Southwest Cameroon


The Korup Rainforest Conservation Society (KRCS) is a community based non-profit organisation created in 2009 by locals from the Korup National Park region. KRCS is community owned and run by locals who are passionate about and are willing to contribute their traditional and/or indigenous knowledge, skills and various expertise in the conservation of the rich biodiversity of the Korup park and its surrounding fragile mangrove ecosystems while also improving their livelihoods. With just 9 members during it’s creation in 2009, our membership has grown to more 150 who are mostly young graduates of various disciplines, traditional rulers, former rangers, school teachers, ex-hunters, tourist guides and local youths and women from all walks of life who have an interest safeguarding the integrity of their natural heritage; the Korup National Park. Based on our achievements so far, we have gained the recognition and trust we need from the local and international partners as well as the communities we represent and voluntarily serve. We also have a growing number of honorary members from all over the world who have shown interest in our work and provide us with technical and moral support. We strongly believe empowering and capitalising on local peoples traditional knowledge through education, advocacy, capacity building and engaging them to improve their livelihoods through promoting climate smart alternative livelihood options is key to achieving our conservation goals and preserving the biodiversity for future generations.