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1075 Open Access Articles
Global Media Journal
Innovative Media Technologies as a Way to Address Socially Important Issues
Research Article  Global Media Journal
Keywords: Social problems |  Mass media |  Socialstructures |  Social interests | Communications |  Civil society |  Policy | 

Bolshakov SK, Bolshakova YM, Mikhalchenkova NA and Istikhovsaya MD

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Global Media Journal
Ethno-cultural Component in Modern Design
Research Article  Global Media Journal
Keywords: Ornament |  Regional design |  Traditions |  Conceptual image |  Package | 

Spirina MV, Sadomova NI, Lavrenteva OS, Ivanova EY and Karlychuk TV

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Journal of Molecular Biomarkers & Diagnosis
New Genetic Approach in Early Detection of Cancer
Review Article  J Mol Biomark Diagn 2016, 7: 292
doi: 10.4172/2155-9929.1000292

Rafal Al-Rawi

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Journal of Patient Care
Implementing Shared Decision Making In Clinical Practice: Outcomes of a New Shared Decision Making Aid for Chronic Inflammatory Arthritis Patients
Review Article  J Pat Care 2016, 2:117
Keywords:  Adherence | 

Yasser EM, Maha El Gaafary, Sally Sayed, Deborah Palmer and Ihab Ahmed

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