Cureline, Inc

Cureline, Inc. 290 Utah Avenue Suite 300, South San Francisco, CA 94080, USA


Cureline, Inc., is a global commercial biobank and CRO providing biomarker/diagnostic services with an emphasis on human biospecimen procurement and processing. We have 12 years of experience in organizing human biosample projects for biopharmaceutical community including study design, regulatory affairs, clinical network management, specimen collection, analysis and complete logistics. Our expertise is precision medicine projects including translational research, biomarker R&D, molecular and companion diagnostics development and medical device evaluation. Cureline has an extensive biorepository located in South San Francisco, CA (USA) and collaborates on human tissue procurement and clinical studies with 90+ major clinical and research centers, laboratories and hospitals in 16 countries worldwide (USA, Europe, Asia, South/Central America). We work with leading experts in major therapeutic areas: solid tumors and hematology oncology, inflammation and AID, cardiovascular conditions, infectious diseases and sepsis, genetics, maternal health, etc. Cureline management team members have advanced degrees in medicine and science, and have prior work experience in clinical trial management, hospital care, research laboratories, healthcare management, and international business development areas. Our translational histology division is a CLIA laboratory that provides high-end tissue research services to the biomedical research community such as clinical IHC protocol development, clinical trials specimens processing, diagnostic assay development, digital pathology, etc. ( Examples of recent custom protocols for collection of clinically defined human specimens: • Fresh tumor tissue acquisition and processing per a custom protocol (3-D tissue culture, establishing of primary cultures from liquid and solid tissue biopsies, FACS analysis, etc.). • Acquisition of frozen and FFPE tumor specimens, plasma/serum with clinical follow-up data (overall survival, treatment response, etc.). • Preparation of frozen and viable cellular sub-fractions from blood and bone marrow from patients with hematological malignancies and other indications. • Longitudinal collection of biospecimens from patients on a particular treatment regimen (solid tumors, hematological cancers, RA, SLE, etc.). • Large scale collection of high quality, clinically-defined FFPE tumor blocks for Dx assay development and validation. • Procurement of complex specimen sets from patients with inflammatory diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, asthma, etc. Specific patient selection criteria and custom biospecimens processing. • Procurement of normal post-mortem tissues with short PMI (2 – 6 hours) for cross-reactivity studies. All provided materials are collected in compliance with local and international regulations, appropriately consented, delinked, and selected with accurate clinical diagnosis and therapy regimen by a certified clinical expert.