The Federation of European Societies for Surgery of The Hand

The Federation of European Societies for Surgery of The Hand
c/o ASSZISZTENCIA Congress Bureau
Szent Istvan krt. 7.
H-1055 Budapest


The Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (F.E.S.S.H.) is an organization which represents national hand surgery societies in Europe. Its object is to improve the standard oÍ hand surgery throughout Europe. lt seeks to develop surgical resources by advising European authorities of the requirements and appropriate quality of hand care.

The purpose of F.E.S.S.H. is to rationalise and unify the training and educational structure for qualification of European hand surgery specialists. The standard would be the amount and level of knowledge approved for the speciality of hand surgery within Europe.

The objective of FESSH is to define the highest standards for treatment in hand pathologies, to identify the optimal training programs in our area of specialization while promoting uniformity among the different countries of Europe and to implement and sustain study and research.

In this regard, you will find pertinent information about FESSH initiatives in the specific sections of the website:
- Scientific up-dating is disseminated through an annual Congress organized, in rotation, by the member nations of FESSH and several Instructional Courses. - Training is offered through two kinds of Fellowships, depending upon the educational project and the candidate’s age, and by the creation of a network of training centers. - Scientific divulgation is circulated through the European edition of the Journal of Hand Surgery, which includes not only contributions by FESSH members, but also any noteworthy paper written by hand surgeons, from any country, who choose to publish in our Journal, and through an Instructional Course Book produced for each annual Congress. - Qualification is certified through the "FESSH Diploma in Hand Surgery", which is awarded each year during the FESSH Congress and open not only to hand surgeons from European member countries but also to anyone who desires to participate and receive certification in this specific competency in conformity with European standards.

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