Spanish Association of Pharmaceutical Industry


SCOPE AND STRUCTURE The Association has a national level and is governed by the General Assembly, composed of all tenured members. Between meetings, the governing body is the Board of Governors , which is constituted by the Association president, two vice presidents, secretary, treasurer, 3 members from the Catalan section and 3 other of the center section, in addition to the national voice of Industry . the General Council of Official Colleges of Pharmacists For best performance of the Association, have created two sections of more limited scope: the Catalan section and the center section , with authorities in Barcelona and Madrid respectively. Both sections, following the pattern of the Government Board , have a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and members . The presidents of the sections play the position of vice president of the National Board. Boards government, national and sections meet once a month to develop the work of the various vocalías, plan new activities and coordinate its work with institutions , Spanish and foreign associations. charges Boards are chosen in the General Assembly with a period of four years. Each year the Board held an Ordinary General Assembly which reports its management. For matters of greater importance, as amended statute, should convene an Extraordinary Meeting. SPECIFIC PURPOSE To represent partners in their relationships with other agencies or technical or scientific nature, whether national or international. Defending the rights of the Association and as such community partners as individuals. Propose to the General Council of Official Colleges of Pharmacists management deems appropriate any provisions for technical and professional development of the members we represent. Promote and disseminate all available means, all the scientific papers, requesting the support they needed to do. Instituting awards, scholarships and distinctions in the manner and as per the General Assembly established. Collaborate with relevant agencies on matters relating to service delivery partners. Build relationships and contacts with few Commissions, Agencies, Associations, etc.., Both domestic and foreign, that can benefit the professional and cultural development partners. Inform members of AEFI of all technical and legal issues and as deemed of interest to them. To achieve the purpose of AEFI can be created according to the rules and regulations to be established, a) specialized groups according to the type of industry or work areas in which they practice partners, b) as required by sections Article 2 of the bylaws. To promote and encourage continuing professional development of members. All this is compiled and regulated in the relevant laws of the Association.