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846 Open Access Articles
Global Media Journal
The Architectural Images of Capital City in the Context of the National Independence of Kazakhstan
Research Article  Global Media Journal
Keywords: Kazakhstan |  Astana |  Independence |  Architecture |  National idea | 

Manassova MM, Zholdubayeva AK, Mukhanbet AA, Bolyssova KM and Altybassarova MA

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Global Media Journal
Models of Cultural and Civilizational Identification among Residents of Russian and Ukrainian Border Regions
Research Article  Global Media Journal
Keywords:  Borderregions | 

Babintsev VP, Reutov EV, Babintseva HI, Bykhtin OV and Yurkova ON

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Global Media Journal
The Choice of Paradigm of Political Game for Russia (Z. Brzezinski’s Chess or XiJinping’s Draughts)
Research Article  Global Media Journal
Keywords: Journalism |  Broadcasting | Social media | Bulletin |  Mass Communication |  Consumer culture |  Mass Media |  Political Economy |  Civil Society |  Media Coverage |  Foreign Policy |  Social Movements |  Public Opinion | Globalization |  Consumer Culture |  Economic Modeling | 

Nikonov SB, Belenkova TV, Smetanina SI, Letunovskii VP and Maryina LP

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Journal of Tropical Diseases & Public Health
Tongue is the Face of the Malady? Differentiating in Desolate Distance: Locus -Tropical Field India
Research Article  J Trop Dis 2016, 4: 211
Keywords: Omaria |  Buffy coat |  Poly infections | Poly infestations | 
doi: 10.4172/2329-891X.1000211
Deepak Bhattacharya, Pradhan PK
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