World Homeopathy Awareness Organization



The official name of the Organization is "  World Homeopathy Awareness Organization"


WHAO is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation. It is incorporated as a foundation

under the law of The Netherlands since the 21st of November 2008. (RSIN Number: 8201.33.978)

WHAO´s purposes are

  • To Create An Worldwide Network To Promote Homeopathy
  •  To Co-Ordinate An Annual World Homeopathy Awareness Week
  • To Provide The Infra-Structure Of WHAW To Facilitate Participation
  • To Share Ideas And Resources
  • To Provide Promotional Materials On Homeopathy
  • To Facilitate Public Awareness Avenues For Participants
  • To Collect Reliable Research To Back Up Our Science Pertinent To WHAW Themes
  • To Support Homeopathic Organisations Around The World

Organization policy :

  • Promoting Homeopathy And Informing The Public About Homeopathy Through Country Representatives.
  • Payment Policy – Board Members Are Working Entirely On Voluntary Basis.
  • Organization’s Goals – To Promote Homeopathy All Around The World.

Organization activities :

  • Organizing An International World Homeopathy Awareness Week 
  • Creating & Updating The Website.  
  • Keeping In Touch With Representatives On A Regular Basis By Means Of Digital Newsletters 
  • Preparing Promotional Materials For The Homeopathy Awareness Week

How WHAO started World Homeopathy Awareness Organisation first took place in 2005 initiated by Dr. Gabrielle Traub, San Diego/ California. 
While a national Homeopathy Awareness Week has already been taking place for a few years in some countries this was the first time that co-ordinated activities started all around the world.