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Journal of Chromatography & Separation Techniques Volume 7 Issue 3 Ion Chromatography and Related Techniques 2016 Rajmund Michalski In Vitro Glycation of the Pathogenic Prion Protein Aly Moussa Electrophoresis and Western Blot can Detect the Interaction of Ion Ligandwith the Pathogenic Prion Protein Aly Moussa Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics Volume 9, Issue 6 DecoyPyrat Fast Nonredundant Hybrid Decoy Sequence Generation forLarge Scale Proteomics James C Wright and Jyoti S Choudhary Proteomic Profiling of Ewing Sarcoma Reveals a Role for TRAF6 inProliferation and RibonucleoproteinsRNA Processing Juan Madoz-Gúrpide, David Herrero-Martín, Gonzalo Gómez-López, Lourdes Hontecillas-Prieto, Michele Biscuola, Cristina Chamizo, Daniel García-Domínguez, David Marcilla, Ana Teresa Amaral, José Luis Ordóñez and Enrique de Álava Proteomic Profiling of Highgrade Glioblastoma Using Virtual experimental2DE Stanislav N Naryzhny, Maria A Maynskova, Victor G Zgoda, Natalia L Ronzhina, Svetlana E Novikova, Natalia V Belyakova, Olga A Kleyst, Olga K Legina, Rimma A Pantina and Michael V Filatov International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Volume 4, Issue 3 Retrospective Analysis of Goal Assessment for Conservative Treatment andSurgical Intervention for Spasticity of Upper and Lower Limbs in anInterdisciplinary NeuroOrthopedic Spasticity Clinic Mézier J, Zambelli PY, Bonnard Ch, Raffoul W, Vuadens Ph and Diserens K Prevalence of Sarcopenia in Cancer Patients Review and Future Directions Shinichiro Morishita The Efficacy of Lumbar Stabilization Exercise Combined with TransforaminalEpidural Steroid Injection for Lumbar Radiating Pain Yoongul Oh, Hee Song Lee and Ju Seok Ryu Rehabilitation Techniques in Dysphagia Management among Stroke Patients ASystematic Review Reynaldo R Rey-Matias and Carl Froilan D Leochico Case Report on LongTerm Continuous Improvement of Walking Ability as aResult of Botulinum Toxin Injection Therapy and LowFrequency Rehabilitationwith HAL Toyoko Asami, Masaki Kitajima, Yusuke Nanri, Kazuki Murata and Taketo Sato Virtual Reality based Neurorehabilitation in Acute Stroke A Feasibility Study Gangadhar Garipelli, Vasiliki Liakoni, Daniel Perez-Marcos, Cyntia Duc, Charlotte Gilart de Keranflec'h, Harald Kinzner, Jane Johr, Tej Tadi, Patrik Michel and Karin Diserens Perceptions of Korean Women with Chronic Lower Back Pain on MedicalIntervention A Narrative Approach Jaeho Choi, Young Uk Ryu, YeiBeech Jang and Jungsik Park Rehabilitation Care after Hip Fracture in Older Patients with CognitiveImpairment Systematic Review Krams Thomas, Lafont Christine, Voisin Thierry, Castex Annabel, Houles Mathieu and Rolland Yves Frontal Assessment Battery and Falling Related with Freezing of Gait inParkinsons Disease Hiroshi Kataoka and Satoshi Ueno Invitation to Contribute to the Special Issue on Novel Approaches for ChronicPain Areerat Suputtitada Efficacy of Physical Modalities in Knee Osteoarthritis Recent Recommendations Win Min Oo and Myat Thae Bo Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy Volume 8, Issue 5 CD24 Induces the Activation of Catenin in Intestinal Tumorigenesis Fokra Ahmad, Kazanov Dina, Bedny Faina, Brazowski Eli, Varol Chen, Kraus Sarah, Arber Nadir and Shapira Shiran Herbal Management of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Nyamai DW, Arika WM, Rachuonyo HO, Wambani JR and Ngugi MP Kras Braf PIK3CA and EGFR Gene Mutations are Associated with LymphNode Metastasis and Right Sided Colon Carcinoma Abrar Ahmad, Abdul Mannan and Victoria Hahn-Strömberg In Vitro Antiproliferative Activity of Aqueous Root Bark Extract of Cassiaabbreviata Holmes Brenan Njagi SM, Lagat RC, Mawia AM, Arika WM, Wambua FK, Ouko RO, Ogola PE, Kamau JK, Nthiga PM, Musila MN, Mwitari PG and Ngugi MP 1205Lu is Human Melanoma Depending on the Source Patricia Brafford, Katrin Sproesser, Clemens Krepler and Meenhard Herlyn Journal of AIDS & Clinical Research Volume 7, Issue 6 Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment Tools in HIVInfected Patients AreThey Adequate Andrew Hickey and Shashwatee Bagchi Food Insecurity and Coping Strategies among African American WomenLiving with HIVAIDS on Antiretroviral Therapy in Rural Alabama Andrew A Zekeri An Update on HIV1 Protease Inhibitor Resistance John D Baxter, William M Chasanov and Jessica L Adams Prevalence of Nocturnal Oxygen Desaturation in Subjects with HIV Infection Linh Nguyen, Juliana C Stradley, Mona White, Joanne Giordano, Sara Dingwall, John Suen and Gerald Pierone Combined Exercise in HIV Treatment Prospects for Non Pharmacological Therapy Darlan Farias, Maurílio Dutra, Fabricio Azevedo Voltarelli and Arthur Lima Maraviroc Intensification in HIV1 Infected Patients with Persistant LowlevelViremia Damien Le Dû, Dhiba Marigot-Outtandy, Dominique Mathez, Caroline Dupont, Mamadou Saliou Sow, Françoise Borsa-Lebas, Elisabeth Rouveix and Pierre de Truchis Low Prevalence of Cryptococcal Antigenemia among Patients Infected withHIVAIDS in Haiti Frantz Jean Louis, Jocelyne Alboth Andre, Georges Perrin, Jean Wysler Domercant, Kesner Francois, Daniella Azor, Josiane Buteau, Jacques Boncy, Robert Burris, David W Lowrance and Barbara J Marston Sexual and Reproductive Health Knowledge and Service Utilization among InschoolRural Adolescents in Nigeria Olumide Abiodun, Oluwatosin Olu-Abiodun, Franklin Ani and Obafemi Sotunsa Probiotics Based Approaches to Target Mucosal Compartments PotentialNovel Approaches to HIV Vaccine Development Venkateswarlu Chamcha Journal of Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy Volume 7 , Issue 3 Salvage Therapy for Prostate Cancer Which is Best Brachytherapyversus Open and Robotic Prostatectomy Sanchia Goonewardene Determination of Background Ionizing Radiations in Selected Buildings inNairobi County Kenya Ogola PE, Arika WM, Nyamai DW, Osano KO, Rachuonyo HO, Wambani JR, Lagat RC, Njagi SM, Mumenya SW, Koteng’ A, Ngugi MP and Oduor RO Review of Leakage from a Linear Accelerator and Its Side Effects onCancer Patients Abdulraheem Kinsara, Ahmed Sherif El-Gizawy, Essam Banoqitah and Xuewei Ma 9619-1000284.php?aid=73459 Comparison of 3DVH Software with Twodimensional Array Systems onPretreatment Verification for Volumetricmodulated Arc Therapy Ji Hoon Park, Tae Gyu Kim, Soon Ki Min and Byung Do Park Role of Positron Emission Tomography PET in the Setting ofBiochemically Recurrent Prostate Cancer Chris McClinton, Sumit Sood and Xinglei Shen Harnessing Immune Switch Responses in Relapse of Ovarian Cancer AllSignals Needed Cheng-Tao Lin Dentistry Volume 6, Issue 6 Knowledge and Attitudes of Coaches Regarding Sports Related Orofacial Injuries in Chennai India Priya M, Ditto Sharmin, Deepti Amarlal, Eapen Thomas and Pooja Y Influence of Cement Thickness on Adhesive Properties of CADCAM Fabricated Onepiece Fiber Postandcore Micro Pushout and Finite Element Analysis Study Jing Su, Qing Cai, Zhixin Huang, Hongcheng Zhang, Xuliang Deng and Xiaoping Yang Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma on the Lateral Border of the Tongue A Case Report Mohamed Algowaifly and Ruba Khalid Alhadlaq An Investigation of the Effects of Chemical Reagents on the Shear Bonding Forces of Orthodontic Metal Brackets Chien-Chih Yu, Jian-Hong Yu and Hsiu-Ju Lin Evaluation of the Craniofacial Morphology of Egyptian Adults Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment Mohamed Adel, Tetsutaro Yamaguchi, Mohamed Nadim, Daisuke Tomita, Yu Hikita, Takatoshi Nakawaki, Koshu Katayama, Abbadi Adel El-Kadi, Koutaro Maki Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development Volume 7 Issue 5 Food Feeding Habit and Reproductive Biology of Tiretrack Spiny EelMastacembelus armatus A Review Sandipan Gupta and Samir Banerjee Current State of Bacteria Pathogenicity and their Relationship with Host andEnvironment in Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus Huicab-Pech ZG, Landeros-Sánchez C, Castañeda-Chávez MR, Lango-Reynoso F, López-Collado CJ and Platas Rosado DE Enhancement of Antioxidant Activity Nonspecific Immunity and GrowthPerformance of Nile Tilapia Oreochromis Niloticus by DietaryFructooligosaccharide Eman A Abd El-Gawad, Ashraf M Abd El-latif and Ramy M Shourbela Status of Seagrass Community in Coastal Area in the Kei Besar District ofNorthEast SouthEast Maluku Regency Agmy Beruat, Bambang AN and Ambaryanto Immunogenetics: Open Access Volume 1, Issue 1 Mate Choice Optimizes Offspring MHC Genetics and Drives SexualReproduction Manfred Milinski Polymorphisms in Tumor Necrosis Factor Genes and Susceptibility to VisceralLeishmaniasis in Moroccan Children Rajaa Ejghal and Meryem Lemrani Undecaprenyl Pyrophosphate PhosphataseEncoding Gene in GramPositiveBacteria as a New Antimicrobial Target Yung-Hua Li and Xiao-Lin Tian Identification of a New HLAB27 Allele B270531 in a Russian Individual Maria Loginova IGOA-1000102.php?aid=73289 Caspase12 Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Dog that didnt Bark Evan Hermel Importance of Mechanotransduction in Immune Responses Sara Baratchi Are the Clinical Signs of Lyme Borreliosis Really Understood in Horses Roberta Carvalho Basile Importance of HLA Class I Amino Acid Position 194 and LILRB1 Receptor inHIV Disease Progression Alba Grifoni, Massimo Amicosante Medicinal chemistry Volume 6, Issue 5 Biochemical Munchausens A Baffling Case of Recurrent Hypokalemiaand Lactic Acidosis in a 36 Years Old Female Chen Cameron, Ray Udayan, Jacobson Glenn, Smillie Michael, Jordan Neville and Yu Richard The Prospective Antiobesity Effect of Capsaicin Synthetic Analogs A Matter of Weight Claudia E Morales-Martínez, Ana L Márquez-Aguirre, Emmanuel Díaz-Martínez, Jorge A Rodríguez-González, Juan C Mateos-Díaz, Hugo Esquivel-Solís, Carlos Alvarez-Moya and Alejandro A Canales-Aguirre Synthesis Biological Evaluation and Structure Activity Relationship of Substituted pyrazolo isoxazolo pyrimido and mercaptopyrimidocyclooctabindoles Leena Vairavelu, Manonmani Vellingiri and KJ Rajendra Prasad 0444-1000369.php?aid=73687 Mathematical Formulas for Some Cross Structures of Human A Protein Jiapu Zhang Development and Validation of a Method for Determination of Encapsulation Efficiency of CPT11DSPEmPEG2000 Nanoparticles Chan Li, Xianlei Li, Shuyi Li, Yuhua Weng, Kaiyuan Wang, Tingbin Zhang, Shizhu Chen, Xuexia Lu, Yonggang Jiang, Jing Xu and Xingjie Liang 0444-1000367.php?aid=73685 Therapeutic Interventions Using Ursolic Acid for Cancer Treatment Ray Navin and Soo Mi Kim AntiInflammatory Activity and Cytotoxicity of the Starfish Extracts onCancer Cells in Culture Jumeri Mangun Wikarta and Sang Moo Kim AntiInflammatory Effects of pcoumaric Acid in LPSStimulatedRAW2647 Cells Involvement of NFB and MAPKs Pathways Ya Zhao, Jianxing Liu, Chunping Liu, Xing Zeng, Xiong Li and Jin Zhao Synthesis and In Vitro AntiInfluenza Evaluation of Rupestonic AcidAnalogues Effect of Configuration and Substitution at C 3 Jiangyu Zhao, Changzhi Dong and Haji Akber Aisa Terpenoid Derivatives as Potential Trypanocidal Agents Lozano E, Barrera P, Spina R1 and Sosa MA 5Aminosalyclic Acid 5ASA A Unique AntiInflammatory Salicylate Hajjaj H Abdu-Allah, Abdel-Nasser A El-Shorbagi, Samia G Abdel-Moty, Raafat El-Awady and Abdel-Alim M Abdel-Alim Design Synthesis Computer Modeling and Analgesic Activity of Some NewDisubstituted Quinazolin43Hones Rezk A Ayyad, Helmy M Sakr and Kamal M El-Gamal Pyrazole Derivatives with NCN Junction and their Biological Activity AReview Farid Abrigach and Rachid Touzani Journal of Forensic Research Volume 7 and Issue 2 Forensic Examination of Cyber Crime in Special Reference of SocialNetworking Sites Ketan Sarawagi and Dr. Ankit Srivastava Diagnosing Lymphocytic Myocarditis in Adult Autopsies Combining the DallasCriteria with Immunohistochemical Stainings Judith Fronczek, Franklin RW van de Goot, Paul AJ Krijnen, Allard C van der Wal, Hans WM Niessen Impact of the GSM and CDMA Mobile Phone Networks on the Strength ofSpeech Evidence in Forensic Voice Comparison Balamurali B T Nair, Esam A S Alzqhoul and Bernard J Guillemin Genetic Identification of Necrophagous Insect Species Diptera of ForensicImportance Sampled from Swine Carcasses in Mato Grosso Midwestern Brazil Elisangela Santana de Oliveira Dantas, Diniz Pereira Leite Junior, Junio Damasceno de Souza, Reginaldo Rossi do Carmo, Flavia Galindo Silvestre Silva and Patricia Pasquali Parisi Maltempi Forensic Importance of SIM Cards as a Digital Evidence Ankit Srivastava and Pratik Vatsal Secular Changes on Stature Reconstruction from Hand and Foot Dimensionsamong Sikhs of Delhi Suminder Kaur and Vineeta Saini Incus Morphometry A Possible Tool in Sex Determination Kamal Singh, Aarti Rohilla and Jyoti Rohilla Journal of Computer Science & Systems Biology Volume 9, Issue 3 Towards Wholeness and Integrity of Distributed Dynamic Systems Peter Simon Sapaty Analogue Computer Model of Progressive MyopiaRefraction Stability Response to Reading Glasses Peter R. Greene and Antonio Medina Robust SearchFree Car Number Plate Localization Incorporating Hierarchical Saliency Safaei A, Tang HL and Sanei S Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change Volume 7, Issue 4 Studies of PhysicoChemical Parameters to Evaluate Quality of Water atDifferent Zones of Nalagonda District of Telangana India Lakshmi P*, Reddy MS, Reddy CP and Rao AN A Review on Late Quaternary Environmental Change in the NamibiaSouthWestern Africa Bing Qi Zhu Orographic and Tectonic Control on Extreme Events with SpecialReference to Uttarakhand Disaster of June 2013 in the Mandakini ValleyIndia Nitu Singh*, Yogita Garbyal and Kishor Kumar Rare Vegetation Degradation within Buffer Zones In Gobustan StateNational Park Azerbaijan Yelena M. Gambarova* and Adil Y. Gambarov The Correlation of Seismic Activity and Recent Global Warming Arthur Viterito Journal of Clinical & Experimental Cardiology Volume 7, issue 5 Stunned Myocardium due to Decompensation from Hypovolemic Shock in aPregnant Woman with Uterine Atony Following Cesarean Section Lee HS*, Hans C, Visco F, Mushiyev S and Pekler G Effect of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement on Right Ventricular SystolicFunction Systematic Review and Metaanalyses Marwah Zahaf*, Sanjib Basu, John Bokowski, Salma Gasil and Igor Palacios The APJ Receptor A445C C Mutant Carrier Improves HDL Metabolism in Korean CVD Patients Kyungmin Park , Yangsoo Jang and Myoungsook Lee* Prevalence of Subclinical Hypothyroidism among Patients with Acute CoronarySyndrome Mohammed Mansour Helmy*, Hamza Mohamed Kabil, Ali Ibrahim Atia and Mohammed Mahrous Ali RadiotherapyChemotherapy Related Heart Diseases in Surgical Setting Fabio Maramao*, Fabio Stefano Maramao and Ysabel Conde Can Apolipoproteins apoB and apoBapoA1 Ratio Predict Future CardiovascularRisk Post Acute Coronary Syndrome A Retrospective Cohort Study Olivier Desplantie, Krishnan Ramanathan, Stella S Daskalopoulou, Mark Eisenberg, Louise Pilote and Nadia A Khan* Systemic Hypertension and the Eye Highlighting a Comorbidity Marianne Shahsuvaryan Renal Sympathetic Denervation in Mild to Moderate Chronic Kidney DiseasePatients with Chronic Heart Failure Refractory to Cardiac ResynchronizationTherapy A Safety Evaluation Study Gustavo Ramalho e Silva, Luis Marcelo Rodrigues Paz, Gladyston Luiz Lima Souto, and Marcio Galindo Kiuchi* Validation of EGOS600 Near Infrared Spectroscopy to Measure Cerebral Oxygen Saturation by Comparing to NIRO200nx In Vitro and In Vivo Ding Han, Hui Zhang, Bai-Yu Tian, Yan Zhu, Dan Zhang, Yue Li, Yi-Chao Teng, Hong Gu, Xu Meng, Yi Luo, De-Ming Zhu* and Jia Li* Gynecology & Obstetrics Volume 6 Issue 5 Cervical Cancer A Health Limiting Condition Ali CI, Makata NE and Ezenduka PO The Effect of Oral Care Intervention on the Occurrence of VentilatorassociatedPneumonia Marwa F Moustafa, Nayera M Tantawey, Azza H El-Soussi and Fardous A Ramadan The Genito Urinary Syndrome of Menopause Presents Sexual Symptoms that can be Best Explained by the Relative Short Vagina Syndrome Matthes ACS, ZuccaMatthes G and Oliveira MA A Review of the Management of Vesicovaginal Fistula with Coexisting BladderCalculi in SouthEast Nigeria Ileogben Sunday-Adeoye, Babafemi Daniyan, Kenneth Ekwedigwe, Danladi Dantani and Sunday Uguru Obstructed Hemivagina and Ipsilateral Renal Agenesis with Uterus Didelphys A Case of Neonatal Diagnosis Fatma Trabelsi, Habib Bouthour, Samer Bustame, Asma Jabloun, Ahlem Bezzine, Rabiaa Ben Abdallah and Nejib Kaabar Review of Vesicouterine Fistula at the National Obstetric Fistula Centre Abakaliki Nigeria Babafemi Daniyan, Ileogben Sunday-Adeoye, Kenneth Ekwedigwe, Danladi Dantani and Monday Eliboh Fetal Intraabdominal Umbilical Vein Varix A Case Report and Literature Review Arij Bouzid, Narjess Karmous, Héla Trabelsi, Lassaad Mkaouar and Mechaal Mourali Primary Dysmenorrhea in the Schools of Parakou Prevalence Impact andTherapeutic Approach Sidi I, Hounkpatin B, Obossou AAA, Salifou K, Vodouhe M, Denakpo J and Perrin R Journal of Theoretical and Computational Science Volume 3 Issue 1 First Principles Prediction of the Copolymerization Process of13Butadiene and Vinyl Chloride Messerly RA PhysicoChemical Characterization Opto Electronic Investigation andVibrational Analysis on Coordinate Covalent Complex Bis ThioureaNickel Bromide BTNB Using Experimental and Computational Tools Anand S, Sundararajan RS, Ramachandraraja C, Ramalingam S and Durga R Node Level Energy Efficiency Protocol for Internet of Things Vellanki M, Kandukuri SPR and Razaque A Comparative Study of Complexity Entropy and Correlations of NaturalWritten Texts Produced by Human Brain and DNA Texts that CreateHuman Being Melnik SS and Usatenko OV Journal of Ecosystem & Ecography Special Issue Global Climate Change Analytical Approach to Calculate the Heat Fluxes in the Atmosphere and to Quantify the Sensitivity of Earth Temperature due to CO2 and H2O Tino Redemann and Eckehard Specht Impact of Pollutions on Environment and Its Hazards Tanmay Kotasthane and Sunil Pote How to Tackle Global Warming Peter S Agroecology Principles for the Conversion and Redesign of Farming Systems Nicholls CI, Altieri MA and Vazquez L Managing Biodiversity with Emphasis on Sustainable Development Pranab Pal D Household Energy Consumption Patterns in Tanzania Lusambo LP Sawnwood Substitution in Dar es Salaam Tanzania and its Linkage toEnvironmental Conservation Nyamoga GZ, Mgana JE and Ngaga YM Pesticide Exposure and Human Health A Review Asghar U, Malik MF and Javed A A Study of Urbanization and Ecosystem Services of Guwahati City from Forest Footprint Perspective Yadav R and Barua A Global Redox Carbon Cycle and Photosynthesis Development Ivlev AA Molecular Diversity of Microbes with Probable Degradative Genes in Agricultural Soil Contaminated with Bonny Light Crude Oil Ogbulie TE and Nwaokorie FO Likoti Farming under Changing Climate in Lesotho Agronomic Grain Yield versus Technical Efficiency Olaleye AO, Tambi E, Bangali S and Odularu GOA Monitoring of Ecosystem Metabolisms through Remotely and Proximally Sensed Highfrequency Data toward Enhanced Sinks and ReducedSources of Greenhouse Gases Evrendilek F and Karakaya N Journal of Bioprocessing & Biotechniques Volume 6, Issue 4 Production and Partial Characterization of an Extracellular ThermophileAlkaline Protease from a Selected Strain of Bacillus sp Isolated fromAbattoir Soil in the North Region of Cameroon Frédéric Tavea, Bertrand Tatsinkou Fossi*, Noubouche Tefounou Fabrice, Leopold Tatsadjieu Ngoune and Robert Ndjouenkeu Isolation Screening and Characterization of Cellulase Producing BacterialIsolates from Municipal Solid Wastes and Rice Straw Wastes Prabesh Khatiwada, Jahed Ahmed, Mehadi Hasan Sohag, Kamrul Islam and Abul Kalam Azad* Performance Evaluation of EthanolDiesel Blend in CompressionIgnitionEngine Yahuza I*, Dandakouta H and Ibrahim ME Production of Fermented Milk with Autochthonous Lactobacilli forNewborn Calves and Resistance to the Dairy Farm Conditions Natalia Cecilia Maldonado and María Elena Fátima Nader-Macías* Interpretation and Thinking of the Precision Medicine Initiative of theUnited States Zhao Xiaoyu, Sun Yu, Diao Tianxi, Gao Yunhua, Chen Ting, Kang Di, Wang Lei* and Zeng Yanjun* Extraction of High Purity Silica from Amazonian Sponges Iuri Bezerra de Barros, Cecília Volkmer-Ribeiro, Valdir Florêncio da Veiga Junior and Cláudia Cândida Silva* Microbial Lipid Accumulation Capability of Activated Sludge Feeding onShort Chain Fatty Acids as Carbon Sources through FedBatch Cultivation Dhan Lord Fortela, Rafael Hernandez*, Mark Zappi, Todd W French, Rakesh Bajpai, Andrei Chistoserdov, Emmanuel Revellame and William Holmes Exploring Packaged Microvesicle Proteome Composition of ChineseHamster Ovary Secretome Niraj Kumar, Dixat Gopal Gupta, Srikant Kumar, Priyanka Maurya, Ashutosh Tiwari, Babu Mathew, Shubham Banerjee, Sagarika Haldar, Jonathan Pillai, Shinjini Bhatnagar# and Susmita Chaudhuri* Journal of Kidney Volume 2 Issue 2 The Renal Guard System for the Prevention of ContrastInduced Acute KidneyInjury Cristina Quintavalle, Chiara Sordelli, Giovanni Napolitano, Gerolama Condorelli and Carlo Briguori Luminex Crossmatch as a Successful Algorithm for PostTransplant Followup in Developing NationsA Study of 169 Consecutive Samples Mahendra Narain Mishra and Vandana Lal Prenatal Development of Yankasa Sheep Ovis aries Kidney AHistomorphometric Study A Bello, DI Dabai, MA Umaru, SA Shehu and MI Jimoh Renal Denervation Back to the Future Venkatesh K Raman, Paola Chrysostomou and Vasilios Papademetriou Sharpened Dialysis Fluid Thomas Ryzlewicz Inhibition of Fibrogenesis upon Hydralazineinduced DNA Demethylation Zeisberg EM and Zeisberg M A TNFalpha Receptor Antagonist Etanercept and its Role in theTreatment of Early Period of Sepsis Kadiroğlu AK From Incompatibility to Accommodation The Journey of Taming SelfGuide to Perioperative Management of Solid Organ Transplantationacross ABO and Rh Barrier Khanna S, Das J, Kumar S, GhoshP, Jha P, Mehta Y, Ahlawat R and Kher V Demographic Characteristics of Nondirected Altruistic Kidney Donors inthe United States Faber DA, Joshi S, Ciancio G Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology Volume 6, Issue 3 Assessment of Biochemical Oxygen Demand as Indicator of Organic Loadin Wastewaters of Morris County New Jersey USA Dasgupta M and Yildiz Y InHive Miticides and their Effect on Queen Supersedure and ColonyGrowth in the Honey Bee Apis mellifera Juliana Rangel and David R Tarpy Determination of Toxic Contents and Metals in Different CosmeticProducts in the Arabian Market Sahar Younes Ibrahim Issa, Rania Abdel Maguid and Maha K AlMazroua Effect of Citric Acid on Cadmium Ion Uptake and Stress Response ofHydroponically Grown Jute Mallow Corchorus olitorius Hassan MS, Dagari MS and Babayo AU Determination of Water Use of Three Vegetables AmaranthusAmaranthus cruenthus Jutemallo Corchorus olitorius and CelosiaCelosia argentea at Abeokuta Nigeria Ufoegbune GC, Adebiyi GA and Adekunle AA Effect of Different Sterilization Methods on Biodegradation of BiomedicalPolypropylene Sameh AS Alariqi, Ali A Mutair, and RP Singh Preparation and Photocatalytic Activity of AgModified SnO2TiO2 CoreShell Composites Jianguo Sheng, Hui Xu and Cong Tang Kinetics and Equilibrium Studies of CuII Ions Adsorption from AqueousSolutions and Kalpani River on TP260H SK112H and DMSCH Saad Salman, Fariha Idrees BS, Mohammad Usman, Abd Ullah and Muhammad Salim Khan A Review of Organochlorine Contaminants in Nearshore Marine MammalPredators Amy Green and Shawn Larson Pleurotus ostreatus as a Biodegradator for Organophosphorus InsecticideMalathion Ganash MA, Abdel Ghany TM and Reyad AM Effects of Ingested MultiWalled Carbon Nanotubes in Poecilia reticulataLocalization and Physiological Responses Dumsile W Nyembe, Victor Wepener, Bhekie B Mamba and Ndeke Musee Environmental Impacts Assessment of Brackish Water AquacultureActivity in Nagapattinam Region South East coast of India Rajesh J, Lakshumanan C, Govindaraj V and Karthick P Water Quality Assessment in Terms of Water Quality Index WQI UsingGIS in Ballia District Uttar Pradesh India Gopal Krishan, Surjeet Singh, Suman Gurjar, Kumar CP and Ghosh NC Development of Composite Solid Fuel from Charcoal and Saw Dust forMaximum Emission Reduction Mamudu Abbas, Mamudu Yahaya and Olafuyi Olalekan Determination of Heavy Metals and Other Toxic Ingredients in HennaLawsonia inermis Sahar Younes Ibrahim, Marwa M Fawzi, Mohammed Gaber Saad and Safaa M Abdel Rahman The Pollution Profile of Modjo River Due to Industrial WastewaterDischarge in Modjo Town Oromia Ethiopia Amde Eshete Gebre, Hailu Fekadu Demissie, Solomon Tejineh Mengesha and Mesfin Tafa Segni Physicochemical Characterization and Kinetic Study of Flotation ProcessApplied to the Treatment of Produced Water Salima Chebbi, Hayet Belkacemi and Djoudi Merabet The Toxicity Effect of Detergent on Enzymatic and Protein Activities ofAfrican Mud Catfish Clarias gariepinus Nkpondion NN, Ugwumba OA and Esenowo IK Journal of Bioanalysis & Biomedicine Volume 8 Issue 2 Nanomedicine Towards the Magic Bullet Science Benyettou F and Motte L* Overcome Challenges to Successful Manufacture of Biosimilars throughMedia and Feed Screening and Cell Culture Process Optimization Min Zhang* and Timothy Hill Capillary Microsampling of Mouse Blood in Early PreClinical Studies APreferred Alternative to Dried Blood Spot Sampling Florence I Raynaud*, Jennie Roberts, Ian Wilson, Alan T Henley, Meirion Richards and Ching Thai Application of Online HPLCCD Detection in Separation and StructureElucidation of Tricyclic Cephalosporine Oxaanalogues with ChromaneMoiety Magdalena Woźnica and Jadwiga Frelek* Releasing the Brakes in Cancer Shweta Dubey* and Ankita Garg* Future Prospects of Point Fluorescence Spectroscopy FluorescenceImaging and Fluorescence Endoscopy in Photodynamic Therapy PDT forCancer Cells A Heidari Journal of Molecular Biomarkers & Diagnosis Volume 7, Issue 3 Modeling Tumor Initiation as Ricci Flow Robert Skopec PowerPlex Y23 System A Fast Sensitive and Reliable YSTR Multiplex System for Forensic and Population Genetic Purpose Toshi Jain, Pankaj Shrivastava, Bansal DD, Dash HR and Veena Ben Trivedi High Positive Predictive Value PPV of CellFree DNA cfDNA Testing ina Clinical Study of 10000 Consecutive Pregnancies Willems PJ, Dierickx H, Segers N, Castenmiller C, Verschueren S, DeBoulle K, Vandenakker ES, Bekedam D, Van Wijngaarden W, Engelen MC, Engelen P, Militaru M, De Puydt H, Six S, Poeschmann P, van Rheenen-Flach LE, Benušienė E, Janssens PM, Wildschut H, Weber B, Landman H, Stoica S, Momirovska A, Klaassen B, Malniece I, Grinfelde I, Brezigar A, Korņejeva L, Topalov D, Boekweit L, Mestdach F, Bouwens G, Valkenburg MH, Dewulf M, Spiritus T, Top W, Badura-Stronka M, Rijnders R, Gaugler Senden I, Que DG, Vercammen E, Kuyken E, Coppens H, Schotten J, De Spiegeleer S, Vanparijs P, Witters K, Coenen M, Nuradi W, Martens S, Van den Bosch G, De Baets GGD, Wuyts KM, Janssens P, Culic V, Vulic R, Vlaemynck G, Jochems L, Muyldermans K, Albertyn P, Bovyn T, Crnogorac Ilić Z, Ilić M, Ldrissi M, Machtelinckx L, Zamani T, Smet D, Catry V, Deweert S, Anttonen AK and Vereecken A Medulloblastoma of the Cerebellopontine Angle in a Child A Case Report and Review of the Literature Monique Boukobza, and Marc Polivka Helminth Infections and Gut Microbiota The Futuristic Study of Pathogen Virulence and Gut Ecosystem Debraj Biswal The Role of Reg Proteins in Pancreatic Regeneration Zhenhua He CrisprsCas9 May Provide New Method for Drug Discovery and Development Zhabiz Golkar, Lugenia Rochelle, Omar Bagasra Nuclear Receptor FXR A Potential Therapeutic Target for the Treatment of Diseases with Impaired Urine Concentration Xiaoyan Zhang and Youfei Guan Orthopedic & Muscular System: Current Research Volume 5 Issue 2 A Novel AnteroMedial Cortical Window Technique for Removal of WellFixed Fully Porous Stem in Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty Hideto Harada, Hiroshi Fujita*, Tomoo Okumura, Tomohiro Tominaga and Ryuuichi Nishimura A Systematic Review to Compare Three Injection Modalities in the Management of Pain and Function for Patients with Chronic Lateral Epicondylalgia Mohammed Elmajee, Lynne Gaskell, Adam Watts, Munir Khan, Mostafa Elmajee* and Housameldin Raslan Treatment of Closed Diaphyseal Fractures of Femur in Children Comparative Study between Hip Spica Initial Traction Followed By Hip Spica Cast Faheem Ahmed Memon*, Hamadullah Soomro, Saira Baloch and Bikha Ram Devrajani ArthroscopicAssisted Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction UsingHamstring Autograft Augmented with a Dehydrated Human AmnionChorion Membrane Allograft A Retrospective Case Report Gary A 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in Ethnic Communities in NorthernVietnam Ngoc Anh Luu-dam, Ban K Ninh and Yoshinori Sumimura Journal of Next Generation Sequencing & Applications Special Issue Sequencing Technologies Effective Size and Effectiveness Next Generation Sequencing and thePractice of Genomics in Africa Ibrahim M, Musa M Structural Variation Detection from Next Generation Sequencing Ye K, Hall G, Ning Z Next Generation Sequencing Technologies A Short Review Attia TH, Saeed MA Next Generation DNA Sequencing II Techniques Applications Ansorge WJ Bringing NextGeneration Sequencing Oncology Tests into the DiagnosticSetting Ku CS On Evaluation of Rankings in Analysis of NGS Data Donald MR, Wilson SR Transcriptome Analysis on RNAseq Data Pareek CS Microbial Ecology in the Era of Next Generation Sequencing De Mandal S, Panda AK, Bisht SS, Kumar NS Journal of Data Mining in Genomics & Proteomics Volume 7, Issue 2 Infectomic Insights into the Roles of ExosymbiosisEndosymbiosis Imbalance EESI in HIV1 and SIV Infections Sheng-He Huang and Yan-Hong Zhou Impaired Immune Phenotype of Endothelial Cellderived Micro Particles The Missing Link between Diabetesrelated States and Risk of Cardiovascular Complications Alexander E Berezin The Importance of Nextgeneration Sequencing for Marine Larvae Research Insight into Larvae Settlement and Antifouling Kondethimmanahalli Chandramouli Identification of Novel Cdc37 Interacting Proteins and Pathways in Human Alzheimer s Disease Brain Tissue Using Mass Spectrometry Malathi Narayan, Lisa Kirouac, Dale Chaput, Stanley Stevens, Jaya Padmanabhan and Umesh K Jinwal Marine Proteomics Challenges and Opportunities Kondethimmanahalli Chandramouli Genome Mining and Comparative Genomic Analysis of Five CoagulaseNegative Staphylococci CNS Isolated from Human Colon and GallBladder Ramesan Girish Nair, Gurwinder Kaur, Indu Khatri, Nitin Kumar Singh, Sudeep Kumar Maurya, Srikrishna Subramanian, Arunanshu Behera, Divya Dahiya, Javed N Agrewala and Shanmugam Mayilraj Physicochemical Properties of Proteomic Ionic Liquids Matrices for MALDIMS Hani Nasser Abdelhamid Comparative Genomics of Salmonella Could Reveal Key Features of Adaptation Gerardo M Nava and Yajaira Esquivel-Hernandez Conceptual Aspects of Causal Networks in an Applied Context Azam Yazdani, Akram Yazdani and Eric Boerwinkle Learning Machine Implementation for Big Data Analytics Challenges andSolutions Ahmed N AL-Masri and Manal M Nasir Genomewide Analysis of Acute Inflammatory and AntiInflammatoryResponses in RAW264 Cells Suggests cisElements Associated withTranslational Regulation Hiroaki Sako and Katsuhiko Suzuki Pediatrics & Therapeutics Volume 6, Issue 2 Pattern of Resistant Candida Infection Case Series Mazen Alessa and Aditya Raina Vitamin D Level in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit PICU Patients Its Relation to Severity of Illness Abeer Abd Elmoneim, Reham Masoud Al-Rehaili, Marwah Abdullah Al-Rehaili, Marwah Lafi Al-Rehaili, Amal Salman Alrehaili, Sherouq Khaled Alrohily, Mohammed Zolaly, Abd Alrahman Alhojaili, Redah Alarabi and Ehab S Abd EL-moneim Autism and Lead Is There a Possible Connection Farida El Baz, Maged A. El-Setouhy, Wessam Ahmed Mouharam, Ahmed M. Abdel Raouf  and Azza M. Youssef Issues in Propofol Sedation for Pediatric Patients Using Target Control Infusion TCI Safety in Children 13 Years Old Versus Children Older than 3 Years of Age Tak Kyu Oh, Kyungho Kwon, Boram Park and Woosik Eom Reduced Efficacy of Enzyme Replacement Therapy in a Child with LateOnset Pompe Disease Satoru Takahashi, Ryosuke Tanaka, Satomi Okano, Akie Okayama, Nao Suzuki and Hiroshi Azuma Evaluating the Frequency of Vitamin D Deficiency in the Pediatric Age Group and Identifying the Biochemical Predictors Associated with Vitamin D Deficiency Zareen Fasih Clubfoot and Congenital Muscular Torticollis Prevalence in Children Diagnosed with Developmental Dysplasia of Hip Review of 594 DDH Patients Ayman H. Jawadi Acyclovir Crystalluria A Rare Secondary Effect of a Common Drug Claudia Sánchez-Villares Lorenzo, Sheila De Pedro, Ana Isabel Benito and Carla Criado Perceived Stigma in Children with Epilepsy Hideaki Kanemura and Masao Aihara Fulminant Pseudomembranous Colitis and Abdominal Compartment Syndrome Claudia Sánchez-Villares Lorenzo, Sheila Fernández Luis, Jose Manuel Sánchez Granados, Olga Serrano Ayestarán, Pedro Gómez de Quero Masía and Elvira González Salas Fenestrated Duodenal Membrane in a Girl with Down Syndrome and Celiac Disease Virtut Velmishi, Saimir Heta, Adnan Demrozi, Marjeta Tanka and Spiro Sila Analysis of Hospital Records on Treatment Outcome of Severe Acute Malnutrition The Case of Gondar University Tertiary Hospital Ashagrie Terefe Abeje, Temesgen Worku Gudayu, Yewunetu Dessalegn Malefia and Birhanu Boru Befftu Cranial Neurosurgery without Hair Removal and Shampoo Care Retrospective Analysis of 450 Cases Vergna Simona, Pinotti Sara, Festini Filippo, Spacca Barbara, Peri Giacomo and Genitori Lorenzo Focal Fibrous Hyperplasia Hector R Martinez Menchaca and Gerardo Rivera Silva Metabolomics:Open Access Volume 6, Issue 1 Effect of Vitrified FrozenThawed Embryo Transplantation on Glycometabolism of the Offspring Mice Sui L, Xu J, Fu H, Wu R, Zhou J, Zhou J, Lu J, Chen Land Yao B Metabolic Profiling of Dunaliella salina Shifting Cultivation Conditions toNitrogen Deprivation Lv H, Cui X, Wang S and Jia S MetabolismSchrodinger the Sixth Physical Field Bortz WM Obese PatientDerived Sera have Proinflammatory Effect Qiu Q, Yao L, Yan K, Xiao Y, Zhou Z and Liu S The MTHFR C677T Polymorphism and Hyperuricemia Risk a Metaanalysisof 558 Cases and 912 Controls Rai V Anticancer Therapy Based on Suppression of Pathways Recruited to Copewith Metabolic Stress Fernández A Proteoepigenomic Biomarkers of Brain Disorders Cacabelos R Mathematics or PhysicsMajored Students on the Biomedical Fields Insidersor Outsiders Lu DY and Lu TR Metabolomics Methods as a New Diagnostic Tool for Thyroid Nodules Wojtowicz W, Pawełka D, Balcerzak W and Młynarz P In Vitro Apoptotic Activity of Endophytic Fungal Lectin Isolated fromEndophyte Aspergillus flavus of Viscum album on Human Breast Adenocarcinoma Cell Line MCF7 Sadananda TS, Govindappa M, Ramachandra YL, Chandrappa CP and Umashankar T The Neutrophil Extracellular Traps The Missed Link between MicrovascularInflammation and Diabetes Berezin A Fast Sampling of Adherent Cell Cultures for Optimal Metabolomics Results Bordag N, Rennefahrt U, Nachtigall J, Maldonado SG, Reszka RC, Ramirez-Hernandez T, Kamp H, Fux E, and van Ravenzwaay B 1H NMR Metabolomics Study of Spleen from C57BL6 Mice Exposed toGamma Radiation Xiao X, Hu M, Liu M and Hu JZ Journal of Medical & Surgical Pathology Volume 1, Issue 2 Expression of Oncodrivers HER3 and CMET during Breast Tumorigenesis inBRCA Mutation Carriers Rachel Yang, Paul J Zhang, Brian J Czerniecki Nonfunctioning Parathyroid Carcinoma Filomena Cetani, Claudio Marcocci Role of Chromohysteroscopy with Toluidine Blue in Diagnosing EndometrialPathology after 40 years of Age Nisha Singh, Gargi Agarwal, Uma Singh, SP Jaiswar Cognitive Visual Disturbances in Chiasmal Disorders A Review on Exceptional Visual Disabilities as Based on 30 Years Clinical Experience Hans C Fledelius StromaHigh Lymph Node Involvement Predicts Poor Survival More Accuratelyfor Patients with Stage III Colon Cancer Gabi W van Pelt, Torben F Hansen, Esther Bastiaannet, Sanne Kjær-Frifeldt, J Han JM van Krieken, Rob AEM Tollenaar, Flemming B Sørensen, Wilma E Mesker Metastatic Glioblastoma A Case Report and Review of the Literature William T. Harrison, Christine M. 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