SwissCognitive is The Global AI Hub and the leading partner in providing answers to all questions arising around Artificial Intelligence (AI). It provides a hub to share knowledge and experiences, and to debate about the development, outcome and impacts of cognitive technologies. Due to the complexity of AI, as well as its potentials and risks, SwissCognitive brings industries, companies, executives and technology experts together, and helps to put all levels of societies on a global basis on the same page in the AI-world.
In a nutshell, SwissCognitive…
  • Is a hub to exchange, learn and debate about Artificial Intelligence in all industries, such as banking, food, media and telecommunication, military, agriculture, business operations, education and research, energy, public safety, health care, logistic & transport
  • Raises awareness about the benefits, potentials, and opportunities wrapped around Artificial Intelligence
  • Helps organizations to implemented cognitive technologies in a way to become increasingly independent, more successful and competitive
  • Connects and brings industries, companies, executives and technology experts together, and helps to put politicians, governments, organizations and groups on the same page in the world of AI
  • Gives startups and enterprises the chance to get on stage at events and present AI-related use-cases from any industries
  • Works towards a strong AI sector in CH
  • Helps to create tomorrow’s jobs
SwissCognitive offers and environment…
  • Where all questions concerning the use and the implications of AI congregate
  • Where in order to minimize the risk factors associated with AI, strategies are openly discussed and debated
  • Where knowledge and experience are shared, and latest scientific works and developments are discussed
  • Where all key players from all industry sectors can come together in a neutral and open environment to debate, exchange, and share knowledge about cognitive technologies