Russian Scientific Liver Society

Pogodinskaia Str. 1
Building 1, Moscow
Russia 119435


Russian Scientific Liver Society (RSLS) was founded in 1998 in Moscow, Russia by Professor Ivashkin and his colleagues. The main aim of the society was permanent improvement of care about patients with liver diseases, through increase the knowlege of medical specialists in the area of hepatology. The Annual Russian Congress "Hepatology Today" became the main event in Russian hepatological society. Also thу RSLS founded a course of Seminars for medicals specialising on liver diseases treatment, School for patients with liver diseases ang monothematic conferences devoted to actual problems on the field of hepatology. The RSLS tends to a constant expansion of the boundaries of its activities. Since The Annual Russian Congress "Hepatology Today" in 2012 reached the international level it was attended by experts from Europe and Asia, which opened new opportunities for exchange of practical experiences for specialists from different countries. The RSLS is opened for collaboration with hepatological societies and specialists.

Russian Scientific Liver Society signed a mutual collaboration association with OMICS International, Hepatitis 2015 conference. World Congress on Hepatitis is going to be held during July 20-22, 2015 at Florida, USA. The conference highlights the theme Raising global awareness on hepatitis and fighting the stigma surrounding the disease.

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