Indian Virological Society (IVS)


Indian Virological Society (IVS) was established in December 1984. The objective of the Society is to promote research and development in the field of virology. IVS is an unique scientific body that provides platform for those associated with the management of viruses affecting Animal, Human, Fish, Insect, Plant and any other living being. IVS organizes National and International Conference, Training, Seminar, Industry-meet, etc. The society recognises out-standing contribution of individual in the field of virology and confers "K.S. Bhargava Oration Award" and "Fellow of IVS". The society publishes its official journal, "Indian Journal of Virology" twice a year and also encourages publication of book, compendium, manual, bulletin etc on any aspect of virology. IVS is the member of International Union of Microbiological Society (IUMS).