Harlan Laboratories

Harlan Laboratories UK Ltd Tel: +44 (0)7778 165923


Harlan Laboratories is a leading global provider of essential pre-clinical contract research, research models, animal diets and services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, agrochemical and chemical industries, as well as to academic and government research organisations. The research models and services covers a wide array of Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Dogs, Hamsters and Cotton Rats, as well as surgical services, health screening, custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production, contract breeding services which includes rederivation, cryopreservation, breeding and isolator manufacture. We also provide an innovatively designed range of standard, medicated and custom diets for specific life stages and requirements of laboratory animals. Our focus is on providing customers with products and services to optimise the discovery and safety of new medicines and compounds.