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OBU 150th birthday celebrations,
”Past, present and future of motorsport”

Oxford Brookes is a vibrant, modern university that attracts international students from more than 130 different countries worldwide.

Department of Mechanical Engineering is particularly proud of our Automotive and Motorsport heritage and alumni including, as John Henry Brookes called him, “the most distinguished old boy” William Morris, later Lord Nuffield. In recent years, the University has made a significant contribution to the automotive and motorsport sectors and in particular Formula 1 through the supply of high quality graduates and design engineers. Thus our celebration highlights will be looking at ‘past, present and future of motorsport’. It is very exciting for us to bring together an exceptional group of high profile contributors to the sport and who will, in discussion with Brian Sims , bring a unique opportunity for you to hear their stories of the fun, frustration and thrill that is motorsport and their views of the future.

The Oxford Brookes Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics is known for its professionally accredited automotive and motorsports technology/engineering undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Due to the close links with several Formula 1 teams around Oxfordshire; the syllabus development for the undergraduate and post graduate courses are carried out in collaboration with F1 teams. This resulted in developing a niche for producing Formula 1 design and race engineers, who goes on to build championship-winning cars, participating in the FIA Formula 1 Championships.

Our courses are underpinned by a strong presence in research. Several of our research groups have strong international and national reputations and underpinned by very well established links with industry, and a focus on activity which is agenda setting and aimed at issues of global concern. Research is organised into three crosscutting, inter-disciplinary themes: Sustainable Engineering and Innovation (SEI); Advanced Engines, Propulsion and Vehicles (AEPV); and Simulation, Modelling and Systems Integration (SMSI). Research in the Department is supported by the UK Research Councils and the European Commission , industry and charitable foundations :

------Pioneering research has been conducted by the Sustainable Vehicle Engineering Centre (SVEC) in electric vehicles (EV) and e-mobility since 2009. This has been developed through prestigious projects, consultancy work and public engagement.

------Advanced Engines, propulsion and vehicles (AEPV) research brings together scientific and industrial expertise for providing solutions for content herefuel efficient and content herelow emission engines and vehicles (combustion and fuels, particular matter emissions, emissions assessment, powertrain simulation and performance assessment, computational fluid dynamics simulation of engine processes, design and development of high performance engines).

------The research carried out in the Simulation, Modelling and Systems Integration (SMSI) research theme enables complex systems to be analysed, designed and predicted. The work is outwardly focused and looks to develop solutions, which provide economic and social benefits, to real problems. The work is underpinned by high quality fundamental research in mathematics and engineering.

Oxford Brookes University is also known for the highly successful racing team Oxford Brookes Racing , which has 15-years long history of success in Formula Student competitions word-wide, benefiting from strong industry sponsorship and mentoring support. The team is continuously challenging their racecar design including the exciting long-term development project of bespoke V-twin engine .