Quest Diagonostics

Quest Diagnostics India Private Limited
A-17 Info City, Sector 34
Haryana, India


Quest Diagnostics is the world’s leading provider of pathology/clinical laboratory testing,
information and services, providing insights that enable physicians and healthcare professionals
to make better healthcare decisions.
We touch the lives of patients more than 150 million (15 crore) times a year, and every business
day, more than half a million (5 lakh) people and their families entrust us to provide their
doctors with critical health information.
By continuously introducing new and improved tests, technology and services, Quest Diagnostics
has established a reputation as the leading innovator in the clinical laboratory industry.
And through our relationships with the academic community, pharmaceutical and biotechnology
firms, and emerging medical technology companies that develop and commercialize novel
diagnostics, we have become a leader in transferring technical innovation into the global marketplace.