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Journal of Geography & Natural Disasters
Effect of Climate Change on Fagaceae Airborne Pollen in Japan as Allergic Causative Agent Associated with Food Allergy
Research Article  J Geogr Nat Disast 2016, 6: 182
Keywords: Fagaceae pollinosis |  Crossreactivity |  Climate change | 
DOI: 10.4172/2167-0587.1000182

Reiko Kishikawa, Toshitaka Yokoyama, Norio Sahashi, Eiko Koto, Chie Oshikawa, Nobuo Soh, Akemi Saito, Tadao Enomoto, Toru Imai, Koji Murayama, Yuma Fukutomi, Masami Taniguchi, Terufumi Shimoda and Tomoaki Iwanaga

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Research & Reviews: Journal of Dental Sciences
Perception to Altered Smile Features of Saudi Dental Students at Different Academic Levels
Research Article  Dental Sciences
Keywords: Perception |  Education |  dental |  Academic level |  Saudi students | 

Nabeel F. Talic, Azam A. AlDuwaile, Hamad A. AlHazmi, Rashad R. Tashkandi, Abdullah S Mokeem, Adeem S AlOfi

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Pharmaceutica Analytica Acta
Estimate the Levels of Copper in Serum Samples of Hepatitis C Patients at Different Stages after Interferon-α Therapy
Research Article  Pharm Anal Acta 2016, 7: 500
Keywords: Copper Hepatitis C |  Interferon therapy | 
DOI: 10.4172/2153-2435.1000500

Hassan IA, Tasneem GK, Salma AA, Farah NT and Zafar P

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Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
The Health Concern Scale: What Results Does the Analysis of this Scale Bring in a Population of Young Participants of a Music Festival?
Research Article  J Nutr Food Sci 2016, 6: 550
Keywords: Health concern |  Young people |  Care for health |  Lifestyle | 
DOI: 10.4172/2155-9600.1000550

Maja Czerwińska, Dominika Maciejewska, Karina Ryterska, Pablo Serrano-Fernández, Karolina Jakubczyk, Marcin Banaszczak, Anna Wolska, Ernest Chrabąszcz, Maria Kisielowska, Zofia Stachowska, Adam Stachowski, Dagmara Paszkiewicz, Dawid Chróścielski, Jagoda Świacka and Ewa Stachowska

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