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Department of Invertebrate Zoology  of the Faculty of Biology is one of the oldest departments of St.Petersburg State University. It has great scientific and educational traditions which have been formed since the middle of XIX century. One of the most well-known fields of Department’s activity is parasitology. Famous scientific school in Ecological Parasitology was found by Professor V.Dogiel in the late 30-th of XX century.

The research focused on the analysis of the mechanisms of interaction of parasites and their hosts on several levels. On the individual level: which molecular, physiological mechanisms allow the parasites to survive and successfully reproduce in the host, overcoming all sorts of defense reactions of the host organism. At the population level - how parasites affect the populations of the host and which mechanisms ensure successful reproduction of the host population under the burden of parasites. Finally - at the community as a whole: the consideration of the parasites as normal and necessary components of the community. In the latter case, it is the study of parasitic systems – which can be defined as a complex of species populations of the hosts united by the parasite population into a general supra-system.