Figure 7: SIRT1 +/- mice on an NOD background trend toward reduced susceptibility to diabetic incidence and mortality compared to SIRT1 +/+/ NOD littermates SIRT1 +/- mice were backcrossed into NOD animals for 10 generations, and then intercrossed to generate SIRT1 +/+/NOD, SIRT1 +/-/NOD, but no SIRT1 -/-/NOD littermates. Blood glucose was monitored weekly with a One-Touch Ultra glucose monitor, and animals that demonstrated akinesia with continued prodding by an observer blinded to treatment condition were sacrificed, and mortality recorded. A) The number of animals whose blood glucose (BG) remained below 2.5 g/L for 2 consecutive weeks was plotted as a function of weeks of age. B) The number of surviving animals was plotted as a function of weeks of age. * indicates a significant difference in the age at which 50% of the mice have died compared to SIRT1 +/+/NOD littermate controls at P < 0.05 by a t-test.