Patent Agents Association

New Delhi, India


The Patent Agent Association of India is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) dedicated to protecting interest of registered Patent Agent in India, promoting and enhancing intellectual property rights in the Indian region.

The principal object of PAAI is to protect the interest of registered Patent Agent in India, promote and enhance intellectual property rights (particularly patents) throughout the Indian region. Specifically, its objectives and missions are:

To form a united and representative body of Patent Agents in India
To protect the interest of registered Indian Patent Agents in India and outside India
To promote the status of Patent Agents and to maintain a high standard of rectitude, professional conduct and knowledge in India and outside India
To arrange social and recreational activities to promote knowledge of intellectual property law (particularly patents) in the Indian region
To assist in the institution and introduction of practice, procedure, training and legislation in relation to patents in India
To form and establish By-Laws, Directives and a Code of Conduct pertaining to the profession of Patent Agents in India
To promote education and training of Patent Agents and other patent professionals in India
To work with the IPO India and industry to provide education and training to industry in India regarding the patent system and the benefits of using the patent system
To engage in activities and reciprocal co-operation with other associations, national and international
To establish intercommunication, discussions and interchange of ideas for matters connected with patents between members and to assist in the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge relating to patents for its members
To foster ties of mutual friendship and understanding amongst those engaged in patent work
To assist aspiring professionals to pass the qualifying examinations (defined u/s 126 of The Patents Act, 1970) for becoming Patent Agents
To assist in all the manners to innovators/inventors/researchers/scientists
To assist in all the manners to entrepreneurs and students
To promote use of Hindi and other Indian languages in the patent practice at IPO India as well as at WIPO Geneva
To raise and obtain moneys by subscriptions, fees or otherwise for expenditure in accomplishing or furthering the objects of PAAI and to expend such moneys when raised in accomplishing such objects

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