We are pleased to welcome you to Marseille for the seventh Annual Brain Metastases Research and Emerging Therapy Conference. Last year’s successful edition encouraged us to once again organize this conference. This year the meeting will be held under the auspices of EORTC, EANO and EANS. Also the French neuro-oncology group (ANOCEF) and the French society of neuro-surgery are partners of this event. This initiative brings the multidisciplinary approach needed to develop Brain Metastases projects across several tumor types and disciplines such as breast cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, imaging, radiation oncology, pathology and molecular. It is expected that this cross-sectional meeting will stimulate innovative and insightful research in a collaborative environment and improve the standard of care and methodology of clinical research. For this 7th edition, a special session will be dedicated to Immuno-oncology in CNS Metastases. Actually, cancer immunotherapy clinical trials are critical to bringing new and potentially lifesaving treatments to more patients with more types of cancer, and may represent the greatest hope especially for patients currently facing Brain Metastases. Highlighted topics will also cover adverse radiation effect in the era of targeted therapies, new pharmalogical approaches and combined treatments in BM. One of the objectives of this edition will be to describe the clinical problem, identify the critical points of therapeutic failure and summarize the current state of knowledge of the genetics and biology of Brain Metastases. The overarching goal of the meeting is to generate a set of research priorities that would stimulate integrated scientific and clinical investigation directed at understanding basic processes of brain metastasis and translating such insights to clinical care. The organizing committee hopes that this meeting will provide an exceptional opportunity for you to share your collective expertise ranging from basic science to new treatments in order to facilitate ongoing studies and lay the foundation for future collaborative projects. PROGRAM CHAIRS: Manmeet Ahluwalia, Emilie Le Rhun, Philippe Métellus & Michael Weller

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