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Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy Volume 8, Issue 6 Differentiation of Malignant Compared to NonMalignant Cells by TheirBioPhoton Emissions May Only Require a Specific Filter around 500 nm Nirosha J Murugan, Lukasz M Karbowski, Blake T Dotta, David AE Vares, Kevin S Saroka, Robert M Lafrenie and Michael A Persinger Nutritional Therapy as a Potent Alternate to Chemotherapy againstCancer Prakash S Bisen Cyclic Dependent Kinase CDK Role in Cancer Pathogenesis and as DrugTarget in Cancer Therapeutics Bekesho Geleta, Eyasu Makonnen and Solomon M Abay Nmyc Downstream Regulated Gene NDRG Role in Cancer Metastasis Suppression and as Drug Target in Cancer Therapeutics Bekesho Geleta, Eyasu Makonnen and Solomon M Abay Matrix Metalloproteinases New Targets in Cancer Therapy Anibah Khalid and Muhammad Asim Javaid Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development Volume 7 Issue 6 Seasonal Variations of Trace Metal Concentrations in the Soft Tissue ofLithophaga Lithophaga Collected from the Bizerte Bay Northern TunisiaMediterranean Sea Ferdaous Jaafar Kefi, Anwar Mleiki, Jihen Maacirctoug Beacutejaoui and Najoua Trigui El Menif Role of Salinity on Growth Performance of Oreochromis niloticus andOreochromis urolepis urolepis Hybrids Levinus Leonard Mapenzi and Aviti John Mochi Productivity Biochemical Indices and Antioxidant Activity of PeppermintMentha Piperita L and Basil Ocimum Basilicum L in Conditions ofHydroponics Stepan Mairapetyan, Vardan Mamikonyan, Juletta Alexanyan, Anahit Tovmasyan, Mahsa Daryadar, Bella Stepanian Gynecology & Obstetrics Volume 6 Issue 6 Peripartum Cardiomyopathy Rare Albeit Significant Rajiv Mahendru and Saloni Bansal Impact of Brachytherapy in the Treatment of Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer Results from a Single Institution Sahli N, Bakkali H, Boutayeb S, Khalil J, Elmajjaoui S, Elkacemi H, Kebdani T and Benjaafar N Live Birth after In Vitro Maturation of Oocytes in a Patient with RepeatedFertilization Failure in IVF A Case Report Smirnova A, Anshina M, Sergeev S and Ellenbogen A Vitamin D and Preeclampsia Kawtar Nassar, Wafae Rachidi, Ouafa Mkinsi and Saadia Janani Nursing Students Readiness for eLearning Experience Wafaa Gameel Mohamed Ali The Use of Plasma Exchange in a Very Earlyonset and Life Threatening Hemolysis Elevated Liver Enzymes and Low Platelet HELLP Syndrome A Case Report Iannaccone A , Tyczynski B, Birdir C, Enekwe A, Kimmig R and Koumlninger A A Review of Caesarean Sections Using the Tengroup Classification SystemRobson Classification in the KorleBu Teaching Hospital KBTH AccraGhana Samba A and Mumuni K Chronic Postmenopausal Uterine Inversion A Case Report Dejene Asefa and Nadia Yimar Archives of Surgical Oncology Volume 2, Issue 3 Pseudomyxoma Peritonei from a Borderline Mucinous Tumor Arising inan Ovarian Mature Cystic Teratoma A Rare Case Report Chiruvella A, Staley CA, Khanna N, Russell M, Maithel SK, Adsay V, Horowitz IR, Staley C and Winer J Health Related Quality of Life in Patients with Lung Cancer in Morocco Benbrahim Z, El Fakir S, Mrabti H, Nejjari C, Benider A, Errihani H, El Mesbahi O and Mellas N Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics Volume 9, Issue 6 DecoyPyrat Fast Nonredundant Hybrid Decoy Sequence Generation forLarge Scale Proteomics James C Wright and Jyoti S Choudhary Proteomic Profiling of Ewing Sarcoma Reveals a Role for TRAF6 inProliferation and RibonucleoproteinsRNA Processing Juan MadozGuacuterpide, David HerreroMartiacuten, Gonzalo GoacutemezLoacutepez, Lourdes HontecillasPrieto, Michele Biscuola, Cristina Chamizo, Daniel GarciacuteaDomiacutenguez, David Marcilla, Ana Teresa Amaral, Joseacute Luis Ordoacutentildeez and Enrique de Aacutelava Proteomic Profiling of Highgrade Glioblastoma Using Virtual experimental2DE Stanislav N Naryzhny, Maria A Maynskova, Victor G Zgoda, Natalia L Ronzhina, Svetlana E Novikova, Natalia V Belyakova, Olga A Kleyst, Olga K Legina, Rimma A Pantina and Michael V Filatov International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Volume 4, Issue 3 Retrospective Analysis of Goal Assessment for Conservative Treatment andSurgical Intervention for Spasticity of Upper and Lower Limbs in anInterdisciplinary NeuroOrthopedic Spasticity Clinic Meacutezier J, Zambelli PY, Bonnard Ch, Raffoul W, Vuadens Ph and Diserens K Prevalence of Sarcopenia in Cancer Patients Review and Future Directions Shinichiro Morishita The Efficacy of Lumbar Stabilization Exercise Combined with TransforaminalEpidural Steroid Injection for Lumbar Radiating Pain Yoongul Oh, Hee Song Lee and Ju Seok Ryu Rehabilitation Techniques in Dysphagia Management among Stroke Patients ASystematic Review Reynaldo R ReyMatias and Carl Froilan D Leochico Case Report on LongTerm Continuous Improvement of Walking Ability as aResult of Botulinum Toxin Injection Therapy and LowFrequency Rehabilitationwith HAL Toyoko Asami, Masaki Kitajima, Yusuke Nanri, Kazuki Murata and Taketo Sato Virtual Reality based Neurorehabilitation in Acute Stroke A Feasibility Study Gangadhar Garipelli, Vasiliki Liakoni, Daniel PerezMarcos, Cyntia Duc, Charlotte Gilart de Keranflech, Harald Kinzner, Jane Johr, Tej Tadi, Patrik Michel and Karin Diserens Perceptions of Korean Women with Chronic Lower Back Pain on MedicalIntervention A Narrative Approach Jaeho Choi, Young Uk Ryu, YeiBeech Jang and Jungsik Park Rehabilitation Care after Hip Fracture in Older Patients with CognitiveImpairment Systematic Review Krams Thomas, Lafont Christine, Voisin Thierry, Castex Annabel, Houles Mathieu and Rolland Yves Frontal Assessment Battery and Falling Related with Freezing of Gait inParkinsons Disease Hiroshi Kataoka and Satoshi Ueno Invitation to Contribute to the Special Issue on Novel Approaches for ChronicPain Areerat Suputtitada Efficacy of Physical Modalities in Knee Osteoarthritis Recent Recommendations Win Min Oo and Myat Thae Bo Immunogenetics: Open Access Volume 1, Issue 2 Frequency Distribution of Autoimmunity Associated FCGR3B Gene CopyNumber in Indian Population Suhani Almal and Harish Padh Just another Lack in the Wall Lennart M Rosner IGOA-1000107.php?aid=74154 Antarctic Fish IgT a Weird Option of Immunoglobulin Genes Maria Rosaria Coscia Composition and Variation Analysis of the TCR Chain CDR3 Repertoire inSystemic Lupus Erythematosus Using HighThroughput Sequencing by Suiet al Xianliang Hou, Yong Dai and Hongyan Diao Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology Volume 8, Issue 3 Potential Role of Arsenic Resistant Bacteria in Bioremediation CurrentStatus and Future Prospects Ghanshyam Kumar Satyapal, Shikha Rani, Mukund Kumar and Nitish Kumar Microbial Fuel Cells A Source of Bioenergy Anand Parkash Elucidation of Sorption Mechanism of R arrhizus for Reactive Blue 222using Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies Sukhada Saraf and Varsha K Vaidya Multifaced pknE Apoptosis Inhibition HIV CoInfection Host SignalingCrossTalk and in Orchestrating the Physiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Dinesh Kumar Parandhaman, Sameer Hassan and Sujatha Narayanan Detection Identification and Characterization of Some Heavy MetalsTolerant Bacteria Alaa A Mihdhir, Abdulrahman SA Assaeedi, Hussein H Abulreesh and Gamal EH Osman OMICS as Therapeutic Platform Environmental Factors to ParkinsonsDisease Hong Duck Kim, Shana Warner, Kamini Singh, JaeHyeon Cho and Diane E Heck Spectral Analysis and Antibacterial Activity of Methanol Extract of Roots ofEchinops echinatus and its Fractions Muhammad Younus, Farrakh Zia Khan, Sabira Sultana and Hafiz Muhammad Asif Antimicrobial Activity of Various Extracts of Taraxacum officinale Amin Mir M, Sawhney SS and Manmohan Singh Jassal Identification of Trichoderma spp by DNA Barcode and Screening for Cellulolytic Activity Abdelmegid I Fahmi, Ragaa A Eissa, Khalil A ElHalfawi, Hanafy A Hamza and Mahmoud S Helwa Microbial Interactions with Nanostructures and their Importance for the Development of Electrospun Nanofibrous Materials used in Regenerative Medicine and Filtration Chris J Mortimer, Luke Burke and Chris J Wright Techniques for the Isolation of Magnetotactic Bacteria Nimali N Prabhu and Meenal Kowshik Volatile Compounds in Alvaich Bread Produced by Milk Starter Cultural and Saccharomyces cerevisiae Soumia M Darwish and AlZahraa M Darwish How Microbes helped solve a Complex Biomechanical Problem associated with Bird Flight Theagarten LinghamSoliar Antimicrobial Adjuvants Drug Discovery the Challenge of Avoid theResistance and Recover the Susceptibility of MultidrugResistant Strains Juan Bueno Fulminant Amoebic colitis A Rarity in the Pediatric Population Suvradeep Mitra, Aarthi Viswanathan, Sanjay Verma, Jai Kumar Mahajan and Uma Nahar Saikia Journal of Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy Volume 7 , Issue 3 Salvage Therapy for Prostate Cancer Which is Best Brachytherapyversus Open and Robotic Prostatectomy Sanchia Goonewardene Determination of Background Ionizing Radiations in Selected Buildings inNairobi County Kenya Ogola PE, Arika WM, Nyamai DW, Osano KO, Rachuonyo HO, Wambani JR, Lagat RC, Njagi SM, Mumenya SW, Kotengrsquo A, Ngugi MP and Oduor RO Review of Leakage from a Linear Accelerator and Its Side Effects onCancer Patients Abdulraheem Kinsara, Ahmed Sherif ElGizawy, Essam Banoqitah and Xuewei Ma Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change Volume 7, Issue 5 Properties of the CompressedStabilized Earth Brick Containing Cork Granules Salim Guettala , Mohamed Bachar and Lakhdar Azzouz Space Increasing Human Populations State and Climate Change Whythe Traditional Adaptation Knowledge Will not Suffice BilaIsia Inogwabini National Detection of the Illegal Use of Forest Land in Taiwan by UsingMultiTemporal FORMOSAT2 Satellite Images JanChang Chen Sedimentological and Paleoecological Research Techniques withApplications to the Environmental History of Loboi Swamp Kenya Peter N Gitau and Dirk Verschuren Fluctuations of the Global Atmospheric Circulation in the XXXXICenturies Nina K Kononova Analyzing the Impacts of on Onset Length of Growing Period and DrySpell Length on Chickpea Production in Adaa District East Showa Zoneof Ethiopia Mengesha Urgaya Lemma, Araya Alemie, Solomon Habtu and Chere Lemma Journal of Clinical & Experimental Cardiology Volume 7, issue 6 Factors Related to Gender Inequalities in the Management of Ischemic HeartDisease Marta Ferraz Torres Evolutionary Aspects of Electrocardiographic and Echocardiographic Manifestations in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Descriptive Longitudinal Study about 25 Cases in 18Month Monitoring Ngaiumldeacute AA, Mbaye A, Ad Kane, Thiam AI, Legraveye M, Dioum M, Sarr SA, FAw, Ka MM, Ndiaye M, Gaye ND, Babaka K, Ndiaye M, Ndao CT, Cisseacute AF, Kouameacute I, Thiombiano LP, Bah MB, Bodian M, Ndiaye MB, Diao M, Sarr M and Kane A, Bacirc SA CardioProtecting Effect of Natural Bioactive Compound Polyphenol byInhibiting LDL Oxidation with the Scavenging of Reactive Oxygen Species ROS Emili Mannaand Smarajit Maiti The Heart of Haiti A Pure Soul from Tortured Soil Alexandra Lucas, Gail Ellison, Seana McFadden, Jen Lucas, Baron McFadden, Grant McFadden, Daniel Bachmann, Howie Werman, Diane Gorgas, Lynn Morrison, Christian Dekowny, Lee Platt, Jeri Platt and Marsha Bryant Are Common Polymorphisms of the Lipoprotein Lipase and Human Paraoxonase1 Genes Associated with the Metabolic Syndrome in South AfricanAsian Indians Rosaley Prakaschandra, Michelle Gordon and Datshana P Naidoo Successful Treatment of Right Heart Thrombi and Acute Massive PulmonaryEmbolism by Repeated Thrombolysis Marija Svetikiene, Vilius Janusauskas, Justina Griciute, Rimgaudas Katkus, Donata Ringaitiene, Jurate Sipylaite, Kestutis Rucinskas and Pranas Serpytis Tomographic Imaging of Coronary Artery Disease using Computed Tomographyversus Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Concurring or Complementary to eachOther Grigorios Korosoglou Myocardial Protective Effect of Exogenous Creatine Phosphate in ChildrenUndergoing Open Heart Surgery Khan Mohammed Firoj, Hai bin Yu and Xian en Fa Fibroblast Growth Factor23 A Possible Cause of Pulmonary Hypertension andLeft Ventricle Hypertrophy in Hemodialysis Patients Noussa Mahmoud ELAdawy Amal Kamal Helmy, Tamer Taha Ismail, Abd El Rahman Sayed Tawfik, Hesham Kamal Habeeb Keryakos and Mostafa Ahmed El Sayed Abu Ela Journal of Veterinary Science & Technology Volume 7, Issue 4 Abrogation of Salmonella and E coli O157H7 in Feedlot Cattle Fed a Proprietary Saccharomyces cerevisiae Fermentation Prototype Kristina M Feye, Kristi L Anderson, Mark F Scott, Darin L Henry, Kristy L Dorton, Brandon E Depenbusch and Steve A Carlson Major Management and Health Problems of Calves in Smallholder DairyFarms in Selected Areas of Dugda Bora Arsi Negelle Shashemene andKofelle Woredas Mahder Tadesse Admasu and Dinsefa Jemal Hassen Whole Body Computed Tomography for Tumor Staging in Dogs Reviewof 16 Cases Bonaparte A, Dhaliwal RS, Heo J and Murtaugh RJ Genetic and Phenotypic Parameters of First Lactation and Life Time Traitsin Sahiwal Cows Jaswant Singh and CV Singh Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Histological Findings of Paranasal SinusTumors and Surgical Outcomes in Dogs and Cats Pinar Can, Sevil Atalay Vural, Murat Caliskan, Irem Gul Sancak, Arda Selin Coskan, Cisel Yazgan and Omer Besalti Influence of Resveratrol and Glucan on the Aggregation of Platelets inGrowing Pigs Vaclav Kotrbacek, Ivana Vesela, Jaroslava Tomenendalova and Jaroslav Doubek Prevalence of Bovine Trypanosomosis and Apparent Density of TsetseFlies in Eastern Part of Dangur District North Western Ethiopia Endalu Mulatu, Kumela Lelisa and Delesa Damena Efficacy of Feed Coated Newcastle Disease I2 Vaccine in Village Chickensin Gombe State Nigeria Lawal JR, ElYuguda AD and Ibrahim UI Small Ruminant Brucellosis and Public Health Awareness in Two Districtsof Afar Region Ethiopia Anteneh Hailu Tegegn, Aklilu Feleke, Wesinew Adugna and Simenew Keskes Melaku Urinalysis A Diagnostic Factor for Urolithiasis and Prognostic Factor for its Recurrence in Young Ruminants Mohsin Ali Gazi, Makhdoomi DM, Mir SA and Sheikh GN The Wild Pig Sus scrofa Behavior A Retrospective Study Boon Allwin, Ranjni Swaminathan, Anjana Mohanraj, Gokkan Nishit Suhas, Stalin Vedaminckam, Sathish Gopal and Manoj Kumar Practical Manual on Veterinary Clinical Diagnostic Approach Ararsa Duguma Preputial Hematoma in a 2 Years Old Horse Funcia JP, Gontildei JI and Guglielminetti A Effect of Perch Height and Position on the Usage in Enriched ColonyHousing Systems for Laying Hens Helen Louton, Elke Rauch, Sven Reese, Michael Erhard and Shana Bergmann Prevalence of Small Ruminant Trypanosomosis in Dangur DistrictMetekel Zone Benishangul Gumuz Region North Western Ethiopia Kumela Lelisa, Adem Abdela and Delesa Damena Journal of Vasculitis Volume 2, Issue 2 NeuroBehcets Disease A Review of Neurological Manifestations and ItsTreatment Livia Almeida Dutra and Orlando Graziani Povoas Barsottini Treatment of Complex Aorta Diseases by Multilayer Stents Mohamed Nadjib Bouayed, Leila Bouziane, Abderrahmane Sekkal and Sid Ahmed Benaroussi AntiNeutrophil Cytoplasmic AntibodyAssociated Vasculitis in MexicanPopulation Clinical Phenotype Autoantibody Profile and Renal Characteristics Andrea HinojosaAzaola, Carlos A NuntildeezAlvarez, Christian Mauriel UriarteHernaacutendez, Joseacute Luis GarciacuteaHernaacutendez and Jorge AlcocerVarela Association of the Presence of the IS6110 Gene and the Polymorphisms of theReceptor of the Bactericide P2X7 A1513C and 762 CT in Mexican Patientswith Takayasus Arteritis and Tuberculosis Is the Vasculitis A Manifestation ofExtrapulmonary Tuberculosis Maria Elena Soto, Claudia HuescaGoacutemez, Mariacutea del Mar De la Cruz, Vanessa LopezPerez, Veroacutenica Guarner and Ricardo Gamboa Eye and Vasculitis Shorya Vardhan Azad, Brijesh Takkar and Pradeep Venkatesh Diffuse Subendocardial Vasculitis Identified by Cardiovascular MagneticResonance Use of Images to Learn Pathophysiology Sophie Mavrogeni, George MarkousisMavrogenis and Genovefa Kolovou Presentation and Classification of Rare Primary Vasculitides in Children Lythgoe Hanna, Guratsky V and Baildam E Large and Small vessel Severe Involvement in ANCAAssociated Vasculiitis Javier Villacorta, Francisco DiacuteazCrespo, Ramona Stanescu nbspand Gema FernandezJuarez Endocrinology & Metabolic Syndrome Volume 5 Issue 3 Effect of the Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress on Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 inHypothalamic Cells Mesquita C, Ferreira D and Assaly V Influence of Oxidative Stress on Blood Pressure among Japanese CommunityDwelling Persons Kawamoto R, Ninomiya D, Kasai Y, Kusunoki T, Ohtsuka N, Kumagi T and Abe M The Effects of Cord Blood Serum on Survival of Rat Pancreatic Islets during Invitro Culturing Karbek B, Pnarl FA, Erden G, Cakal E and Delibasi T Embedded Dental Cortisol Content A Pilot Study Nejad G, Jeong C, Shahsavarani H, Sung KIL and Lee J A Review on Cancer Progression Related Pineal Endocrine DeficiencyPossible Mechanisms and Clinical Implications Lissoni P and Rovelli F Strain Elastosonography of Thyroid Nodules A New Tool for MalignancyPrediction Overview of Literature Cannataro G, Mastrodicasa D, Cotroneo AR and Caulo M Diagnosis of Osteoporosis in Children Chiarpenello J Clive Mckay A Man before his Time Hansel W Development Testing and Marketing of the Lytic Peptide Conjugates Hansel W A Rare Case of Ovarian SertoliLeydig Cell Tumor in Postmenopausal WomanPresenting with Alopecia Anagha Sahasrabuddhe Dentistry Volume 6, Issue 6 Knowledge and Attitudes of Coaches Regarding Sports Related Orofacial Injuries in Chennai India Priya M, Ditto Sharmin, Deepti Amarlal, Eapen Thomas and Pooja Y Influence of Cement Thickness on Adhesive Properties of CADCAM Fabricated Onepiece Fiber Postandcore Micro Pushout and Finite Element Analysis Study Jing Su, Qing Cai, Zhixin Huang, Hongcheng Zhang, Xuliang Deng and Xiaoping Yang Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma on the Lateral Border of the Tongue A Case Report Mohamed Algowaifly and Ruba Khalid Alhadlaq An Investigation of the Effects of Chemical Reagents on the Shear Bonding Forces of Orthodontic Metal Brackets ChienChih Yu, JianHong Yu and HsiuJu Lin Evaluation of the Craniofacial Morphology of Egyptian Adults Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment Mohamed Adel, Tetsutaro Yamaguchi, Mohamed Nadim, Daisuke Tomita, Yu Hikita, Takatoshi Nakawaki, Koshu Katayama, Abbadi Adel ElKadi, Koutaro Maki