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Journal of Theoretical and Computational Science Volume 3 Issue 1 First Principles Prediction of the Copolymerization Process of13Butadiene and Vinyl Chloride Messerly RA SpinOrbit Concept of OpenShell Systems Elena F Sheka Node Level Energy Efficiency Protocol for Internet of Things Vellanki M, Kandukuri SPR and Razaque A Comparative Study of Complexity Entropy and Correlations of NaturalWritten Texts Produced by Human Brain and DNA Texts that CreateHuman Being Melnik SS and Usatenko OV Journal of Clinical & Experimental Cardiology Volume 7, issue 4 Transient Cortical Blindness Following Coronary Angiography Khaled Ibrahim Al-irr Effects of Renal Sympathetic Denervation in Comparison to Blocker on HeartRate Control in Hypertensive Patients with Permanent Atrial Fibrillation Marcio Galindo Kiuchi*, Shaojie Chen, Gustavo Ramalho da Silva, Luis Marcelo Rodrigues Paz and Gladyston Luiz Lima Souto The Unusual Cause of Dangerous Arrhythmias at the Young Manuela Stoicescu Hemodynamics and Exercise Tolerance after Senning Operation for Transposition of Great Arteries and Its Limiting Factors A Longitudinal Study Evaluation of Pharmacokinetics and Bioavailability of Higher Doses ofTocotrienols in Healthy Fed Humans Asaf A Qureshi*, Dilshad A Khan, Neerupma Silswal, Shahid Saleem, and Nilofer Qureshi The Role of Circulating MyeloidRelated Protein Complex Calprotectin inPrediction of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction Alexander E Berezin Role of Dietary Components in Modulating Hypertension Andrew Feyh, Lucas Bracero, Hari Vishal Lakhani, Prasanna Santhanam, Joseph I Shapiro, Zeid Khitan, and Komal Sodhi* Myocardial Strain and Strain Rate in Kawasaki Disease Range Recovery andRelationship to Systemic InflammationCoronary Artery Dilation Benjamin Frank#, Jesse Davidson#*, Suhong Tong, Blake Martin, Heather Heizer, Marsha S Anderson, Mary P Glode, Samuel R Dominguez and Pei-Ni Jone Utilization of Computed Tomography for Left Ventricular Lead Placement toOptimize Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Grace Nam, Jacqueline Schwartz, Marc J Girsky, Jerold S Shinbane and Matthew J Budoff Surgery for an Isolated Huge Coronary Artery Aneurysm in a Patient with Behcets Disease Case Report and Review of the Literature Ben Jmaa Hela*, Dhouib Faten, Dammak Aiman, Bouassida Abir, Ghorbel Nesrine, Souissi Iheb, Kallel Rahma, Masmoudi Sayda, Elleuch Nizar and Frikha Imed Isolated Coronary Ectasia is Associated with Impairment of Left Ventricular Myocardial Performance and Aortic Elastic Properties Khaled Sayed Mahmoud Journal of Computer Science & Systems Biology Volume 9, Issue 2 A Brief Introduction to the Spatial Grasp Language SGL Peter Simon Sapaty Therapeutic Effects of Bone Marrow Stem Cells in Diabetic Rats Tahani Amer Mohamed, Mohamed Fathy Abouel-Nour, Reda soliman Eldemerdash and Dina Ahmed Ibrahim Ibrahim Elgalady Treatment of Missing Values in Data Mining Waqas I, Syed Saeed-Ur-Rahman S, Imran MJ and Rehan A jcsb-1000220.php?aid=70838 A Hybridized Chemotactic Genetic Algorithm for Optimization Prabhash Kr Singh, Shyamal Kr Mondal and Manoranjan Maiti ScalprecordedEEGbased BFCN for Diagnosing AD and FTD Patients andObserving their Prognoses Preliminary Results Urata R, Toh T, Nakawatase A, Yamazaki T, Kuroiwa Y, Baba Y, Fujino K and Kurokawa T jcsb-1000218.php?aid=70836 Proposal of a Cryptographic Application for Mobile Devices Enza Rafaela de Sampaio Ferreira Ideals in MSAlgebras Abd El-Mohsen Badawy Evidence based Medicine and Practice Volume 1, Issue S2 Critical Appraisal in Evidence Based Medicine Critical Appraisal of Randomised Controlled Trials Leonardo Roever and Gustavo BF Oliveira Critical Appraisal of Subgroup Analysis Leonardo Roever Types of Bias in Studies of Diagnostic Test Accuracy Leonardo Roever Critical Appraisal of Research Designs Leonardo Roever Endpoints in Clinical Trials Advantages and Limitations Leonardo Roever Critical Appraisal of a Questionnaire Study Leonardo Roever Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics Volume 9, Issue 4 Microbial Carboxylesterases An Insight into Thermal Adaptation Using InSilico Approach Samta Sood, Nikhil Sharma and Tek Chand Bhalla Using Proteomics to Understand Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms WhereAre We Tania Gamberi, Alessandra Modesti, Francesca Magherini, Tania Fiaschi, Elisa Valocchia, Merry L Lindsey and Pietro Amedeo Modesti Proteomic Findings in Melanoma Deepanwita Sengupta and Alan J Tackett The Effect of Oxygen on Bile Resistance in Listeria monocytogenes Morgan L Wright, Ken Pendarvis, Bindu Nanduri, Mariola J Edelmann, Haley N Jenkins, Joseph S Reddy, Jessica G Wilson, Xuan Ding, Paul R Broadway, Mais G Ammari, Oindrila Paul, Brandy Roberts and Janet R Donaldson Discoveries of Serine Protease Inhibitors from Scorpions Md Abdul Hakim and Shilong Yang Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development Volume 7 Issue 3 Effects of Meal Frequency on Growth Performance and Feed Efficiency of TwoyearOld Mulloway Argyrosomus Japonicus Pisces Sciaenidae Reared inTanks Jeffrey A Guy, Stephen DA Smith. Effects of Different Dietary CarbohydrateLipid Ratios on Growth FeedUtilization and Body Composition of Early Giant Grouper EpinephelusLanceolatus Juveniles Weifeng Li, Xiaoyi Wu, Senda Lu, Shuntian Jiang, Yuan Luo, Mingjuan Wu and Jun Wang Phylogenetic Analysis of the Three Color Variations of the Sea Cucumber Apostichopus japonicus Jihoon Jo, Chunsik Park, Munhwan Kim and Chungoo Park Effects of Different Carotenoids on Pigmentation of Blood Parrot Cichlasoma synspilum Cichlasoma citrinellum Tieliang Li, Chuan He, Wei Xing, Zhihong Ma, Na Jiang, Wentong Li, Xiangjun Sun and Lin Luo Feeding Common Carp Fish Cyprinus carpio on Natural Foods AlgaePhytoplankton Zooplankton and Others on Tigris River in Mosul Dam Duhok Kurdistan Region of Iraq Oramary An Analysis of Brand Personality on Brand Loyalty in Frozen SeafoodSupermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City Nguyen, Thi Thanh Thuy  and Quang Thanh Morphometric Parameters and Allometric Growth in Paradise ThreadfinPolynemus paradiseus Linnaeus 1758 from a Coastal River ofBangladesh Chaklader MR, Siddik MAB,  Ashfaqun Nahar, Hanif MA, Alam MJ and Sultan Mahmud Oxidative Stress Induction in Monosex Nile Tilapia Oreochromis niloticusLinnaeus 1758 A Field Study on the Side Effects of Methyltestosterone Alaa El-Din H. Sayed and Nasser S. Abou Khalil Journal of AIDS & Clinical Research Volume 7, Issue 3 Review of Cardiovascular Disease in HIVInfected Women Ruth Adekunle and Shashwatee Bagchi Quantitative and Functional Antibody Responses to the 13ValentConjugate andor 23Valent Purified Polysaccharide Vaccine in AgingHIVInfected Adults Jennifer A Ohtola, Jessica L Saul-McBeth, Anita S Iyer, David J Leggat, Sadik A Khuder, Noor M Khaskhely and M A Julie Westerink Giving Voice to Patients in Rural Haiti An Assessment of Retention in HIVCare Marguerite Susich, Patrick Ulysse, Alain Casseus, Annie Michaelis and Joia Mukherjee Rapid Routine HIV Testing for Psychiatric Inpatients Maryann J. Popiel, Vikram Duvvi, Albert Turkieh, Ethan Cowan, Yvette Calderon, Christian Umfrid, Kelly M. Chacón, Julia Krauss, Anuj Rao, Jennifer Zahn, Uttara Gadde and Jason Leider Impact of Renal Transplantation on Psychosocial Status of HumanImmuno Deficiency Virus HIV Positive Patients DK Agarwal, Aditya Agarwal, Nalin Nag, Swapnil Y Gajway and Satyabrat Garanayak Barriers to VCT for Vulnerable and NonVulnerable population at Risk ofHIV Bang-on Thepthien and Supattra Srivanichakorn Clinical and Epidemiological Differences between Women and Men withHIV Infection in Mexico Mata-Marín José Antonio, Chaparro-Sánchez Alberto, Hernández-López Juan Carlos, Huerta-García Gloria, Domínguez-Hermosillo Juan Carlos and Cruz-Domínguez Pilar Assessment of Knowledge Attitude Practice and Willingness of PeopleLiving with HIVAIDS to Share Personal Health Information to theirCommunity in North West Ethiopia Martha Alemayehu Menberu and Teklehaimanot Kiros Kalkay The Impact of Repeat HIV Testing on Risky Sexual Behavior Evidencefrom a Randomized Controlled Trial in Malawi Adeline Delavande, Zachary Wagner and Neeraj Sood Journal of Cytology & Histology Effects of Different Cartilage Sculpting Techniques on Cellular Integrity of Nasal Septal Cartilage Sudeep R*, Madalina T, Bryant ML, Hara B, Heffelfinger RN and Pribitkin EA Can Malachite Green Concentrations Cause Hepatic Toxic Effects in AdultAlbino Rats Histological Biochemical and Immunohistochemical Hassan NAM*, Elgendy F, and El Mansy A Diagnostic PathologyMolecular Oncology Guo RJ* and Harada S* It Started as a Spot Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans Scott N*, Causey C, Hodder SC and Kittur MA Efficacy of the DeepBrain Stimulation in Parkinsons Disease Accordingto a Neural Network Werner FM1and Coveñas R Inflammatory Fibroid Polyp of the Ileum in Newlydiagnosed CrohnsDisease Patients Doron S*, Sztarkier I and Odes S A SubChronic Exposure Study of Arsenic on Hematological ParametersLiver Enzyme Activities Histological Studies and Accumulation Pattern ofArsenic in Organs of Wistar Albino Rats Al-Forkan M, Islam S, Akter R, Shameen Alam S, Khaleda L, Rahman Z and Salma Chowdhury DU Endometriosis in Peritoneal WashingsA Potential Diagnostic Pitfall in aPatient with Known Endometrial Adenocarcinoma Cheng XM, Selvarajan S and Mantoo S Aberrant Activity of TAK1 is Associated with Retinal Pathology Dvashi Z, Rosner M, Stein R, Ziv H, Barshack I and Pollack A* Ciliocytophthoria Cytomorphologic Modifications in Viral Infections ofthe Nasal Mucosa Gelardi M, Lannuzzi L, Seccia V and Quaranta N Protective Role of Grape Seeds Extract against Cadmium Toxicity in theLung of Male Wistar Rats Baiomy AA Discrepancies of 11CMET Uptake and MRI Contrast Enhancement in aGlioblastoma A PETMRI Case Report Tian J, Fu L, Yuan J, Liu J, Chen X, Shi H and Xu B The Effect of Prenatal Exposure to Nicotine versus Thiocyanate onPituitaryTesticular Axis of Juvenile Albino Rats A Comparative Histological and Electron Microscopic Study Ahmed SF and Abu Elfadl SG Journal of Cytology & Histology Volume 7, Issue 2 Special Issue Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in Disease Diagnosis Epithelial Malignancies Arising in Ovarian Mature Cystic Teratoma A Series of 26 Cases Ud Din N, Minhas K, Arshad S and Kayani N Dentistry Volume 6 Issue 3 Evaluation of Root Canal Obturation by Microcomputed Tomography for Endodontic Training in Dental Students Masayuki Takabayashi, Yoshiko Murakami Masuda, Nobuhiro Sakai, Reina Ogino, Satoru Baba, Ayumi Kageyama and Yuichi Kimura Orofacial Pain A Review Ragini Gupta, Vinay Mohan, Pooja Mahay and Pramod Kumar Yadav Evaluating Penetration Depth of Treatment Fluids into Dentinal Tubules Usingthe GentleWave System Prashanthi Vandrangi Satisfaction and Fibromucosa Integrity in Patients Wearing Mandibular KennedyClass I RPDs Kássia de Carvalho Dias, Ana Clara Soares Paiva, Camila Maria Bastos Machado de Resende, Patrícia dos Santos Calderon and Adriana da Fonte Porto Carreiro Denture Adhesives A Literature Review Sudhanshu Shekar, Sanjeev Mittal and Nikhil Kalra Journal of Bioequivalence & Bioavailability Volume 8, Issue 3 Bioequivalence Study of Two Loperamide Hydrochloride 2 mg Formulations An OpenLabel Randomized SingleDose TwoWay Crossover Study in Healthy Volunteers under Fasting Conditions Wen Yao Mak, Yi Lin Lee, Siew Siew Tan, Jia Woei Wong, Siaw Kuen Chin, Ai Boey Lim, Ean Peng Soon, Irene Looi and Kah Hay Yuen Comparation of Bioavailability Two Dexlansoprazole Formulations inBeagle Dogs after a Single Dose Administration Jiaqi Zhang, Jinlong Qi, Yaru Wu, Zhongning Zhu, Suwen SU, Xueyan Chen, Yanfang Xu and Qingzhong Jia Clove Oil Emulsified Buccal Patch of Serratiopeptidase for ControlledRelease in Toothache Shende PK, Gaud RS, Bakal R and Yeole Y Quality of Laryngoscopic View and Rapidity of Development of IntubatingConditions after Atracurium Vecuronium and Rocuronium A RandomizedControlled Study Manasij Mitra, Abhishek Nag, Tanmoy Ganguly, Sandeep Kumar Kar and Santi Lahiri UV Spectrophotometric Method for Estimation of Ofloxacin in TabletDosage Form and Comparative Study of its Two Brands Safila Naveed, Tanweer Alam, Asra Hameed and Neelam Sharif Amoxycillin Trihydrate FloatingBioadhesive Drug Delivery System forEradication of Helicobacter pylori Preparation In Vitro and Ex VivoEvaluation Narendar Dudhipala, Arjun Narala, Karthik Yadav Janga and Ramesh Bomma Bioequivalence Studies of A Generic Formulation SW651K to the BrandDrug S1 in TumorBearing Rat Models Tomoyuki Okabe, Takeharu Ogura, Takashi Yoshimura, Yoshiyuki Tanaka, Hiromu Toyoda, Ken-ichi Fujita and Yasutsuna Sasaki Pharmacy Students Attitude and Stigmatization of People withSchizophrenia in Pakistan Sadia Shakeel, Safila Naveed, Wajiha Iffat, Sadaf Farooqi and Faiza Nazeer Triumph Over ThalassemiaUniversal Wakefulness Safila Naveed, Syeda Sarah Abbas, Fatima Qamar and Zohra Barket Ali An Assessment of the Pharmacokinetics and Tolerability of SingleAscendingDoses of Desvenlafaxine Administered to Healthy Chinese Subjects Lingling Guan, Huafang Li, Zhangjing Chen, Glen Frick and Alice Nichols Current Synthetic and Systems Biology Volume 3, Issue 3 Synthetic Biology Computational Modeling Bridging the Gap between In Vitro and In Vivo Reactions Duschak VG PCRbased Gene Synthesis Cloning Expression Purification andCharacterization of Bst DNA Polymerase in E coli Cells Suppan M, Shamsuddin S, Ismail A, Balakrishnan V Systems of Connected and Aggregated Enzyme Reactions Ricard J Journal of Bioengineering & Biomedical Science Design of Biosensors A Thermodynamic Study on Hydration and Dehydration of DNA and RNAAmphiphile Complexes A Heidari The Impact of Cannulas on the HeartBlood Pump Interaction Tohid Pirbodaghi A Neural Control Model for Horizontal Visual Auditory and AuditoryVisual Bisensory Stimuli Elicited Saccades Xiu Zhai, Chengqian Che, Benjamin D. Mazzarese, Allison V. Colberg and John D. Enderle A MultiClassifier Approach of EMG Signal Classification for Diagnosis of Neuromuscular Disorders Muzaffar Khan, Jai Karan Singh and Mukesh Tiwari HyperHomocysteinemia A Potential Indicator of Acute Pancreatitis Ling-Chun Zhang , Qiao-Yan Li , Jin-Xia Zhang and Lian-Cai Wang Automatized Procedure to Shape a Regional Personalized Electrode forTranscranial Electrical Stimulation Santi G , Cancelli A, Cottone C , Carducci F and Tecchio F Journal of Pain Management & Medicine Volume 2, Issue 2 The Use of Mindbody Medicine in Chronic Pain Management Differential Trends and SessionbySession Changes in Anxiety David Cosio and Sujata Swaroop Drugresistant Headache and Craniofacial Pain Rationale for Greater Occipital Nerve Stimulation Lavano Angelo, Della Torre Attilio, Valente Vinicio, Lavano Francesco and Guzzi Giusy Pain Management by Meditation A Naturopathy Approach Viroj Wiwanitkit Antipyretic Antiinflammatory and Antinociceptive Activities of Aqueous Bark Extract of Acacia Nilotica L Delile in Albino Mice Safari VZ, Kamau JK, Nthiga PM, Ngugi MP, Orinda G and Njagi EM Collision Tumour of Cerebellopontine Angle in a Patient without Neurofibromatosis Criteria Case Report Sérgio Neto, Cesar Casarolli, Luiz Henrique Dias Sandon, Vinicius Trindade Gomes da Silva, Francisco Matos Ureña, Nilton Caetano da Rosa, Manoel Jacobsen Teixeira and Marcos Queirós Gomes Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Emergency Contraceptives among MizanTepi University Female Students South West Ethiopia Bisrat Zeleke Shiferaw, Bosena Tebeje Gashaw and Fekadu Yadassa Tesso Anthropology Volume 4 Issue 1 Understanding the Significance of Cultural Attribution Sabrina Idilfitri Narratives and Healing Implications for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Simon Dein Foraging Wild Resources Evolving Goals of an Ubiquitous Human Behavior Serge Svizzero Caste and Prostitution in India Politics of Shame and of Exclusion Divyendu Jha and Tanya Sharma The Hinduization of Tribals of Jharkhand An Outline since Beginning Ambrish Gautam Ethnobotany of Colorant Plants in Ethnic Communities in NorthernVietnam Ngoc Anh Luu-dam, Ban K Ninh and Yoshinori Sumimura Journal of Next Generation Sequencing & Applications Special Issue Sequencing Technologies Effective Size and Effectiveness Next Generation Sequencing and thePractice of Genomics in Africa Ibrahim M, Musa M Structural Variation Detection from Next Generation Sequencing Ye K, Hall G, Ning Z Next Generation Sequencing Technologies A Short Review Attia TH, Saeed MA Next Generation DNA Sequencing II Techniques Applications Ansorge WJ Bringing NextGeneration Sequencing Oncology Tests into the DiagnosticSetting Ku CS On Evaluation of Rankings in Analysis of NGS Data Donald MR, Wilson SR Transcriptome Analysis on RNAseq Data Pareek CS Microbial Ecology in the Era of Next Generation Sequencing De Mandal S, Panda AK, Bisht SS, Kumar NS Journal of Pediatric Neurology and Medicine Volume 1 Issue 2 Antimyelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein Autoantibodies in Optic Neuritis and Venous Sinus Thrombosis in a Girl Victor Soto-Insuga, Thais Armangue Salvador, Laura Cabrejas Martinez, Rebeca Losada del Pozo, Maria Rodrigo Moreno, Cristina Ordonez Gonzalez and Jesus Rodriguez Catalan Baclofen Treatment for Pain in Nonfunctional Children with Cerebral Palsy A Brief Report Hilla Ben-Pazi, Gila Ben-Shimol, Ruth David, Adi Aran and Natali Dechtiar Prolonged Survival for Choroid Plexus Carcinoma with Oncocytic Changes A Case Report Melissa Ann Eppinger, Casey Melissa Berman, Steven L. Halpern and Catherine Anne Mazzola Acute Demyelinating Encephalomyelitis Presenting as PUO Janani Sankar and Venkateswari Ramesh Subependymal Nodules Ozlem Yildiz, Franziska Kohne and Refik Pul Evolving Pediatric Cerebral Arteriopathy On Neuroimaging Mubeen F Rafay, Edward C W Leung, Martin Bunge, Daniela Iancuc, James E Strong Longterm Neuropsychological Outcome and Quality of Life in PerinatalIschemic Stroke Agnese Suppiej, Annalisa Traverso, Laura Baggio, Ambra Cappellari, Paolo Simioni, Mario Ermani, Stefano Sartori and Elisa Cainelli Journal of Alzheimers Disease & Parkinsonism Volume 6,Issue 1 Environmental Emotional Sounds in AD Recognition of Environment alEmotional Sounds in Alzheimers Disease Domenico Passafiume, Nicoletta Caputi, Lucia Serenella De Federicis, Marta Colantonio and Dina Di Giacomo Effect of Yokukansan a Traditional Herbal Prescription on Sle epDisturbances in Patients with Alzheimer39s Disease Hideto Shinno, Ichiro Ishikawa, Nobuo Ando, Jun Horiguchi, and Yu Nakamura Is the CombinationMultitarget Therapy a New Promise forAlzheimer39s Disease Xuekai Zhang, Jing Shi and Jinzhou Tian Role of GPR40 for Fish Oil PUFAmediated BDNF Synthesis in theMonkey Hippocampus Arumugam Mathivanan, Yoshio Minabe, Tsuguhito Ota, Naoto Nagata, Shima KR and Tetsumori Yamashima The Potential Role of Donepezil for the Treatment of Dementia w ithLewy Bodies Norifumi Tsuno Neuronal Protein Alteration in Enteric Dysmotility Syndrome Irina Alafuzoff, Svetlana N. Popova, Alkwin Wanders and Bela Veress Comparative Analysis of Intrahippocampal Amyloid Beta 142and Intracerbroventricular Streptozotocin Models of Alzheimer39sDisease Possible Behavioral Biochemical Mitochondrial Cellu lar andHistopathological Evidences Arti Singh and Anil Kumar Vascular Health Promotion Project and Vascular Dementia Prevent ionin China Hongyu Wang Odor Identification Function Differs between Vascular Parkinson ismand AkineticType Parkinson39s Disease Mutsumi Iijima, Mikio Osawa, Shinichiro Uchiyama and Kazuo Kitagawa The Role of Upregulated APOE in Alzheimer39s Disease Etiology William K Gottschalk, Mirta Mihovilovic, Allen D Roses and Ornit Chiba-Falek New Perspectives in the Search for Reliable Prediction of Demen tiawith Lewy Bodies Babak Tousi The Rationale of Using Coffee and Melatonin as an AlternativeTreatment for Alzheimer39s Disease Adryan Perez, Tianchen Li, Stephanie Hernandez, Renee Yilan Zhang and Chuanhai Cao Neurofibrillary Tangle Predominant Dementia Clinical andPathological Description in a Case Series Morgan Schwartz, Thomas G Beach, Andrew Tsai, Michael Malek-Ahmadi, Sandra Jacobson, Lucia I Sue, Kathryn Davis, Marwan N Sabbagh and Geidy Serrano Journal of Molecular Biomarkers & Diagnosis Volume 7, Issue 2 The Effect of Chemokine Receptor Antagonists on the Migration of Tumour Associated Macrophages Emanual Michael Patelia and Dannamaria Gal Biomarkers in Neurodegenerative Diseases Cortisol Patrícia Batista and Anabela Pereira Oct2 BCL6 IRF8 OCAB and PU1 in the Assessment of Prognosis inDiffuse Large B cell Lymphoma Patients Rojas-Bilbao EA, Knott ME, Bal de Kier Joffé ED, Zerga ME, Nuñez M, Puricelli LI and Ranuncolo SM* Antidiabetic Activities of the Fruit Aegle mamelos Repon kumer Saha, Arfatoon Nesa, Kamrun Nahar and Mahfuja Akter IL3 Receptor Alpha Chain is a Biomarker and a Therapeutic Target ofMyeloid Neoplasms Ugo Testa, Germana Castelli and Elvira Pelosi The Utility of Automated HCV Core Antigen Assay as an Alternative toPCR in Chronic HCV Egyptian Patients Ehab M Abd El-reheem, Magdy Fouad, Hanaa Kh Fath El-bab and Waleed M Abd El-Hmeed Single Base Primer Extension Assay SNaPshot for Rapid Detection of Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 Drug Resistance Mutations Arpan A, Salil V, Harsh P and Pratap NM Evidence of Hepatitis C Virus Infection and Associated Treatment in Nepal Akriti Nepal and Bimal Kunwar Journal of Health & Medical Informatics Volume 7, Issue 1 Wearable Sensors and Healthcare Informatics Solutions in NonCommunicable Diseases Ncds Prevention and Management in Africa Ernest Tambo, Ghislaine Madjou and Jeanne Yonkeu Ngogang A Randomised SingleBlinded Controlled Trial on the Effectiveness ofBrief Advice on Smoking Cessation among Tertiary Students in Malaysia De Silva WDAS, Awang R, Samsudeen S and Hanna F Designing Health Data Management Systems Learning From ProminentWorldwide Applications Yu Yawen, Masafumi Nakamura and Naoki Nakashima Artificial Neural Networks in Prediction of Patient Survival after LiverTransplantation Raji CG and Vinod Chandra SS Quality and Readability of Online Patient Education Information and theParents Comprehension for Childhood Depression Christia Dickerson, MHIIM, Sajeesh Kumar Stereoscopic Volume Rendering of Medical Imaging Data for the GeneralPublic Franz A Fellner, Florian Berger, Christine Fellner, Christoph Kremer,  Horst Hörtner and Gerfried Stocker Orthopedic & Muscular System: Current Research Volume 5 Issue 1 Clinical FollowUp after Treatment of Degenerative Lumbar Disease byPosterior Dynamic Stabilizing Technique Rui Gu, Jian-Wu Zhao, Jian-Hui Zhao*, Jia-Bei Liu and Yi-Fu Sun Plantar Fasciitis What Does the Evidence Show Leonardo Roever* Surgical Treatment for a Relapsing Malleolar Bursitis in a Professional Figure Skating Case Report Parchi PD*, Ciapini G, Poggetti A, Addevico F, Mannucci C, Castellini I, Chiellini F and Lisanti M Systemic Amyloidosis with Predominant Spine Involvement A Case Report Silvia Terzi, Teresa Calabro*, Giovanni Barbanti Brodano, Alessandro Gasbarrini, Stefano Boriani Supracondylar Fractures of the Humerus in Children Review of Management and Controversies John Dabis, Karen Daly and Yael Gelfer* Review Article of Corticosteroid Injections Use in Acute and ChronicLateral Epicondylgia An Update of the Currently Available Literature Elmajee MS* and Pillai A Total Hip Arthroplasty for Displaced Femoral Neck Fractures in ElderlyPatients Kapil Mani KC*, Dirgha Raj RC, Parimal Acharya and Bandhu Ram Pangeni Epidemiology of Forearm Fractures in the Population of Children andAdolescents Current Data from the Typical Polish City Pawel Grabala* Journal of Steroids & Hormonal Science Volume 7 Issue 1 A Case of Ambiguous Genitalia and Unaccustomed Sexual Behavior Depictedfrom the Margin Notes of a Byzantine Monk Armeni AK, Vasileiou V and Neoklis AG* Polycystic Ovarian Morphology is Associated with Hyperandrogenemia and Insulin Resistance in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome PCOS Neoklis AG*, Anastasia KA, Damianaki K, Nikolaos DR, Markantes G, Papadopoulos V, Adonakis GL, Decavalas G and Panidis D A Short Communication Based on A Bayesian Network MetaanalysisComparing the Clinical Effectiveness of Local Corticosteroid Injections usingDifferent Treatment Strategies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Chen PC, Chuang CH and Liang HF Commentary on Injection of Steroids Intralesional in Central Giant CellGranuloma Cases Giant Cell Tumor Is it Free of Systemic Complications orNot Alerraqi E* Synthetic EpoxyPregnan Steroids Effects on Anxiety Behavior in Rats Rey M, Ghini AA and Coirini H* Shaping ERBB Signalling by Steroid Hormones D’Uva G,* and Lauriola M* Journal of Bioanalysis & Biomedicine Volume 8 Issue 1 Nuclear Phosphoproteomics Features the Novel Smoking Markers inMouse Lung Tissue Following Subacute Phase Exposure to TobaccoSmoke Kanako Niimori Kita*, Fumiko Nakamura, Daikai Koizumi and Daisuke Niimori Gas6Axl Inhibits Osteosarcoma Apoptosis through Regulation ofApoptosisRelated Protein Bcl2 Nian Jiang, Yingrong Lai, Rui Tian, Xianbiao Xie, Ju Han, Ni Liu, Canqiao Luo and Tingsheng Peng* Journal of Cosmetology & Trichology Volume 2 Issue 1 Misleading Marketing of Cosmetics Do the Free from Parabens andFree from Allergenic Substances Claims Really Make Sense Vincenzo Nobile Guidelines on Cosmetic Efficacy Testing on Humans Ethical Technical and Regulatory Requirements in the Main Cosmetics Markets Vincenzo Nobile Alopecic and Aseptic Nodules of the Scalp and Pseudocyst of theScalp 2 Different Conditions or One Single Entity Ramon Grimalt Hair Restoration in Androgenetic Alopecia Looking Beyond Minoxidil Finasteride and Hair Transplantation Sidharth Sonthalia Cosmetotextiles Sometimes the Simple Things Work Gadi Borkow Journal of Clinical & Experimental Pathology Volume 6 Issue 1 Epidemiology of Candidaemia A Prospective Comparison between Invasive Candidiasis in Italy and All Over the World Maria Teresa Mascellino and Alessandra Oliva The Microscopic Pictures of Degenerative Intervertebral Disc of DifferentDiseases with Additional SafraninO Stain Chi-Min Shih, Jui-Teng Chien, Shu-Fen Lai, Tzung-Yi Tsai and Keng-Chang Liu Recent Advances towards Understanding the Role of Opioid Receptor Phosphorylation Daccache G and Allouche S A Case of Exophytic Type 2A Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma with Massive Necrosis Toshihiro Magaribuchi, Yasushi Adachi, Naoto Kuroda, Toru Sakatani, Yoji Taki, Ming Li and Susumu Ikehara The Development of Autoimmune MembranoProliferative Glomerulonephritis Type II In a Female Patient with Serological Combined Autoantibodies against Complement 3b and Factor B Case Report Rudolph B and Wu K Human Genetics & Embryology volume 5 Issue 3 Ecological Developmental Biology A Review Sperber GH Morphological and Kinetic Embryological Criteria and Correlation withAneuploidy Rates How Might they Be Used to Choose the Best IVF Embryofor Transfer Coates A, Coate B, Holmes L  and Griffin DK Modifying Others Originality without Quote is an Act of Piracy Hsien-Hsiung Lee Anaplastology Volume 5 Issue 1 Preferences in the Aesthetic Appearance of the Female External Genitalia Christopher J Salgado, Lydia A Fein MPH, Renee Gasgarth, Priscila Sanchez, Dalila Lo Bue, Brian A Crosland, Ashley Taggart BS, Madison Rumbaut and Ajani Nugent Unique Magnetic Attachment Designed for a Solitary Dental ImplantRetaining Silicone Nose Prosthesis Satyabodh S Guttal, Blessy S Bangera, Adarsh Kudva, Basavaraj R Patil and Srinath Thakur Total Nasal Reconstruction after Nasectomy in a Case of MassiveSquamous Cell Carcinoma of the Inferior Nose Julius Hoehne and Helmut Fischer Should I Stay or Should I go Carlo Melloni Advances in Targeted Reinnervation Ali Izadpanah Snodgrass Repair of Hypospadias 10 years Experience of a ModifiedTechnique Shoeib MA A Strange Evolution of Rheumatoid Arthritis Case Report Zeca Elena - Cristina, Iordache Madalina-Elena, Popescu Serban – Arghir, Frunza Adrian, Maciuceanu- Zarnescu Mircea-Bogdan, Ioan Lascar and Alexandru Munteanu Journal of Fertilizers & Pesticides Volume 6, Issue 2 Effect of Biochar on Yield and Yield Components of Wheat and PostharvestSoil Properties in Tigray Ethiopia Gebremedhin GH, Bereket Haileselassie, Daniel Berhe and Tesfay Belay Biopesticides Present Status and the Future Prospects Suresh Kumar and Archana Singh Plant Based Biopesticides Safer Alternative for Organic Food Production Nagappan Raja and Getinet Masresha Pea Protein Alginate Encapsulated Bacillus subtilis B26 a Plant BiostimulantProvides Controlled Release and Increased Storage Survival François Gagné-Bourque, Meng Xu, Marie-Josée Dumont and Suha Jabaji jbfbp-1000156.php?aid=64580 Isolation and Evaluation of Rock Phosphate Solubilizing Fungi as Potential Biofertilizer S.A.Sane and S.K.Mehta Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria Mechanism and Current Prospective Rishi Kundan, Garima Pant, Nitesh Jadon and Pavan Kumar Agrawal Detoxification of Olivemill Solid Waste and its Probable Application as OrganicFertilizer Salama M El-Darier, Hoda A Ahmed, Mohamed S Abd El Razik and Eman Salah Allam M Journal of Drug Metabolism & Toxicology Special Issue Herbdrug, drugdrug interaction and clinical implication Effect of Chinese Medicine XIAOJI Decoction Combined with PlatinumBased Chemotherapy and Transfusion of CytokineInduced Killer Cells in Patients with Stage III BIV NonSmall Cell Lung Cancer Liuning Li, Jiaying Liu, Swei Sunny Hann, Xiaoshu Chai, Liwen Zhang, Bai Liu, Zhijian Chen, Chunxia He, Hongxi Hong and Peng Liu Portal Vein Thrombosis in Cirrhotic Patients Decision to Anticoagulate Raktim Kumar Ghosh Journal of Data Mining in Genomics & Proteomics Volume 7, Issue 1 Identification of HostSpecific Genetic Markers within 16S rDNAIntervening Sequences of 73 Genera of Fecal Bacteria Zhenyu Shen, Ning Zhang, Azlin Mustapha, Mengshi Lin, Dong Xu, Daiyong Deng, Mary Reed and Guolu Zheng Imex Based Analysis of Repeat Sequences in Flavivirus Genomes Including 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Probiotics or Antibiotics Akbar Nikkhah Outdoor Physical Work A Forgotten Probiotic Akbar Nikkhah Journal of Thermodynamics & Catalysis Volume 6, Issue 3 Industrial CO2 Removal Using Carbonic Anhydrase Potential Promise andChallenges Brian P Mahon and Robert McKenna Reduced Hydrophobicity of the Minor Groove Intercalation Loop isCritical for Efficient Catalysis by Cold Adapted UracilDNA NGlycosylasefrom Atlantic Cod Elin Moe, Netsanet Gizaw Assefa, Ingar Leiros, Kathrin Torseth, Arne O Smalås and Nils Peder Willassen Energetic and Thermodynamic Analysis of Adsorption Isotherm Type VIof Xenon on Graphite Nanotubes Manel Ben Yahia, Mohamed Ben Yahia, Fatma Aouaini and Abdemottaleb Ben Lamine LowTemperature Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO with NH3 overManganese Oxides Supported on Fly AshPalygorskite Xianlong Zhang, Shuangshuang lv, Xiaobin Jia, Xueping Wu and Fanyue Meng Thermogravimetric Investigation of Normal and Pathological HumanMeniscus Gality H, Aigner Z, Toth K, Szabo-Revesz P and Sohar G Mesoporous MaterialsBased Catalysts for Chemical Hydrolysis ofPolysaccharides Cheng-Yu Lai The Janus Called Citizen Scientist a Closer Look Timir Datta Biofield Energy Treatment A Potential Strategy for Modulating PhysicalThermal and Spectral Properties of 3Chloro4fluoroaniline Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, Rama Mohan Tallapragada, Alice Branton, Dahryn Trivedi, Gopal Nayak1, Rakesh Kumar Mishra and Snehasis Jana Thermodynamic Modeling of Surface Tension of Aqueous ElectrolyteSolution by Competitive Adsorption Model Mohamad Javad Kamali, Zakarya Kamali, holamhossein Vatankhah Journal of Tumor Research Volume 1 Issue 1 Unusual Presentation of a Primary Pericardial Malignant MesotheliomaConstrictive Pericarditis A Case Report and Review of the Literature Rekik Bassem, Ben Jmaa Hèla, Jerbi Bassem, Tabebi Nada, Cherif Taieb, Elleuch Ahmed, Souissi Iheb, Kammoun Samir, Masmoudi Sayda and Frikha Imed Multifocal Angiosarcoma of the Scalp Review of the Literature and Reportof Two Cases 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Comber and Anil Bamezai Preparation and Characterization and Biodistribution Studies ofLomustine Loaded PLGA Nanoparticles by Interfacial Deposition Method Archana Mehrotra and Jayanta Kumar Pandit Histology Study of Wistar Rats Implanted With and Without C6 Cells andthe Effect of NPtCu Nanoparticles Tessy López, Emma Ortiz Islas, Andrea Morales, José Luis Cuevas, Esteban Gomez, Joaquín Manjarrez, Patricia Guevara, Martha Lilia Tena, Aurora Sánchez, Paolo Lottici, Danilo Bersani, Hugo Monroy and Octavio Novaro Journal of Forensic Research Volume 6 and Issue 5 Social Ethical and Moral Research about our Society and Culture Zoltan Papp The Current State of Forensics A Newbies Perspective Dante Webb Sacred Geometry Andres J. 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Neal and Tomás R. Guilarte