Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India

Bangalore, India


Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India, established in 1966, by the leading personalities like Prof. M. L. Schroff, Prof G.P. Srivastava and others of pharmacy colleges of those days is an organization whose heart beats for the pharmacy profession. Earlier teachers' aims were to do the best for their own students; Later, all the teachers came under the umbrella of APTI; where the teacher's contribution could be utilised both at micro levels with multi dimensional professionalism. Teachers now not only give class room instructions but also become educators in the true sense by being counselors, motivators, guides, researchers, advisors, consultants to Pharma Companies, etc, so as to create quality pharmacists of technological era.

The primary objective of the association is to promote better intercommunication and excellence in pharmacy education among pharmacy teachers, educators and those who are genuinely concerned with the promotion of pharmacy education and practice of pharmacy in India. Currently, the association boasts of more than 6700 life members representing every nook and corner of the country and is constantly growing in numbers. A congregation of all the life members is held annually, research and community health programmes.

The association in its efforts to encourage the promotion of excellence and practice of pharmacy research and recognize outstanding contribution among its life members serving in various position of who have generously contributed to the cause of profession. These awards are given away to the awardees during the APTI Annual National/International Convention and Indian Pharmaceutical Congress held every year.

The Association with its publications is a good sounding board for bouncing avant Garde ideas of the members in the academic field. These can be newer teaching methodologies, fabrication of tools, Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD) and other computer applications, industry-academic interaction, academia-hospital interaction, etc. We are proud of the fact that many of the goals have already been reached but still more are to be achieved. The effort of the association has been highly appreciated.

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