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16 Open Access Articles
Cosmetology & Oro Facial Surgery
Incidental Finding of Cervical Vertebrae Anomaly Yields to an Undiagnosed Case of Crouzon Syndrome
Case Report  Cosmetol & Oro Facial Surg 2016, 2:3
Keywords: Crouzon syndrome |  Cervical anomalies |  Syringomyelia |  Craniosynostosis | 

Karan Nehra*, B Jayan, Shiv Shankar Agarwal and Mukul Bhatia

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Pediatric Dental Care
Management of Skeletal Class II Malocclusion with Functional Regulator II
Case Report  Pediatr Dent Care 2016, 1:118
Keywords: Frankel appliance | 

Shraddha Shetti, Someshwar Golgire, Anil Patil*, JiwanAsha Manish Agrawal, Sangamesh Guranath Fulari and Vishwal Ajit Kagi

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Research & Reviews: Journal of Dental Sciences
Orthodontic Camouflage of Skeletal Class I, Class II and Class III Malocclusion in Borderline Cases–Report of Three Cases
Case Report  Dental Sciences
Keywords:  Proximal stripping |  Skeletal class I | 

Dr. Seema Kapil Lahoti, Dr. Kapil B Lahoti, Dr. Akhil Rathi, Dr. Bhumika Mute

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Journal of Oral Hygiene & Health
Craniofacial Structures in Short-statured Patients in Shiraz, Iran, 2009
Research Article  J Oral Hyg Health
DOI: 10.4172/2332-0702.1000204

Karamifar AA, Danaie SM, Motamedi MHK, Nazari MS and Davari M

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