The Orthobiologic Institute

6263 Woodland Hills
CA 91365 United States


The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI) was established by Dr. Steven Sampson to share best practices in the cutting-edge field of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and regenerative medicine therapies.
As a pioneer in PRP, Dr. Sampson was among the first physicians in the United States to publish literature on PRP and experienced first-hand the need for networking with doctors around the world. The Orthobiologic Institute’s live events are known for their global draw and opportunity to connect with other PRP physicians in this rapidly growing field.
The Orthobiologic Institute continues to raise the bar in PRP and regenerative medicine symposiums with intensive hands-on programs and world-class informational products.

OMICS conferences are engraving the marks of success in open access publishing & also in organizing huge number of scientific events of 100 annually with various scientific agendas/themes and bringing all the fields in science & technology under one scientific community. OMICS conferences invite all, from students to the eminent in the field to share and become skilled at their own fields and other grounds. Grace with your presence by revealing the latest findings of your research work and also imbibe suggestions from world leading eminent persons during the interactive sessions in the conferences. The research papers submitted to these conferences are also positioned in relative journals and given opportunity to be viewed by all over the globe. Conferences will uphold remarkable hospitality in receiving the attendees for the conference and chooses best venues by comprising all the requirements and comfort ability.
The key features of OMICS conferences are 20,000 Editorial board members, 300 Open Access Journals, organizing 100 conferences per year, a 21 days rapid review process with valuable 2 Million readers, publication immediately after acceptance of article, quality and quick editorial review processing by board members of the journal.