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ArminLabs – Offering tests with greater sensitivity and specificity


·        Clear, informative reports

·        Long term guidance

·        Assistance with test selection

·        SeraSpot test available for Borrelia

·        EliSpot test available for many infections


About ArminLabs

ArminLabs performs laboratory tests for chronic and acute infections originating from tick-borne diseases. In the complexity of tick-borne and opportunistic infections, we are specialized in:

 T- cellular tests (EliSpot)

 B - cellular tests (SeraSpot®, IFT and ELISA)

 NK- cell tests (CD57+, CD56+ and CD3-)

“ArminLabs’ philosophy is not only based on performing and reporting laboratory test results. In addition, we help and assist clinicians in the interpretation of results, depending on symptoms and differential diagnosis. In their daily work with their patients, clinicians can best monitor their patients’ treatment and recovery process.”


Additional information:


Armin Schwarzbach, MD PhD

has been at the forefront of diagnostic testing and tick-borne research for more than 20 years and his expertise in diagnosing and treating infectious diseases is second to none, having tested over 20,000 patients. He was a Board Member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), is an Advisory Board member of AONM London, and serves as an expert on advisory committees on Lyme Disease in Australia, Ireland, France and Germany. Dr. Schwarzbach is a Board Member of the German Borreliosis Society.
Being acutely aware of the insufficient sensitivity and standardization of Borrelia antibody ELISA and immunoblot tests, Dr. Schwarzbach offers tests with greater sensitivity and specificity.


Our diagnostic tests for tick-borne infections

As infections with Borrelia are often accompanied by coinfections, they should also be taken into consideration. Coinfections complicate the diagnosis and treatment because they often evoke a more complex symptomatology. The co-pathogens can cause very specific, but also unspecific and “overlapping” symptoms. In order to better detect these pathogens, Dr. Schwarzbach has developed a coinfections-checklist. The analysis of the checklist enables a better targeted selection of necessary laboratory tests for coinfections. This preselection prevents expensive panel testing for our patients. You can order the coinfections-checklist at ArminLabs free of charge. Our doctors and team will be pleased to assist you with any queries you have regarding the coinfections-checklist and the evaluation of your symptoms experienced.


EliSpot: New T-Cell Test – a “Game Changer” for Lyme Disease

The established EliSpot refl ects the current activity of the pathogens for chronic as well as recent/acute infections.

·        The Elispot reflects chronic and recent Borrelia burgdorferi infections.

·        It‘s high sensitivity is estimated at 84% and it can detect even one single

·        Borrelia burgdorferi-reactive T-cell. With detection levels that can be as low as one cell in 100.000, this is one of the most sensitive cellular assays available.

·        It is between 20 and 200 times more sensitive than a conventional ELISA and the test specificity is 94%.

·        The EliSpot displays a similar sensitivity as a RT-PCR (Real Time PCR) analysis, but detects the secreted protein instead of the mRNA (messanger RNA).

·        This test can be helpful in monitoring therapeutic treatments. It should become negative about 4 to 8 weeks after the completion of an effective therapy.



The modern MicroArray – SeraSpot, IFT, ELISA and C6 ELISA

In our laboratory, we test for antibodies by the SeraSpot, IFT and ELISA techniques. In general, the SeraSpot has a higher sensitivity and specificity in detecting Borrelia antibodies compared to the ELISA and IFT test technique. The development of Borrelia burgdorferi-specific antibodies can be avoided and suppressed by antibiotic therapies in recent infections.

The SeraSpot® replaces the Immunoblot at ArminLabs because

·        it offers a better standardisation and more controls

·        it combines established Microtiter-technique with improved sensitivity of

·        MicroArray analytics

·        it covers the following Antigens for subspecies: VlsE(B.b. afzelii), p39(B.b. afzelii), p58(B.b. garinii), p100 (B.b. afzelii), OspC (B.b. afzelii + B.b. garinii + B.b. sensu stricto), DbpA (B.b. afzelii + B.b. garinii + B.b. sensu stricto)


NK-Cells CD: Indicating Immunesuppression in chronic Infections

The CD57+ Cells is a prognostic laboratory parameter during and after the treatment of chronic Lyme disease. While acute Borrelia burgdorferi infections and other diseases show normal CD57-parameters, chronic Lyme patients often have less than 100 CD57- cells/μl. According to scientific studies, a suppressed absolute number of CD57-cells has mainly been observed in patients whose nervous system has been affected rather than patients whose tissue or skeletal system has been affected. The decrease of CD57+ Cells lasts until improvements in symptoms



How to order ArminLabs tests from around the world


Unsure which tests to order?

Ring our telephone number or mail us for assistance with deciding which tests you need. Our knowledgeable staff will be glad to help you. To preselect the tests according to your symptoms, we recommend you fi ll in the coinfections-checklist and send it back to us. We will give you a recommendation of the tests relevant to your symptomatology. This allows you to choose with confidence tests that are specific, sensitive, cost-effective and tailored to your exact needs. Clinicians can also personally contact Dr. Armin Schwarzbach.

You can order a test-kit free of charge or alternatively choose to visit one of our cooperating clinicians

We will ship the test-kit to you right away. If you are interested in treatment options, we can recommend a qualified health professional near to your location. These doctors or naturopaths will take care of blood draw and shipping.


Please get the blood drawn between Monday and Wednesday, if you are from America or Australia until Tuesday

Send the test-kit back to ArminLabs, ideally on the same day

We recommend you use our DHL Medical Express Service

Stability of samples: maximum of 72 hours !


Worried about shipping blood samples abroad?

Above all, do not worry – we are here to make this process smooth and easy for you. We provide full and detailed instructions for contacting DHL in order to arrange the Pickup and shipping of your samples.

You will find further instructions on how to draw the blood and ship it on our website:


We test your sample right away. It takes up to 7 days for you to receive the final report via Email