KHG fiteBac Technology


KHG fiteBac Technology, and fiteBac Skincare LLC are both Georgia based biotechnology companies focused on improving global healthcare with antimicrobial chemical platform technology.    We are a skincare company with a patent pending novel germicidal hand gel that enables individuals to have all-day skin protection from germs, insects, sun, water, soaps, environmental elements such as some chemicals and everyday grime.

fiteBac has a team of brilliant chemists, consultants, and researchers from many universities in several countries.  Both the FDA and CDC have reviewed the complete data regarding the fiteBac germicidal hand gel formulation, toxicity, published papers and other scientific finding such as 8 hour germicidal effectiveness.

Our new 4-hour germicidal efficacy is consistent with the FDA understanding of Benzalkonium/Benzethonium Chloride, allowing us to fulfill the requirements of potential customers within the healthcare industry.  In response to the recent request from the FDA concerning the changing landscape of healthcare antiseptics, fiteBac has identified its germicidal hand sanitizer as a solution to these current scientific concerns of safety and effectiveness.  fiteBac with additional study will meet the requirements of being highly effective against pathogens, bacteria, viruses and fungus without crossing the skin barrier.

fiteBac Skincare LLC utilizing KHG fiteBac technology will pursue a new drug application incorporating our K-21 antimicrobial molecule which will provide complete data to support all the safety and effectiveness the FDA is searching within hand sanitizers.  fiteBac believes this approach will serve as the most beneficial path forward to make a difference in healthcare worldwide.


fiteBac has sold to hospitals, dental and medical communities and to consumers through e-commerce and industry events.  Once fiteBac has gained full acceptance within the hospital settings, many of the other industries will follow including; military, industrial, food services, other healthcare related services, and to become a consumer product staple.