Association of Biotechnology and Pharmacy

Guntur, India


The Association of Biotechnology and Pharmacy (ABAP) will be useful to form a forum for scientists so that they can bring together to discuss and find scientific solutions to the problems of society. The annual meetings will help the members to share their knowledge and publish their research knowledge particularly by members and fellows of the Association and special care will be taken to provide an opportunity for young scientists. Besides this the association is planned to organize symposia, seminars and workshops on current developments of Biotechnology and Pharmacy particularly on the subject of current scientific interest, and the proceedings of which will be published regularly. And in view of the vast development of science and to disseminate the problems in publication of research work, an international journal of Current Trends in Biotechnology and Pharmacy has been started by ABAP. Current trends in Biotechnology is an official Publication of Association of Biotechnology and pharmacy.

Aims and Objectives of ABAP

1) Promotion of Science and Technology in various areas of Biotechnology and Pharmacy and their related areas
2) To organize meetings, conferences on scientific and technological issues and publish proceedings, journals, memoirs, transactions, etc. as may be considered desirable by the association
3) To promote scientific and technological research concerned with the problems of national interest
4) To undertake, through properly constituted committees and bodies, such scientific work of technological or public impor­tance as it may be called upon to perform
5) To co-operate with other organizations in India and abroad, having similar objects, and to appoint representatives of the Association to act on national and international bodies
6)To secure and manage funds and endowments for the promotion of science and technology including the rights of disposing of, or selling all or any portion of the properties of the Association
7) To do and perform all other activities, matters and things that may be necessary for the fulfillment of the above mentioned aims and objects of the Association
8) To create an adequate scientific impact of the association all over the country, it may open Chapters of the Association in other cities in the country, where reasonable number of scientists are interested
9) To establish, maintain and regulate the affairs of the institution and encourage sports, literary, education and cultural activities
10) To promote unity discipline service and patriotism, to promote development in scientific, social fields to create the best desire towards national development program
11) To develop social contents and spirit of the fellow feeling among its members and to maintain a library with good books, periodicals and news papers.

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