Mimic.Ha is a customizable animatronic hand. It can be used in the theatrical and cinematographic sector controlling it remotely with a computer or smartphone via bluetooth serial communication. It can also be used as an economic prosthesis to perform basic functions: in this case the movements are managed by a microcontroller on board.Since the internal structure is designed to CAD and printed in 3D entirely by our team, it can be made in different sizes, to replicate the hand of an adult, a child or the hands of fantasy characters such as giants and mutants.
DuckieTownHS is an open source project for the construction of autonomous vehicles, launched in Italy by Perlatecnica and sponsored by the Massachusetts Massachusett Institute of Technology, whose development is also attended by DAM Bros Robotics.The original MIT project was born in spring 2016 as a practical application for the course on vehicles to autonomous driving, with the aim of creating a system of transport based on vehicles robots able to circulate autonomy within a city miniature . The result was a platform that was open , flexible and economic , which can be freely adopted for teaching and research on autonomous systems .