International Placenta Stem Cell Society

Ornella Parolini, PhD
Centro di Ricerca E. Menni
Fondazione Poliambulanza – Istituto Ospedaliero
Via Bissolati, 57
25124 Brescia,


OMICS International organized its 5th World Congress on Cell & Stem Cell Research March 23-25, 2015 Chicago, Illinois USA in collaboration with ASCTC. We intend our scientists to work alongside taking the advantage of our world-class facilities, to push the boundaries of Cell Science and Stem Cell Research.
IPLASS is a Media Partner with OMICS Group International, OMICSis an establisher of Open Access publications and worldwide international scientific conferences and events. OMICS Group contributing its prominent scientific services by organizing more than 150 International Conferences across the World and managing 350 peer-reviewed open access journals in science, health, and technology. Furthermore, OMICS Group has been associated with 100 more International scientific and technological societies and associations. The potential support from these International societies harness strong network development with the scientific core.
IPLASS encourages cooperative research activities, favors interaction between its members, and promotes staff mobility through the organization of a scientific meeting every two years. The Society also provides endorsement for scientific events, promotion and support of young researchers' education, and the maintenance of this web site as a tool for constant and effective connection amongst its members..
The section in Immunology Conferences highlights the list of conferences, meetings, Symposia, Workshop and world congresses in all the relevant areas around the world. All the listed gatherings deal with cell science and ongoing researches in field of cell biology and stem cell research and their changing treatments. The major focus areas of many of the conference discusses with bio-banking, tissue preservation cell mechanics and other outreaching researches in bio-banking , This provides a valuable opportunity to the researchers, students, and representative from scientific industries to participate in the wide variety of annual meetings to keep their medical education continuing. The congresses and conferences help to achieve this by bringing the like-minded people from around the globe. We also welcome the collaboration with the below mentioned list of the congresses/conferences from companies, societies and universities in this section to help promote the trending technologies and innovation.