Springer- Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games


The Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games (ECGG) will be a unique reference resource tailored to meet the needs of research and applications for industry professionals and academic communities worldwide. The ECGG will cover the history, technologies, and trends of computer graphics and games. Topics include but are not limited to:

* 3D Visualization
* Artificial Intelligence
* Animation
* Audio
* Augmented Reality
* Art and Design
* Cinematics
* Computer Graphics
* Engine Architecture
* Game and other Medias
* Game Design and Development
* Modeling and Texturing
* Networked Games
* Open-Source Code
* Platform
* Physics and Simulation
* Production
* Rendering
* User Interface
* Virtual Reality

The ECGG will use Springer's state-of-the-art publishing platform SpringerReference that provides cutting-edge online-first publication of articles. Each contributed article will be self-contained, comprehensive and written on the premise that a reader may not read any other part of the Encyclopedia. The presentation will focus on concepts, principles, and methodologies, with illustrative examples. While the online ECGG is constantly evolving, an e-book and a hardcover version will be available in late 2015.