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138 Open Access Articles
Global Media Journal
Innovative Media Technologies as a Way to Address Socially Important Issues
Research Article  Global Media Journal
Keywords: Social problems |  Mass media |  Socialstructures |  Social interests | Communications |  Civil society |  Policy | 

Bolshakov SK, Bolshakova YM, Mikhalchenkova NA and Istikhovsaya MD

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Global Media Journal
The Social Distance and Contradiction Specifics of the Interethnic Interaction of Ethnosocial Groups
Research Article  Global Media Journal
Keywords: Journalism |  Broadcasting | Social media | Bulletin |  Mass Communication |  Consumer culture |  Mass Media |  Political Economy |  Civil Society |  Media Coverage |  Foreign Policy |  Social Movements |  Public Opinion | Globalization |  Consumer Culture |  Economic Modeling | 

Gadzhigasanova NS, Dudina IM, Khairullina NG, Mikhailova MN and Garabazhii VA

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Research & Reviews: Journal of Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy
Investigating the Views and Attitudes of Community Pharmacists in Abu Dhabi towards Extending Their Practice Roles
Research Article  RRJHCP
Keywords: Extended roles |  Practice roles |  Role extension |  Abu Dhabi | 

Mirai Mourad William Sadek*

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Biosensors Journal
Detection of Biological Environments for Endometrial Stromal and Mesenchymal Stem Cells Growth through a Quartz Crystal Microbalance Based Biosensor
Research Article  Biosens J 2015, 4: 120
Keywords:  In situ |  In vitro |  Labonachip | 
doi: 10.4172/2090-4967.1000120

Karekin D Esmeryan

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