Heidelberg Engineering



Heidelberg Engineering Ltd distributes a range of diagnostic imaging products, at the heart of which is the SPECTRALIS –an expandable multi-modal imaging platform which combines confocal scanning laser fundus imaging with simultaneous high-resolution OCT. The modular design allows configuration of SPECTRALIS to the specific diagnostic workflow of each individual practice or clinic. Options include: anterior and posterior OCT, multiple laser fundus imaging modalities, widefield and ultra-widefield modules, and scanning laser angiography.

The latest OCT2 module combines a high scan rate of 85,000 Hz with Heidelberg Engineering’s proprietary TruTrack Active Eye Tracking to provide more detail in the vitreous and choroid without sacrificing image quality in the retinal layers, all at a significantly improved acquisition speed. The OCT2 Module also provides a platform for advanced applications such as OCT angiography.

Heidelberg Engineering is committed to delivering an outstanding customer experience and a comprehensive educational programme to support their range of products.