Egyptian Society of Stem Cell Therapy

Cairo, Egypt


The Egyptian Society of Stem Cell Therapy is an independent nonprofit organization and the voice of the stem cell research community. It was founded in 2002 to foster the exchange of information on stem cell research and now claims more than 2568 members worldwide. The Egyptian Society of Stem Cell Therapy Annual Meeting held this past month in Cairo University provides an opportunity to learn of ground breaking research from all areas of stem cell science. The meeting attracts over 1500 stem cell research professionals each year and provides an excellent forum for scientists to present and discuss their latest research with participants from academic, industry and government settings from around the world.

Egyptian Society of Stem Cell Therapy signed a mutual collaboration association with OMICS International, Hepatitis 2015 conference. World Congress on Hepatitis is going to be held during July 20-22, 2015 at Florida, USA. The conference highlights the theme Raising global awareness on hepatitis and fighting the stigma surrounding the disease.

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4th International Conference on Gastroenterology - July 20-22, 2015 Florida, USA
International Conference and Exhibition on Gastrointestinal Therapeutics - August 25-27, 2015 Valencia, Spain
4th International Conference on Urology - July 20-22, 2015 Barcelona, Spain
International Conference and Exhibition on Molecular Medicine and Diagnostics - August 24-26, 2015 London, UK
2nd International Conference on Health Informatics and Technology - July 27-29, 2015 Valencia, Spain

Relevant Journals:
Journal of Liver
Journal of Gastrointestinal & Digestive System
Journal of Liver: Disease & Transplantation