What is MeriDiM® ?


What is MeriDiM?

The graphic depicting of the state of the 12 main meridians that reflect basic biological functions – either in acute and chronic disorders – involves a SPECTACULAT MAPPING OF DISBALANCED   energetical states as well as the documentation of the normalized functions after  a proper treatment - thus giving way of an objective follow-up.

The various ENERGETICAL THERAPIES (acupuncture, homeopathy, Bach flower therapy, Tooth&Spine, Ear Phases) can integratively affect biological functions, so harmonize the different functional DISORDERS OF MERIDIANS. In other words they can enhance the biothermodinamic state of the human body. We recommend MeriDiM® which is designed for the general evaluation of human health for all those practitioners, who aim to blend the very best features of Western medicine and Eastern traditional healing in their work either as therapists or lecturers.

Dr. ISTVAN SZECHENYI, psychologist and acupuncture therapist (both body and auricular) has developed his MeriDiM® System, the Meridian Digital Measuring Device on the basis of the laws of Chinese traditional healing, Japanese ( Dr Nakatani's ) Ryodoraku technique, Dr. Paul Nogier's system  and his 25-year-long therapeutical, educational and research work together with those of Western technologies.

Dr. ISTVAN SZECHENYI is the author of numerus books and maps of ear acupuncture. He is the creator of the Orientation Technique, which brings a NEW PARADIGM IN INTERNATIONAL EAR ACUPUNCTURE.  "The SZECHENYI ORIENTATION EAR MAP" is the result of his 25 years of teaching, clinical and research experience. The Ear Map helps the specialist to find the “sculpture in the marble block”, meaning that with the help of the Ear Map, he specialist shall see all ears the same and should be able to correctly localize the ear acupuncture points, which is the basis of successful therapy.

He is  looking forward to being contacted by interested colleagues in the hopes of joint scientific research, which can be completed in their home country as well.

He is happy to teach seminars, both in Budapest, in his own Educational Center, and in any other city or country as well, as required.