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International Conference on Food Safety and Regulatory Measures as a colloborator with China Food Safety Magazine.,china during August 17-19, 2015 in Birmingham, UK. We intend our scientists to work alongside taking the advantage of our world-class facilities, to push the boundaries of Food Safety and Regulatory Measures.

China Food Safety, guided by China General Chamber of Commerce and organized by China Commerial Technology & Quality Center and Beijing Meat Foodstuffs Association, and it is formally ratified by the Press & Publication Administration of P.R.C. China Food Safety is oriented for these engaged in food industry and field, industry and market, products and technologies, The magazine makes efforts to provide of food safety solutions on the principle of authority, entireness, hign-end and depth, in the pursuit of building up a top information communication stage of national food safety industry, taking up the responsibility of becoming a consultant of food production, processing, wholesale and retailing.

Agri, Food and Aqua Conferences are the basic disciplines of all the subjects. As a matter of fact research within the field of food technology has been conducted for many years and has resulted in pioneering various novel techniques and standard protocols. Various conference related to these subjects have been organized in Asia, Europe and USA. Veterinary Conferences in OMICS provide a common platform for all the researches, academicians and industrialists related to the field of animal science to focus on all aspects of infectious diseases and host-pathogen interaction in animals and various other emerging issues related to veterinary science.