagratee JS and Calonje E The Role of SocioCulturalCognition in Disease Prevalence and RiskyBehaviour among Children A Conceptual Framework Adele Munsami, Carol Mitchell, Lance Lachenicht, Jane Dene Kvalsvig, Eyrun Floerecke Kjetland and Myra Taylor Attitude and Cognitive Distortion on HIVAIDS among UndergraduateStudents of Madda Walabu University Southeast Ethiopia Abera Getachew and Gobena Daniel Antiretroviral Therapy Level of Adherence and Its Determinants AmongPatients on Treatment in Different Health Facilities A Cross SectionalStudy in Oromia Regional State Ethiopia Tolossa E Chaka, Sileshi G Abeya, Abebe M Adlo, Tilaye W Abebe, Shalo D Hamuse, Mihretu T Lencha and Zelalem H Jemal Pediatric Nocardial Brain Abscesses in Acquired ImmunodeficiencySyndrome Chotey NA, Ramdial PK, 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Irini F Strati, Panagiotis Zoumpoulakis, Sofia MiniadisMeimaroglou and Vassilia J Sinanoglou Evaluation of Three External Marking Methods of Farmed Atlantic Salmon forthe Future Use of Differentiating it From Wild Atlantic Salmon Atle Mortensen, Oyvind J Hansen and Velmurugu Puvanendran Nutritional Value and Apparent Digestibility for Dry Matter Protein Energyand Essential Amino Acid in Ten Selected Feedstuffs for Juvenile Penaeusmonodon Xu Chen, QiangQiang Liu, JiaJun Xie, YunQiang Zhang and Jin Niu Journal of Applied Pharmacy Volume 8, Issue 4 Pharmaceutical Care and Toxicology a Synergy in High Risk Situation Luisetto M Prescribing Pattern and DrugDrug Interactions of Analgesics Prescribed For Pain Management in a Pakistani Tertiary Hospital Khan SA, Afridi R, Afridi UK and Sadozai S Emergency Hospital Drug Cabinet Systems Managed by Hospital Pharmacists and ER Physicians A Healthcare Management Model to Reduce Costs Luisetto M and NiliAhmadabadi B Ganoderma lucidum A Review with 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Mixture of Rivaroxaban and Clopidogrel and Application toBiological Fluids Samah Abo El Abass, Ibrahim F, Sharaf ElDin M, Fathy ME and Heba Abd ElAziz Journal of Food Processing & Technology Volume 7, Issue 10 Chemical Composition PhysicoChemical Properties and Acceptability ofInstant Ogi from Blends of Fermented Maize Conophor Nut and Melon Seeds Ojo DO and Enujiugha VN Studies on Preparation and Quality of Nutritious Noodles by Incorporation ofDefatted Rice Bran and Soy Flour Pakhare KN , Dagadkhair AC, Udachan IS and Andhale RA Effect of Lemon Mustard and Garlic Treatments on the Quality of SmokedHilsa Tenualosa ilisha During Storage Period Mohajira Begum, Shuva Bhowmik, Farha M Juliana and Sabir Hossain MD Honey Characterization Based on Physicochemical Parameters using GISTechniques A Case Study in Selected States of Northern India Parvinder Kaur, Atul A Mishra and Deepak Lal The Effect of Green Tea Camellia sinensis Extract Against HepatoToxicityInduced By Tamoxifen in Rats Faiza A Mahboub The Impact of Trade Facilitation on Agricultural Products Standard Compliancein Relation to Cameroons Export Performance Femshang M Charles Gynecology & Obstetrics Volume 6 Issue 10 The Association between Oxidative Stress and Miscarriages among OmaniFemales Attending Sultan Qaboos University Hospital Tuqa Al Lawati, Ali Al Qubtan and Clifford Abiaka Clinical Effects of Isoflavones and Berberine Estromineral Lipid in Menopausal Women with Borderline Dyslipimia Vincenzo De Leo, Valentina Cappelli, Claudio Benvenuti and Estronet Study Group Evaluation of Dehydrated Human AmnionChorion Membrane as an Adhesion Barrier in Women Undergoing Robotic Laparoscopy John Dulemba, Pezhman Mirzakhani and Niki B Istwan Journal of Stem Cell Research & Therapy Volume 6, Issue 10 Cancer Stem Cells Cellular Plasticity Niche and its Clinical Relevance Gina Lee, Robert R Hall III and Atique U Ahmed Therapeutic Potential of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Vitamin E on Experimental Hepatocellular Carcinoma Ragaei A, Mansy A and Sabry D Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells derived Muscle Progenitors Effectively Mitigate Muscular Dystrophy through Restoring the Dystrophin Distribution WenFeng Cai, Wei Huang, Lei Wang, JiaPeng Wang, Lu Zhang, Muhammad Ashraf, Shizheng Wu and Yigang Wang Mycobacterial Diseases Volume 6, Issue 4 Discordance between Tuberculin Skin Test and Interferon Gamma Release Assayis Associated with Previous Latent Tuberculosis Infection Treatment Divya Reddy, Max R OrsquoDonnell, Allan M WelterFrost, Alison Coe and C Robert Horsburgh Effectiveness of Clinoptilolite Zeolite for Mycobacterium avium subspParatuberculosis MAP Control in Dairy Slurry C Avilez, C Verdugo, O Martinez, C Encina, F Salazar, M Alfaro, MT Collins and M Salgado The QuantiferonTB Gold InTube Assay Detects Interferon ReleaseResponses to Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Antigens for Extended Periodsof Time Takashi Hirama, Shohei Minezaki, Minoru Kanazawa, Hidetoshi Nakamura, Makoto Nagata Mycobacterium abscessus Urinary Infection in Hypertensive Patient A CaseReport B Traoreacute , S Fongoro, LG Timbineacute , D Diallo, A Toureacute , K Djiguiba , H Yattara , B Kouriba and S Diallo Mycobacterial Excretory Secretory31 ES31 Protein with Serine Protease and Lipase Activities A Potential Drug Target against TB Infection Gauri Wankhade, Pranita Waghmare, Lingaraja Jena,Bhaskar C Harinath Journal of Marine Science: Research & Development Volume 6 Issue 5 Sex versus Gender in Sea Urchins and Leeches Two Centuries after Lamarck1816 Kutschera U Signs of Hypothetic Fauna and Flora on Venus and their Characterization Leonid V Ksanfomality, Arnold S Selivanov and Yuriy M Gektin PhysicoChemical Analysis of Marine Soils From Different Ecosystem PalkStrait Coastal Regions of Tamilnadu India Manikandan R and Vijayakumar R Corals at the EDGE of Existence Crabbe MJC The Anatomy of a Proposed Name Change Involving Chthamalussouthwardorum Cirripedia Balanomorpha Chthamalidae A Critique William A Newman, John S Buckeridge and Faacutebio Pitombo Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology Volume 8, Issue 5 Targeted Inspection of Environmental Mycological Load for Mitigation of Indoor Mold toward Improved Public Health Segula Masaphy and Rinat Ezra Physiological Changes in Salivary Gland and Kidney that help the Diagnosis caused of EpsteinBarr virus A Brief Review Caetano LP, Costa KCT, Moraes ABA and AlvesBalvedi RP Antifungal Activity of Silver Nanoparticles Produced from Fungus Penicillium fellutanum at Different pH Nida Tabassum Khan and Namra Jameel Foliar Phosphorus and Zinc Application Improve Growth and Productivityof Maize Zea mays L Under Moisture Stress conditions in SemiArid Climates Amanullah, Amir Saleem, Asif Iqbal and Shah Fahad Simultaneous Decolorization of Methyl Red and Generation of Electricity inMicrobial Fuel Cell by Bacillus circulans NPP1 Jumma Shaikh, Niranjan P Patil, Vikas Shinde and Vishwas B Gaikwad Inactivation and Disinfection of Zika Virus on a Nonporous Surface Cameron Wilde, Zheng Chen, Tanya Kapes, Cory Chiossone, Salimatu Lukula, Donna Suchmann, Raymond Nims and S Steve Zhou Microbial Biocompatibility and Biodegradability of CholineAmino Acid Based Ionic Liquids Arash Yazdani, Magaret Sivapragasam, JeanMarc Levecircque and Muhammad Moniruzzaman The Effect of Maize Germ on the Presence of Aflatoxins in Corn Flours Treated with a ThermoAlkaline Process Lineth J VegaRojas, Magda CarvajalMoreno, Isela RojasMolina, Francisco RojoCallejas, Silvia RuizVelasco and Mario E Rodriacuteguez Garciacutea Analysis of Microbial Biochemical Inducting Nutritional Contents in Barley Anam Yousaf, Yaseen Ashraf, Nasim Ahmad Yasin, Asma Ibrahim, Aqeel Ahmad, Waheed Ullah Khan, Zoobia Bashir, Waheed Akram and Zarish Noreen A Readable Chromatic Biosensor with a Tunable Detection Threshold ChiaoHsiu Tsai, YingJhan Hong, JingHuei Huang, Pin Chang and TriRung Yew Process Optimization of LGlutaminase Production a Tumour Inhibitor from Marine Endophytic Isolate Aspergillus sp ALAA2000 Mervat Morsy Abbas Ahmed, Taher M Taha, Nageh F AboDahab and Fareed SM Hassan Antibacterial Activity of Plants Extracts against MethicillinResistantStaphylococcus aureus and VancomycinResistant Enterococcus faecalis Prashant Agarwal, Neeraj Agarwal, Ritika Gupta, Meenu Gupta and Bindu Sharma Reconstructive Surgery & Anaplastology Volume 5 and Issue 2 Auricular Prosthesis in Burn Reconstruction Nigel Yong Boon Ng, Charles Yuen Yung Loh and Thanassi Athanassopoulos Phalloplasty and Urethral Reconstruction A Chronological Timeline Samuel Golpanian, Kenneth A Guler, Ling Tao, Priscila G Sanchez, Klara Sputova and Christopher J Salgado Management of Gender Dysphoria and Creation of a Gender Team Carlo Melloni Journal of Bioanalysis & Biomedicine Volume 8 Issue 5 Adjuvant Phytotherapy against Antitubercular Drug InducedHepatotoxicity Sisir Nandi Anticancer Drug Design Utilizing Pharmacoinformatics Sisir Nandi Design a Novel Microstrip Rectangle Patch Antenna Utilized inTelemedicine Applications Hamidreza Shirzadfar and Parisa Shirvani Journal of Chromatography & Separation Techniques Volume 7 Issue 5 Selective Methods for Cilostazol Assay in Presence of its OxidativeDegradation Product and Co Formulated Telmisartan Application toTablet Formulation Ibrahim F, Sharaf ElDin M and Heba Abd ElAziz Electrophoresis and Western Blot can Detect the Interaction of Proteinswith the Pathogenic Prion Protein Aly Moussa Optimization of an Enrichment and LCMSMS Method for the Analysis ofGlyphosate and Aminomethylphosphonic Acid AMPA in Saline NaturalWater Samples without Derivatization Dana Pupke, Lea Daniel and Daniel Proefrock Development of OnLine SolidPhase ExtractionLiquid ChromatographyCoupled with Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method to QuantifyPharmaceutical Glucuronide Conjugates and Metabolites in Water Lea B, Nicolas C, Dominique W and Guy R A Simple and Sensitive Method for Quantitative Measurement ofMethylmalonic Acid by Turbulent Flow Chromatography and TandemMass Spectrometry Tecleab AG, Schofield RC, Ramanathan LV and Dean C Carlow Introduction of In Silico Chromatography Toshihiko Hanai A Targeted Metabolomics Assay to Measure Eight Purines in the Diet ofCommon Bottlenose Dolphins Tursiops truncates Ardente AJ, Garrett TJ, Wells RS, Michael Walsh, Smith CR, Colee J and Richard C Hill Otolaryngology: Open Access Volume 6 Issue 5 Role of CT and MRI in the FollowUp of Operated Middle Ear Cholesteatoma Myriam Jrad, Farouk Graiess, Selma Behi, Rym Bachraoui, Ghazi Besbes and Habiba Mizouni ENTRelated Islamic Instructions Hesham B Elmashad Role of Elective Neck Management in Maxillary Sinus Squamous CellCarcinoma Pauline CastelnauMarchand, Eleonor Rivin del Campo and Yungan Tao Accessory Pinna with Accessory TragusA Rare Entity Shanmugam R, Ravindra V, Shanmugam VU, Mariappan RG, Swaminathan B and Nivas P Otosclerosis Surgery Contribution of Imaging in Surgical Failures andLabyrinthine Complications Diagnosis Myriam Jrad, Asma Ben Mabrouk, Aymen Ben Othmen, Jihene Marrakchi, Anis Zaidi, Rym Zainine, Ghazi Besbes and Habiba Mizouni The Concept of Computer Assisted Implantology The Accuracy Outcomes Latifa Zenati, Hamid Boukais and Amel Bouarfa Necessity of Applying Viscoelastic Constitutive Model in Numerical Evaluation ofImplantable Hearing Devices Jing Zhang, Jiabin Tian, Na Ta, Xinsheng Huang and Zhushi Rao Pregnancy and Dental Treatment ABI AAD Lamia and Dany Joseph Daou Is Marriage a Risk Factor for Allergic Rhinitis Sara Safar AlShehri and KamalEldin Ahmed AbouElhamd Oral Carcinoma HPV Infection Arsenic Exposuretheir Correlation in WestBengal India Pritha Pal, Ranjan Raychowdhury and Ajanta Halder Tinnitus An Evolutionary Symptom Sylvester Fernandes Intact Ellipsoid Zone and External Limiting Membrane are Good PrognosticFactors after Successful Repair of Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment KaiChun Cheng, KaiHung Cheng, KaiYuan Cheng, KuoJen Chen and WenChuan Wu Giant Cell Reparative Granuloma Presenting as Cheek Swelling Case Series ofFour Patients Minakshi Gulia and Neelam Sood Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology & Mental Health Volume 1 Issue 4 Psychotropic Drug Prescription Practice in Psychiatric InPatients inSaskatchewan Canada Adelugba Olajide, Mela Mansfield, Obikoya Olubankole and Okpalauwaekwe Udoka Primary Mental Health Care Services in Ethiopia ExperiencesOpportunities and Challenges from East African Country Getinet Ayano Bipolar Disorders and Carbamazepine PharmacokineticsPharmacodynamics Therapeutic Effects and Indications ofCarbamazepine Review of Articles Getinet Ayano TimeCourse of Buprenorphine Dose Increase in a Maintenance Programfor Heroin Addicts Retention in Treatment and Clinical Meaning Matteo Pacini, Sonia Lubrano and Icro Maremmani Archives of Surgical Oncology Volume 2, Issue 4 A White Tone Sessile Type Polyp Submucosal Invasion Sigmoid ColonCancer 6 mm in a Diameter Masaichi Ogawa, Yoichi Tomita, Kazuo Matai, Kohei Ichihara, Takuo Hasegawa and Kazuhiko Yoshida Surgical Treatment for Hypoglycemia A Case Report Sherif AbdelMisih and Melissa Hornor Journal of Bioengineering & Biomedical Science Volume 6 Issue 4 Using Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia to Detect Obstructive Sleep Apnea Sani SN and Bailey EF Generation of Pig Airways using Rules Developed from the Measurementsof Physical Airways Md Khurshidul Azad and Hansen A Mansy Effect of Noise on Timefrequency Analysis of Vibrocardiographic Signals Taebi A and Mansy HA Extraction and Biochemical Characterization of a High Potential IronSulfur Protein Hipip from Acidthiobacillus Species Isolated from AgbajaIron Mines of Kogi State Nigeria Ekpa E, Onwurah INE, Ezeanyika LUS and Iyayi A A Novel Blood Pump Design and Characterization Michael Tomostar Renewable Energy Scenarios as a Key for Sustainable Rural AreaApplications in Turkey Deniz I and Oncel S Transport of Indomethacin from KappaCarrageenan based Nanogel Singh S, Thakur G and Avadhani KS Journal of Forensic Research Volume 7 and Issue 4 Auditory and Acoustic Features from ClueWords Sets for Forensic SpeakerIdentification and its Correlation with Probability Scales Babita Bhall, Singh CP, Rakesh Dhar and Rajesh Soni The Determination of Signs of Accelerated Ageing of Records made withBallpoint Pen Inks by Using Chromatography Methods Vitalijs Freidenfelds, Certova J and Mekss P Peculiar and Unusual Drowning in Waste Oil from Motor Vehicles Case Report Elvira Ventura Spagnolo, Cristina Mondello, Luigi Cardia and Giulio Cardia The Usage of Polygraph Method in Bulgaria Todor Todorov Predicting Physical Features and Diseases by DNA Analysis Current Advancesand Future Challenges Caio Cesar Silva de Cerqueira, Virginia Ramallo, Taacutebita Huumlnemeier, Soledad de Azevedo, Mirsha QuintoSancheacutez, Carolina Paschetta, Celia Cintas, Marina Gonzaacutelez, Laviacutenia SchuumllerFaccini, Maria Caacutetira Bortolini and Rolando GonzaacutelezJoseacute Personal Identification using Cheiloscopy in South India Peter Kiran A, Swetha Murthy Sharma, Dakshinamurthy Sridevi, Almeida Myfanwy Alonza and Mahemaa R Child Sexual Abuse in Fayoum Governorate Egypt 20102014 Marwa A Mwaheb Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology Volume 6, Issue 5 A Critical Appraisal of the Threshold of Toxicity Model for NonCarcinogens Henk A Tennekes Water Quality Index WQI for Main Source of Drinking WaterKaraomak Dam in Kastamonu City Turkey Idris Basher Imneisi and Miraccedil Aydin Mechanisms of Rapid Adaptation to Environmental Stressors inPhytoplankton Beatriz BaselgaCervera, Victoria LopezRodas, Garciacutea Balboa, Emma I Huertas Cabilla and Eduardo Costas Differential Effects of CBZInduced Catalysis and Cytochrome GeneExpression in Three Dimensional Zebrafish Liver Cell Culture Yoonah Jeong, ChangBeom Park, InHyuk Baek, Kwanghun Jeong, Seungyun Baik and Young Jun Kim paraPhenylenediamine Containing Hair Dye An Overview ofMutagenicity Carcinogenicity and Toxicity Chong HP, Reena K, Ng KY, Koh RY , Ng CH and Chye SM Sonochemically Synthesized BetaCyclodextrin Functionalized GrapheneOxide and its Efficient Role in Adsorption of Water Soluble Brilliant GreenDye Dipanwita Majumdar Chinas Environmental Threats of Internet Shopping Packaging Wastes Man Zhang, Yaning Chen and Yanjun Shen Analysis and Significance of Weather and Climatic Trend on OutdoorSculptures in Southwest Nigeria Aremu Oluwasegun, Ijisakin Yemi, Bello Emanuel and PSO Aremu Gastrointestinal Pathology in Freshwater Fish Oreochromis niloticusLinnaeus Under Almix Exposure Palas Samanta, Sandipan Pal3 Aloke Kumar Mukherjee4 Tarakeshwar Senapati1 Debraj Kole1and Apurba Ratan Ghosh PostHarvest Management of Phytoremediation Technology Monalisa Mohanty Current Trends of Engineered Nanoparticles ENPs in SustainableAgriculture An Overview Namira Arif, Vaishali Yadav, Shweta Singh, Swati Singh, Rohit K Mishra, Shivesh Sharma, NK Dubey, Durgesh Kumar Tripathi and DK Chauhan Suspended Particulate Matter Pollution in Jabalpur A Case Study Srivastava RK and Rajasree Sarkar Assessment of the Heavy Metals and Natural Radioactivity in PhosphateMines and Occupational Health Effects at Some Egyptian Regions RKM Zakaria, Atta ER and Ibrahim MS Phytoextraction of Pb and Ni from the Polluted Soil by Brassica juncea L Rekha Kathal, Priti Malhotra, Lalit Kumar and Prem Lal Uniyal A Double Extraction Method for Determination of Diphenylamine in Fruitsby GCMS Hamid Reza Sobhi1 and Ali Esrafili Xenobiotic Compounds Present in Soil and Water A Review onRemediation Strategies Jai Godheja, Shekhar SK, Sarfraj Ahmad Siddiqui and Modi DR Cosmetology & Oro Facial Surgery Volume2,Issue3 Radiographic Density and Contrast of Images of Individual Films from DoubleFilm Packets Plauto Christopher Aranha Watanabe, Angela Jordatildeo Camargo and Luiz Carlos Pardini Incidental Finding of Cervical Vertebrae Anomaly Yields to an UndiagnosedCase of Crouzon Syndrome Karan Nehra, B Jayan, Shiv Shankar Agarwal and Mukul Bhatia Hazards of Using Guiding Elastics for Maxillo Mandibular Fixation MMF after Open Reduction and Internal Fixation ORIF of Upper Mid Face Fracture A Case Report Nidarsh B Hegde, Mithra N Hegde, Freddy Kersi Mistry and Saurabh M Gohil Entomology, Ornithology & Herpetology: Current Research Volume 5 Issue 3 Remarks on the Taxonomy of Terrestrial Parasitengona AcariProstigmata Saboori A Building Resilience for Pest Management Lessons from OrganicAgriculture Hata FT and Ventura MU Culicoides Diptera Ceratopogonidae Fauna in Central Tunisia Slama D, Chaker E, Zrelli S, Mathieu B, Delecolle JC, Mezhoud H, Babba H Effect of Different Constant Temperature on the Life Cycle of a Fly ofForensic Importance Lucilia cuprina Bansode SA, More VR, and Zambare SP Identifying Opportunities and Constraints of Beekeeping The Case ofGambella Zuria and Godere Weredas Gambella Regional State Ethiopia Shibru D, Asebe G and Megersa E Journal of Antivirals & Antiretrovirals Volume 8, Issue 3 Study on Coinfection of Mycoplasma gallisepticum and Low PathogenicAvian Influenza Virus H9 in Broilers SM Subtain, Sohail Manzoor, Fraz Munir Khan, Zahid Hussain, Muhammad Mukhtar, Haleema Sadia, Syed Abbas and Iqbal Choudhary Hepatitis A Virus Infection Rare Presentations in Children Saurabhi D, Shambhawi R, Anju A and Hema Mittal Epidemiology of HIV Vertical Transmission Vanessa Terezinha Gubert de Matos Marcia Maria Ferrairo Janini Dal Fabbro, Izilyanne Hoscher Romanholi Facco and Ana Lucia Lyrio de Oliveira Platelets Help in the Difficult Task of Deciding when and who shouldReceive Antiviral Treatment Maria Jose MiacuteguezBurbano Cellular miR2909 can Restrict ProViral Cyclophilins Deepak Kaul Pathogen Inactivation Plays an Irreplaceable Role in Safeguarding theSafety of Blood Transfusion Limin Chen and Min Yao International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Volume 4, Issue 5 Robotic AssistAsNeeded as an Alternative to TherapistAssisted GaitRehabilitation Shraddha Srivastava, Pei Chun Kao, Darcy S Reisman, John P Scholz, Sunil K Agrawal and Jill S Higginson Large Popliteal Cyst in Patient with Complaint of Posteromedial Knee Pain Lara Canham and Paul E Mintken Inflammatory Biomarker and Stroke Rehabilitation a New Point of View aboutthe Role in Prognostic Factor Patrizio Sale, Niki Ragazzo and Anna Maria Cortese Rehabilitation Medicine Gavril Cornuiu Characteristics and Treatment of Osteoporotic Vertebral Fractures after StrokeCase Report and Literature Review Takako Nagai, Toshihiro Arao, Kohei Hamada and Naoko Shindo Botulinum Toxin Type A Injection May Restore Ankle Strategy Use in StrokePatients A Preliminary Report Alice Chu Wen Tang, Chih Kuang Chen, Tzu Ning Chen and Simon Fuk Tan Tang Functional Impairments after Neck Dissection and Adjuvant Treatment Patternsof Care Sarah Eickmeyer, Tara Mencias, Michael Stadler, Jason Liu, Alexis Visotcky, Becky Massey and Bruce Campbell Bilateral Transcranial Directcurrent Stimulation tDCS of DorsolateralPrefrontal Cortex during Specific Working Memory Tasks Saggini R, Barassi G, Carmignano SM, Ancona E, Di felice P, Giannuzzo G, Banchetti A and Bellomo RG Efficacy of Thumb Arthroplasty in Carpometacarpal Joint Osteoarthritis A LongTerm Followup Banu Dilek, Gokhan Meric, Didem Erdem, Gorkem Uz, Elif Akalin and Kadir A Reduced Sickness Absence after a Physical Activity Intervention among HealthCare Workers OneYear FollowUp of a Randomised Controlled Trial Lotte Nygaard Andersen, Birgit JuulKristensen, Thomas Lund Soslashrensen, Lene Gram Herborg, Kirsten Kaya Roessler and Karen Soslashgaardnbsp Motion Capture System versus Common Force Platform Methodologies forVertical Jump Analysis Alexander Neale Eagles, Mark Gregory Leigh Sayers, Matthew Bousson and Dale Ingham Lovell Laser Biostimulation with Image Guidance for Patients with ArthritisRheumatoid Arthritis and Other Related Diseases Adam R Mester Biomechanics and Management of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis NeurodegenerativeDisease MiniReview Andrew Montoure, 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